Manmarziyan 2nd May 2015 Written Update

Manmarziyan 2nd May 2015 Written Update:

The Episode starts with Dilip telling Piyali about Samaira’s mistake. He gets angry and asks how can Sam promise and then ditch Radhika. Bonnie taunts Sam and Neil scolds her. He asks Sam did she promise Radhika. Sam says no. Dilip says Sam called me and said they will clear everything in office, and my daughter came here and your daughter is refusing to give her job. A man says why will Sam refuse, he might be mistaken. Dilip argues and says what they can give him.

Manmarziyan 2nd May 2015 Written Update

Sam and Neil look on. Dilip asks can they join Radhika’s broken dreams. He says Radhika has seen big dreams and today flushing it with tears, and asks Piyali to tell Sam to accept her mistake. Sam asks what mistake did she do. Dilip says you lied to Radhika and called her here. Piyali asks Sam about this and Sam denies it. Piyali asks is she sure. Sam says yes.

Sam says I just told she is good writer and should try for writer job in Mumbai, I did not know she will come like this. Dilip says what does she mean to say, you are lying, I understood you in Rishikesh. Sam asks when did I lie, it was misunderstanding. Dilip asks did she not call and told him to bring Radhika to Mumbai.

Bonnie says now it will be real fun. Radhika and Dada ji come there. Sam says she did not talk to him on phone, there is some confusion. Dilip says big city people don’t have manner and have wrong upbringing. Radhika asks him to come. Dilip says she is calling me liar. Radhika asks him to come. Sam asks her did she tell her to come office.

Manmarziyan 2nd May 2015 Written Update

Dilip says you told me to come office and talk about salary. Dada ji says Dilip…. Dilip says no, don’t ask me to be calm, let her lie come out. Sam asks what lie. Dada ji says Sam did not lie, I have lied. He tells everything. Dilip is shocked. Radhika asks her dad to come. Sam stops Dilip and asks him will he not say anything about his upbringing, the lie was at his home, and asks Radhika why did she put blame on her just for a job, and taunts Dilip.

Radhika says enough Sam, not a word anymore. She says you told me about Mumbai and showed me writer’s dreams, when I called you, did you not tell me that everyone is liking my work here. She confronts Sam for her words. Piyali says Sam. Sam says it was misunderstanding, you were there. Piyali recalls. Sam says I said sorry in morning, I did not know whole family will come here. Radhika says it might be small thing for you, for us it was a big thing.

Radhika cries and thinks of her dreams. Piyali stops Radhika and says Sam gave her the job infront of me. Sam says but mom. Piyali signs her and says its Sam’s mistake. She asks Sam to apologize to Dilip, he had to hear a lot because of her. Sam says I m sorry uncle, if I did any mistake, please forgive me. Bonnie smiles. Piyali asks her to apologize to Radhika. Sam says what, no way. Piyali says I m not asking, I m saying, this is your boss’ order, you don’t have a choice, apologize. Sam looks at Radhika and says sorry. Piyali says Radhika will work in birdsong. Radhika smiles. Sam is stunned and leaves.

Manmarziyan 2nd May 2015 Written Update

Dilip says Radhika got many chances in Rishikesh, its my mistake. Piyali says no, its Sam’s mistake, birdsong is not irresponsible. Dilip says its enough, we don’t have any charity. Piyali says I m giving her the job for her talent, she has good talent to become a writer. She asks Dilip will he let Radhika work in birdsong.

Sam and Neil sit in a café and drink. Sam says why did Radhika come here, she got after me, I told her sorry, and offered return tickets. Neil says its ok, relax, its over. She says no, it was in my control, but mom…. Just forget it. Neil asks her to leave all this and not bore him. She says your biggest problem is…. He says you. The staff comes and says about Radhika to work under Sam. Sam says what.


Radhika tells Dada ji that its first day of her new life and now no one can stop her. Sam says she will cut her wings and send her to Rishikesh.

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Manmarziyan 2nd May 2015 Written Update

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Manmarziyan 2nd May 2015 Written Update


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