Million Dollar Girl 4th May 2015 Written Update

Million Dollar Girl 4th May 2015 Written Update:

Virat tells that Avanti he gave Avanti sleeping pills..Virat call the builder..He tells will not sell the property..Virat tells to see the envelop as its a small bomb..Builder gets shocked..VIrat tells not to worry as he is not a terrorist..Virat tells to open the envelope..Builder opens the envelope and sees Finger,,He gets shocked and worried..Virat tells If he want his son back then to send the cheque..Virat tells Builder that he kidnapped his son..Builder tells he want….Builder signs the cheque.and gives…Avanti sleeps…Virat laughs and goes..Virat comes office..Dj tells that Avanti defeated Virat..Virat shows the paper’s..Dj tells Hows this possible..Dj asks where is Avanti,,Zubair comes..Virat gives the deal paper’s to Zubair..

Million Dollar Girl 4th May 2015 Written Update

Million Dollar Girl 4th May 2015 Written Update

Zubair ask How Virat did it??Another side Secretary holds Abdul and Comes..Builder gets worried..Builder slaps his Son Abdul and asks where was he from that time,,Abdul tells he was sitting at Bar because Of Virat..Builder checks the finger and finds out that it is artificial..

Zubair tells that Virat will give the presentation..Avanti gets up..Avanti tells What she is doing here…Avanti calls Virat “BLOODY KAMINA”,,,Avanti calls some “Y”..Avanti tells she call wrongly..Avanti sees Zubair and Virat coming out of Office..Virat comes near car.Avanti tells Virat to open the car otherwise she will break,,Virat opens..Avanti tells Virat would have not done like this. Virat holds Avanti’s hand,,Avanti shouts and tells to leave. ..Virat tells Avanti everything is fair in love and war…Avanti tells next time she will show how Buisness is,,Virat tells Avanti he dealed with person were not good thats why he locked Avanti in Car..Next day Avanti sleeps…Kavya tells to get up..Avanti tells she will not get up as Virat will be celebrating his win,,,Ankit talks on phone and says green colour will look good at hokkah parlour..Avanti tells that What Ankit is doing with the shop..She have to work hard and gives back the shop to her mother,,

Million Dollar Girl 4th May 2015 Written Update

Virat bumps in DJ..Virat asks Bhuwan where is his Best friend Avanti???Bhuwan smiles..Virat tells may be sitting at home..Zubair tells that they will party today as last week they worked a lot,,,DJ..Zubair..Virat,,Bhuwan and all team drink alchol and Dance..Zubair calls Avanti and asks where is she??Avanti tells she is not well…Zubair tells he known Avanti is upset because Virat won by cheating..Zubair tells Avanti to come in office in ten minutes as she will give the presentation to Mr Feroz,,Avanti gets happy and tells will come in sometime..Avanti comes in office and tells thanks to Zubair..Zubair tells Virat will give presentation and Avanti will see and sit before that will celebrate Virat’s victory..Avanti tells she cannot celebrate..Zubair tells that he is successful it doesnt mean that he didnt failed anytime..Zubair tells he faced crisis..Zubair tells there were two options to run or to face he faced,,THat matters how Successful you are,,Success is the key…Avanti gives Drink to Virat and tells Congratulations As today last time she failed Next time will win,,Virat tells every time Avanti will loose..Avanti smiles..

Precap::Mr feroz asks Avanti what happened..Avanti tells computer is stuck..Mr Feroz shouts at Zubair

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Million Dollar Girl 4th May 2015 Written Update

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Million Dollar Girl 4th May 2015 Written Update


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