Veera 2nd May 2015 Written Update

Veera 2nd May 2015 Written Update:

The Episode starts with Baldev asking Veera does she know what she has to do. She recalls his words and apologizes to him, asking him to come back home. Baldev asks Kohli to leave. He says she got the sense and he was also saying this that she did mistake to stand against him in elections. She asks did he do what his heart wanted, and says she did not come to apologize as she regrets what she did or she feels she did wrong, she did not go against him, but was doing her duty towards the pind, did he tell her that he is standing in elections, you are my husband so you got the right to do anything.

Veera 2nd May 2015 Written Update

She says she has proved herself to be a good wife, should I always obey you even if you are wrong. She says good wife is the one who should show the right path to her husband, you will not understand this, as you have your ego. He asks why did she come, to say all this. She says she came as a bahu who cares for her ill mum in law. He asks what. She says Bansuri is ill, so I came to apologize to you and keep your condition, come back home for your mum’s sake.

She says she did as he said, now he can wish what to do. He thinks does she not care if he stays away. She thinks he has insulted her infront of everyone. They talk via hearts. He thinks she has to bend infront of him. Gunjan feels dizzy and drops the comb. Ranvi asks is she fine, and makes her sit. She says she is fine, she is feeling something strange since few days.

She says she will meet doctor tomorrow. He asks her to come now. She says I will go. He says he will also come. She say its your recording tomorrow. He says he will cancel it, its his duty and right to care for her. She says it will be big problem if he cancels recording and asks him to go. He says fine, tell me what doctor said by calling me. He asks her to rest and massages her legs.

Veera 2nd May 2015 Written Update

Manjeet asks Balwant why does he always defend Veera, see the result. He says Veera does not go out at night, maybe she is in some problem. Veera comes home and he thanks Lord that she is fine. Manjeet says what will happen to her. They see Baldev walking inside the home. Manjeet and Bansuri smile. Balwant asks how dare he come and asks him to go. Veera stops him. Manjeet says Bansuri will be fine now, as he came home. Bansuri says she will make him have food by her hand. Baldev says he is coming first time after becoming sarpanch and says Veera should welcome him with aarti, as his mum used to welcome his dad. Manjeet says he is right. Balwant says no aarti plate will come and scolds Baldev.

Baldev argues with him and taunts Veera. Veera says I will get aarti plate. She does his aarti and the power goes. Balwant says he will check fuse and they go. Baldev says Veera you have to do the aarti. Veera says yes, I have to show right path to the wrong person. He says you mean you don’t care what I do. She says yes. He holds her dupatta and stops her.

Veera 2nd May 2015 Written Update

He says he will see will it affect her or not, and burns her dupatta. She asks what is he doing. He says he felt good seeing fear on her face, and scolds her. She asks does he think she is scared of him, she is scared for him. She says he did wrong, he is here because of him, there is no other reason, he can’t make her bend by doing this. He says this fire will not get blown off till she begs him. She says then let me die, I will see your hatred now.

He blows off the fire and throws the dupatta on her. The power comes and everyone come. Baldev leaves. Veera hides the dupatta burnt and gets teary eyed. She goes to kitchen and removes the dupatta. Bansuri says she was sure she will accept her mistake and bend. Veera says I did not do that, I did this for you, so that you stop this fake drama to be ill, dad was worried by this. Bansuri blames her for all this. Balwant comes and asks what happened because of her.

Manjeet says nothing, Bansuri was thanking Veera that his son came back because of her. Manjeet leaves with Bansuri. He asks why did she apologize to him. Veera asks him not to worry, you know it was imp to make Bansuri fine, and this is Baldev’s home. She asks him to trust her, she will manage everything. He blesses her and leaves.

Veera 2nd May 2015 Written Update


Ranvi buys some jalebis and someone takes it. He sees a little girl taking it and smiles.

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Veera 2nd May 2015 Written Update


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