Veera 18th May 2015 Written Update

Veera 18th May 2015 Written Update:

The Episode starts with Baldev saying he did not get respect from Veera. She cries. Mahiya………….. plays…………….He leaves. Veera rushes to stop him. He gets angry and leaves. Balwant looks on and says when I saw you both sitting in puja together, I thanked Lord, I felt glad seeing him fought with Manjeet for you, but now this again. She says fights will be going on and asks him not to worry. Geet comes worried and crying and says Deepu is not at home, she has seen everywhere. Manjeet says what did this happen. Balwant says she might be scared seeing all thing, I will look for her outside.

Veera 18th May 2015 Written Update

Veera 18th May 2015 Written Update

Ratan asks Ranvi to out thread in a needle. Gunjan helps him. Deepu comes crying to them. Ranvi asks what happened and hugs her. He says she is brave girl and asks her not to cry. Gunjan gets hurt by the needle while seeing her. Geet cries as they don’t get Deepu. Balwant says I will call police. Geet says it means someone took my daughter. Veera says no, I will call Ranvi and ask, Deepu knows only him here. Gunjan says Veera’s phone is engaged. Ratan says I think she roamed a lot. Gunjan says I will send her back. Deepu says she will not go back.

Ranvi says yes, you will be with me. He says he will sing a song for her, and give juice to her. Gunjan calls on landline. Veera comes to know Deepu is there and says we will come. She asks Geet to come and they will get Deepu. They leave. Manjeet says the day is very unlucky, first Baldev and not Deepu. He says fate has been unjust with me and asks Bansuri to do something for her, as she is running from loan lenders. Bansuri says I understand, but forget this for few days, let Baldev’s anger get calm, be good to him for few days. Manjeet says yes, but I need your help and reminds her of her past.

Veera 18th May 2015 Written Update

Geet falls in Veera’s feet and cries. Veera says what are you doing, get up. Geet says I m very ashamed, forgive me, I did not wish to take your place and Manjeet made me helpless, I m scared of her, I don’t have anyone, I wanted to apologize to Baldev. Veera wipes her tears and asks her not to cry. She asks why is she scared of Tai ji. Geet says she is very strict, I have always got beaten by her, I don’t have any Maayka where I can go. Veera asks her to do some job. Geet says she is not educated and did not work anymore, Manjeet says I will lose my respect if I go to do job.

Veera says no, she maybe saying this as she does not want to work. She asks her to try in singing, as she sings well. Geet says no, I just know singing lullaby. Veera says we will help you, you will be independent. She asks Geet not to meet with a crying face. Geet hugs Veera. Gunjan waits for Veera. Veera and Geet come there. Ranvi says Deepu did not trouble us. Geet says he takes good care of her, so she likes him a lot/. He says she is a lovely girl. Deepu says Ranvi sung a good song. Ranvi says it was a bhajan, and she said you sing well. Veera says yes, even I heard it. Ranvi asks her to sing, and he will also sing along one day. Ratan says I will also wait for that day.

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Veera 18th May 2015 Written Update

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Veera 18th May 2015 Written Update


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