Veera 6th May 2015 Written Update

Veera 6th May 2015 Written Update:

The Episode starts with Bansuri and Baldev speaking against Veera. She asks him to decide what will he do against her, and she will manage everything. She says she will make all ladies beat Veera for torturing her mum in law. Bansuri tells everything to Manjeet and says she is very happy to get her son back. She asks why is she worried. Manjeet says her guests did not come till now. Veera brings Geet and Deepu home. Bansuri asks who is she. Manjeet says my bahu Geet and my granddaughter Deepu.

Veera 6th May 2015 Written Update

Veera 6th May 2015 Written Update

Geet touches her feet. Manjeet looks annoyed with her. Ranvi apologizes to Gunjan, as he did not care for her when she came back from doctor. She says its fine. He rests in her lap and says he wants a child, Deepu has made me think about this again, what did doctor say. She thinks how to tell him when a stranger kid can revived her father dreams. She says nothing, I have some stress and she asked me to rest. He says its his mistake, he is not taking good care of her. She says no, I will just come. She goes to washroom and cries.

He says he did a big mistake, she lost the baby and she might feel lonely, I should end her stress and deal with her sweetly, I fought with her husband and gave her stress, now I will try to keep her happy. Veera tells Geet that Deepu is very sweet, she won everyone’s heart in my house.

Veera 6th May 2015 Written Update

Bansuri talks to Manjeet about Geet, why did she not tell her before, she would have done shopping. She says Geet is her bahu and has right to stay here. Manjeet says she wanted to tell her, Geet has come here by some motive, Veera and Baldev’s relation is over now, so I called Geet here, to make her marry Baldev. Bansuri is shocked. Manjeet smiles. Bansuri asks whats she saying. Manjeet says she thought a lot, Geet and Baldev will be good for each other, she will win as Veera will go from this house, Geet will be obedient bahu, and do what you say.

Manjeet says she is my bahu and now she will become your bahu. Bansuri says she will not let this happen, Geet is widow and has daughter, I will tell Balwant and kick you out of home. Manjeet says I have thought well and came. Bansuri says she can’t ruin Baldev’s life, he wants a good girl, not a widow, I will expose you now. Manjeet blackmails her and reminds her that she has run from mandap on her marriage, and went to her lover, he has refused to marry her and she has helped her and brought her back by hiding, you should be thankful to me for this big favor, and taunts her as Baldev was born in 7 months, and he was over healthy at that time.

Veera 6th May 2015 Written Update

Bansuri says don’t accuse me, Baldev is Balwant’s son. Manjeet says you know it, but who will believe you knowing you have run from mandap, now support me, else I will get you on road, your fate is now in my hands, you can rule if you agree to me, Geet is very nice and obedient, if Veera knows this, she will kick you out first. Manjeet says she does not have any way now. Bansuri asks will Baldev agree to marry Geet. Manjeet says leave it on me, if I can create hatred for Veera in his heart, I can create love for Geet too. She smiles.

Manjeet asks Geet to remember for what she came here, else she will be begging on road. She scares her and asks her to recall what she did when she went against her. Geet says I remember. Deepu goes to play and tells Veera that Manjeet made her leave the room, as Geet was saying story to her. Veera laughs. Manjeet asks Geet to win Baldev’s heart, as his relation with Veera ended, when I came here and know he got married, I was shocked.

She says don’t make any mistake now. Veera comes and looks at them. Veera does not hear anything and gives them tea. She goes. Bansuri and Balwant see tv. Baldev comes and she asks him to sit with them and tell what happened in first panchayat meeting. Baldev sees Veera and says everyone likes his decision to use the local seeds for farming. He says another matter and says he is thinking to make godown or park. Veera says we have also grown up here and says I feel the land should have godown on that land. Baldev disagrees and says he will make park for kids. Balwant looks on and smiles, seeing Veera making him do the right thing. Bansuri smiles and thinks Baldev does his own wish, let Manjeet do anything, I know he will not come in her plans.

Veera 6th May 2015 Written Update


Baldev thinks its Veera and holds Geet’s hands, saying he did not permit her to go. She says leave my hand, I m not Veera. He opens his eyes and is stunned seeing her.

Veera 6th May 2015 Written Update

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Veera 6th May 2015 Written Update


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