Milye Sur Mera Tumhara 12th May 2015 Written Update

Milye Sur Mera Tumhara 12th May 2015 Written Update:

At night, Aditi asks Esha what kind of husband she wants. Esha says she never thought about it and they are no one to demand. Alka and Esha’s father discuss that first they have to take a good photo of Esha as she is ready for marriage. Alka says she is really afraid of the new generation, and will put Esha’s bio data on matrimonial site. Chachi and chacha discuss about a doctor Rahul. They all discussed that the boy must not be from the same profession as Esha. Esha says to Aditi that if she speaks a lot, she will get a guy found for her as well. Esha teases Aditi upon being so shy.

Milye Sur Mera Tumhara 12th May 2015 Written Update

The next day Esha brings the roti box on the table and announces she is done. Alka opens up the box and says they are good. Dadi opens it up, then looks at Esha. She brings about a boat shaped roti out of box, tastes it and keeps it inside again. Dadi says it could be round and she must take care about salt ratio. Esha asks if her post martum is done, she makes such rotis. Dadi asks will she reply this way in her in-laws. Aditi offers Esha to cook something else, such as pao-bhaaji. Esha says she isn’t cooking any such thing and her vacations have also finished and she is going out. Everyone asks her to stay here for atleast two days. Dadi says not even two days but atleast 10 to fifteen days. She comes to know from chachis that Rahul, Rajeev and Chandan are coming today. Esha asks who are they all, are they sales man? The ladies are irked and says they all are her would-be proposals. Esha says she just said she is ready to get married and they all started the preparations as well, she won’t stop here even. Alka scolds her, but Dadi takes her along that she would ask baray-papa to call Mr. Bramhay.

Milye Sur Mera Tumhara 12th May 2015 Written Update

Dadi asks baraypapa to listen to her, she tells him to call Bramhay. Esha resists, Dadi says to increase her vacations as she has come tomorrow. The ladies sides dadi, but baray papa says work is the most important thing and Bramhay is her senior. Dadi blackmails baray papa that they both miss Esha a lot, if not a week then atleast two days of vacation. Dada agrees.

Om says Hi to Shovna in office, she was hiding her face. He asks Shovna to type a letter, she wishes him birthday. He says he was missing her call yesterday. She brings a gift for him. He notices and goes to turn her to his side. She looks at her face and asks did her husband come home last night. He shouts why she doesn’t complain the police when he comes home, is she so fond of dying? Shovna says they have talked about it before and he knows her answer. She asks what he did on his birthday. He says nothing, dadi cooking special food for him, and his chachu came back home with a sample named Dataraam. Shovna asks if his mother called. He nods. She asks did papa call. Om smiles that he called in the afternoon but was in a hurry. Shovna says I am sorry because… Om says he can see her because… why she doesn’t listen to him. Shovna gets a call from boss for Om, she sends Om inside.

Aditi and kids are annoyed at Esha for not playing with her, she agrees for playing hide and seek. They blinds her with a handkerchief, they all go to hiding. Chachi asks Esha someone has come to meet her, Esha recognizes him as Rahul. He nods, Esha mocks him that he lost all his teeth. Rajeev also comes behind, Esha calls him chashmish and tells everyone they were class-mates. She tells everyone he wore a huge glasses. Chandan also arrives home, Esha calls him as Batack (duck), Chandan says he never liked this name. Everyone stops her, but Esha says they are all her friends. Esha asks them all to play hide and seek with her, Chachi scolds he but Esha says she can’t leave her game. They continue with the game, Aditi goes to hiding and then Om enters the house whom Esha gets hold of. She removes her blind-fold and smiles. Both ask You? Aditi comes and stares, Esha asks what he is doing here. Om says he has come with Pradhan sir to meet Mr. Prabhakar. Esha says he wanted to discuss a case with Mr. Prabhakar, Pradhan sir asks Om if he will tell her everything now? They go inside.

Milye Sur Mera Tumhara 12th May 2015 Written Update

PRECAP: Esha asks the ladies in kitchen why have three men come to see her today that also with sad faces. Dadi comes and inquires to Esha why she called her friends home who are asleep on sofa outside. In another scene, Esha doesn’t believe Om saying to her that if they confront each other in court he would win.

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Milye Sur Mera Tumhara 12th May 2015 Written Update

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Milye Sur Mera Tumhara 12th May 2015 Written Update


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