Tere Shehar Mein 15th May 2015 Written Update

Tere Shehar Mein 15th May 2015 Written Update:

The Episode starts with Amaya showing the uniform pic to Rachita, saying Mantu has sent this. She says how will Jaz react seeing the salwar suit with dupatta, she will never wear this. Rachita asks her to take her to tailor and get it stitched. Amaya asks her to come along. Rachita says I m going to get newspapers and leaves. Jaz comes and asks about her school uniform. Amaya says she got the info about material and can get it stitched in one day. She asks her to call Chiklu and ask. Jaz calls Chiklu and asks about tailor. Chiklu tells about Barji Miyan and gives the address.

She asks does she know Shayari, she can know it now from Barfi. Jaz tells this to Amaya. Rama says he will confess love by Shayari, I can’t even talk to her, does love happens like this. Rachita comes and asks whom does he love. He says nothing, I was finding jobs. She gives him an job opening. He thanks her for thinking about him, and his job. He asks did she get any job vacancy. She says no, search is on. He asks her to keep trying. She says I know you will get it. He says I hope you get before me. She says the one who gets job first, then give treat. She promises him and holds his hand. She says thanks and takes the papers.

Tere Shehar Mein 15th May 2015 Written Update

Tere Shehar Mein 15th May 2015 Written Update

Sneha gives money to Amaya. Amaya says don’t worry, I will manage everything. Uma looks for the suit Mantu gave and asks her Badi Amma. She gets it and shows Mantu gave it two years before. She gets glad and says she will go to Barfi Miyan to get the suit stitched. Barfi tells long stories of Shayari and Amaya and Jaz stand in long queue, thinking he is top tailor.

They hear ladies saying he does shayari and they have to praise it to get the dress stitched. Jaz asks Amaya to come, I don’t think he will stitch uniform. Amaya says lets ask him once, Chiklu said us, don’t worry. The lady asks him to hurry up. Barfi does shayari and the lady praises it. He asks her to come ahead. Jaz says she is like Uma, no manners, she broke the tiffin. Uma asks Barfi to stitch her dress and gives tiffin for Mantu. She asks him to stitch it soon, she promised Mantu she will wear it and show him, he gifted her two years before. She sees Amaya and Jaz and talks to them.

Tere Shehar Mein 15th May 2015 Written Update

Amaya says she wants Barfi to stitch Jaz’s uniform, can you tell him to give it till tomorrow. Jaz says no, we will manage. Uma says fine, I will leave. Amaya asks why did she refuse. Jaz says I don’t like to take help from rude people. Amaya says you have to meet him daily, she is Mantu’s GF, see she got his tiffin and he gave her suit. Jaz says fine. Mantu comes and sees them. Jaz says about her uniform matter. Mantu says you are my friend, I will talk to Barfi, come.

Amaya asks why did she take his help. Jaz says he is so good. Mantu makes them meet Barfi and introduces Amaya and Jaz. Barfi compliments and does Shayari. Amaya and Jaz say wah wah…. Mantu asks him to stitch her uniform. Barfi says he does not have time, still he will make it. He takes the measurements. Jaz asks why is he taking skirt’s measurement. Amaya asks Jaz to let her do the work. Amaya praises him and asks for one more shayari. He says he wants to make a dress for her. Amaya says I don’t want to. Barfi says he will make it. Jaz asks Amaya to agree. Barfi takes the measurements and notes in Uma’s line.

Its night, Sneha cries reading Rishi’s letter and his words. Aansoun me hai neendein……………plays……….. The power comes and the papers fly by the fan air. She picks it and cries seeing his pic. Dimple says she is going with Pushpa to get jewelry. Dinesh asks her not to go. Dimple argues. He scolds her and says its neighbor’s marriage, whats the need to show it. Gajanand says its about our respect. Dinesh says he does not know anything. Pushpa asks him not to say.

Tere Shehar Mein 15th May 2015 Written Update

Dinesh does not say. Gajanand asks them to go. Hari talks to Rudra and says Sinha told me that you have put money in bank. Rudra says this is my duty, I can even die for you. Hari says it won’t be needed, once I come Banaras, I will try to get house back. Rudra asks him to come. Hari says yes. Rudra says Lord is with us. Hari asks him to take care of everyone and asks about Sneha and girls. He says take care of them and ends the call. Rudra gets angry and says dad is getting bail, if he comes soon, how will I ruin Mathurs, he will see my plan.

Hari calls Sneha and says he is glad to say court accepted the bail and he will get free tomorrow. Sneha says I was praying for you. Hari says yes, I did not think I will come back to Banaras without Rishi. She says she just knows he is their support, and like her brother. Hari says I m lucky to be of some use to you.


Uma scolds Barfi and says this dress was special for me. He says I will check and says he has stitched it of Amaya’s measurement. She gets angry.

Tere Shehar Mein 15th May 2015 Written Update

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Tere Shehar Mein 15th May 2015 Written Update


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