Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hai 6th May 2015 Written Update

Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hai 6th May 2015 Written Update:

Krisha comes and wishes her parents anniversary. She gives her gifts to her parents. Shekhar comes and hugs Kanchal, he comes to Mr. Mehra and says mom wanted this so he will put it on his coat. He wishes him anniversary, Mr. Mehra thanks him. Parekh family arrive with gifts, they all receive them well. Baa hugs Ishaani and brings her inside. RV and Ritika arrive, RV calls them for anniversary wish. Mr and Mrs. Mehra go to receive them, Ishaani, Baa and Shekhar aren’t happy seeing them. Kanchal asks didn’t Amba and Kelash come, she requested them to come. RV says they won’t be able to come. Inside the house, RV asks Dewarsh and Krisha how are they, are they excited for marriage. RV talks to Shekhar that he didn’t invite him, his mother did; but today no annoying. Ishaani goes to see arrangements.

Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hai 6th May 2015 Written Update

Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hai 6th May 2015 Written Update

Ishaani turns to see RV cheering with Shekhar and Ritika. She weeps, RV doesn’t bother about her. An organizer comes to ask Ishaani what to serve, she nods and goes with him. Shekhar gets a call and is shocked, he takes an excuse the call is from his office. Kanchal asks Ritika to come along them. She asks RV to bring Shekhar and takes Ritika along. Shekhar was tensed about something and says it isn’t possible. Shekhar tells RV there was loss in the law firm he works in. RV tells him it seems lady luck didn’t work in life, sometimes a lady is unlucky in one’s life. Shekhar tells him to shut up, if he says a word again him he will forget RV is his guest. RV laughs, asking would he get hanged for her. Shekhar leaves.

Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hai 6th May 2015 Written Update

Ishaani looks for the menu, and asks them to serve it. The workmen get the dishes, Ishaani watches some dishes. RV was on door and says she seems to be good, he appraised her doesn’t mean she takes another meaning. He says she must be shocked he is still with Ritika, watching her he didn’t leave her. She must want him to die watching her alive. He thought she freed him, watching him today. He was happy that he realzed he loved the wrong person, he will no longer punish himself for this. Ishaani doesn’t say anything, RV says she did all the drama with him to marry Chiraag. She wanted to get him caught in murder even, but now he won’t let her betray Shekhar as well now. He is Ritika’s friend. He says today the party will be love, because his eyes would be on her and whenever she goes near to him she will confront him. Ishaani tells him to do whatever he wants to, because she doesn’t intend wrong and until her intentions are good she doesn’t need to be afraid of anyone. He better take care of his wife and child, it will be good for his family. She leaves the kitchen.

In the hall, Shekhar and Ishaani try to cross the door together. He stops her and asks if she is fine. She says yes she is. He stares at her. She says he is a lawyer doesn’t mean he suspects everything, she is fine. He tells her there is something on his nose, she gets worried to get rid of it. He laughs that he lied just the way she did to him. She tells him not to laugh much. Baa watches them, Kanchal comes to Baa and says her granddaughter is really beautiful and makes everyone laugh. Baa asks how to say this but what she thinks about Ishaani.

Ishaani tells Shekhar she remembers everything, how many goddesses and Pandit’s she met. She will even tell his parents about that Mili, does he remember it. Shekhar asks her to let it go, as they are happy on their anniversary.

Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hai 6th May 2015 Written Update

Kanchal says Ishaani is just like her daughter. Baa says Ishaani is also happy here, they could never keep her happy in their home. She asks Kanchal if she thinks it right, Shekhar and Ishaani can be one. Kanchal was delighted and says she was also thinking the same. She says she has to ask Ishaani what she wants. Baa says she will talk to Ishaani.

Shekhar says to Ishaani she isn’t blackmailing but bluffing. He challenges her, she accepts it. She spots Kanchal and takes her to cut the cake. Shekhar is worried and thinks she would tell mom about everything. Krisha brings the cake and asks about Shekhar. Shekhar comes there and has an argument with Krisha. Krisha asks him to cut the cake, and lights the candles. Mr. Mehra says this is a double celebration they are also announcing Krisha and Dewarsh’s wedding date. He wants to celebrate all the happiness with her children, he will cut the cake with his children today. He calls Dewarsh and asks Shekhar to come to him too. Shekhar joins them. Mr. Mehra says Ishaani has done a lot for this family and this family is incomplete without her. He asks her to join them, Ishaani comes in the circle. They all cut the cake together. RV stares at Ishaani curtly. Mr. Mehra puts the cake in Kanchal’s mouth, Shekhar’s and Ishaani’s. RV thinks he knows she is posing to be a good person and rob this family. He won’t let Shekhar come near her, he loves her and he won’t let Ishaani ruin his life.

Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hai 6th May 2015 Written Update

PRECAP: RV asks Shekhar not to take him wrong, Shekhar asks him to come to point. RV says he doesn’t want a girl to come between their friendships. Shekhar says he doesn’t want to talk about Ishaani to him now, he might soon marry her. RV is shocked.

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Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hai 6th May 2015 Written Update


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