Nach Baliye 7 4th May 2015 Written Update

Nach Baliye 7 4th May 2015 Written Update:

Rithvik tells everyone is sleeping as they didn’t know about today’s challenge. He says girls will be irked now as their sleep get disturbed. He knocks on the door and wakes up all the guys. He says he is feeling like a devil now. Sharad says they woke up at 4 am. Rithvik asks them to get ready for next love challenge. Upen says he can do anything for love challenge. Everyone gather at the living room. Rithvik welcomes them and talks about the love challenge. He tells that usually women sacrifices for men. He says you have to do big sacrifice for them today. He says Karwachauth fast and you people can’t eat anything. Jai says he didn’t keep karwachauth fast. Rithvik says bahu’s mayka people bring sargi for them. I brought sargi for you all and asks them to eat if they want until sun rises. Dipesh says he is stuck between married people. Rithvik says you can’t eat anything until moon appears, else you will be disqualified. He says you can sleep after eating the sargi. He takes them to have sargi/food. Himanshu says he doesn’t keep any fast before and used to eat at small intervals. Rohit says this is for Aishwarya and promises not to eat. Jai says he is going to sleep now.

Nach Baliye 7 4th May 2015 Written Update

Nach Baliye 7 4th May 2015 Written Update

Aishwarya tells that she saw Smilie and Vineet leaving next morning and felt bad. Smilie and Vineet leave from the hotel. A video clipping is shown. Smilie and Vineet say all the best before bidding bye.

Rithvik talks about the Karwachauth fast love challenge and says he is keeping fast for his love. He disconnects the call and says he lied as he ate the banana. He greets the guys. Jai says he kept many fast, but not karwachauth one. Everyone laughs. Dipesh says Arpit has eaten with his eyes and laughs. Rithvik says we will call the girls and look at their reaction. All the girls hug their partners. Aishwarya says her baliye looked dull. Rithvik says women sacrifice many things for men. Today it is guys’ turn to sacrifice. Rithvik tells that their partners are hungry since 4’ am and have not eaten anything. The girls feel bad. Rithvik tells that he made them eat sargi for the fast. He says guys will serve lunch to the girls today. Shakti tells that he over fed Neha with food. Sana says Dipesh was smelling food and making her eat. Himanshu says it is very difficult to make others’ eat. He made his wife eat the food by keeping stone on his heart. Nidhi eats the food with Arpit’s hand. Rithvik asks them to enjoy.

Nach Baliye 7 4th May 2015 Written Update

Later he tells that Karwachauth will continue until the moon appears and tells about the second love challenge. He calls Aishwarya and says we will make you meet with your drawbacks. He asks her to think about her drawbacks. She chooses her drawbacks. Rohit enters and is confused. Rithvik asks Rohit to choose Aishwarya’s 5 drawbacks from 55 listed common drawbacks. Rohit says you have to tell your wife’s drawbacks on National television. Didn’t think what we have to bear afterwards. Aishwarya says Rohit is finished now, laughs. Rohit chooses her drawbacks. Rohit says it is not his mistake and it is just love challenge. Aishwarya and Rohit hug each other.

Precap: All the guys choose their partner’s drawbacks. Rithvik says Karwachauth fast is going to end, but not yet over.

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Nach Baliye 7 4th May 2015 Written Update

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Nach Baliye 7 4th May 2015 Written Update


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