Tu Mera Hero 8th May 2015 Written Update

Tu Mera Hero 8th May 2015 Written Update:

The Episode starts with Titu being annoyed seeing small room, where he can’t sit and rest well. He says he is so helpless. She say if person is helpless, he gets new way to lead life, she will go and pay room rent, its my Mu dikhai amount. He folds hands and says she is super woman. Bhagwati sees Keshav packing bags and stops him. Keshav is annoyed and says she has cheated him. She says I love you a lot and want to give you your child, I wanted you to accept Sundar, so that Sundar does not feel bad, I did this for his future.

Tu Mera Hero 8th May 2015 Written Update

Tu Mera Hero 8th May 2015 Written Update

Keshav asks how can I believe you now, and calls her selfish. She cries. He says he will never forgive her, and not stay in this room with her. He leaves. Panchi sees man telling does anyone put wife’s name on board and taking wife’s income. She says I came to give rent and the man takes it. He asks her to go. Panchi leaves.

Its evening, Panchi calls Govind and says they got room to stay. He says its good news, I will tell Surekha, she will be glad, take care and be happy. He asks Bhagwati where is everyone. Bhagwati says Mukund and Vaishaili went out, Keshav did not come from shop and no one wants to have dinner. He asks about Surekha. She says I did not see her.

Tu Mera Hero 8th May 2015 Written Update

Golu cries and misses Titu. Pinky cries and says Titu used to make everyone smile, the happiness went somewhere with him. Golu asks why did Panchi do this, I m annoyed with her. Sundar comes crying. Pinky and Golu pacify him. Sundar says Keshav has scolded me a lot. Govind comes and asks about Surekha. Mukund and Vaishaili come home. Mukund says I don’t know, I m not excited even after my biggest problem Titu left, I wanted to beat him when he irritated me, but I miss him.

Rekha comes and asks about food parcel. Vaishaili gives her. Rekha blesses her and sees Ras Malai. She says I should be happy that Titu is gone, but I m feeling bad, I will eat later. Vaishaili says they all are mad. Govind calls everyone and asks about Surekha. Surekha comes downstairs singing song and eating pickles. They all are shocked.

Panchi cooks food. The lady brings water and asks her to use till tomorrow. Panchi asks her about running home, does her husband not work. The lady says he lost his job and then stopped working. Panchi says sorry, but do you not feel bad, you do everything, and he does not give respect and says he is head of house. The lady says its not new, women are tied to some relation always, if wife earns, a man gets hurt and so its good to hide it. She leaves.

Surekha says she made pickles for everyone and asks them to come for dinner. Govind says why are you showing that you don’t care if Titu went, I know you are sad. She says no, let Panchi be happy for few days, then Titu will be back and we will be happy. Panchi asks Titu to have food. Titu refuses and misses Surekha. He says he will have air and goes.

Tu Mera Hero 8th May 2015 Written Update

Bhagwati comes to Keshav and asks why is he in guest room, and asks him to come in their room. She asks him to have food and not be angry. He says for you, Sundar is everything. She says Sundar regards you father. She says we should not bring our personal matter infront of everyone. He leaves.

Its morning, Govind misses Titu and gets sad. Surekha says I did not know you also miss him. He says a mum can express love, it does not mean dad does not have love in his heart, his way is different to express love, dad scolds a child to make his future bright. She says we can’t meet but we can talk on phone. He calls Titu and gives her the phone. She says Titu is not taking call. Rekha comes and says did anything happen to Titu. They worry.


Rekha tells Titu that this rickshaw is for him. Titu says he will not ride. Panchi says I will drive it and stuns them.

Tu Mera Hero 8th May 2015 Written Update

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Tu Mera Hero 8th May 2015 Written Update


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