Veera 31st March 2015 Written Update

Veera 31st March 2015 Written Update:

The Episode starts with Ranvi telling Gunjan that nothing can be find between them, and is angry after losing the baby and her motive to do abortion. She cries. He says he is unable to write any song and she is just decorating shade here, so that she feels he does not love her. I loved you a lot and what did you do then, it got less for you, get habitual to stay without my love, I can’t love you like before. Rabba ve…………..plays…………..She shows her the books and says she called him to show this, as he is not able to write anything.

Veera 31st March 2015 Written Update

Veera 31st March 2015 Written Update

He gets angry and throws the books, saying you mean I should steal old content and make songs. He says she was his inspiration and she has hurt him, who will he write now, he does not want her and her help, stay away, there is no right on him and his love now. He says we have to stay like strangers now. He leaves. She cries.

Baldev comes to the manager and says he will not change his decision, he will make the mall. They get happy. He recalls Veera’s words and thinks he will show his decision is right. The man informs his boss and asks him to find time for bhoomi pujan. Ratan tells Chai ji that Baldev is adamant to make mall. Chai ji says what will we tell panchayat. Ratan says I m worried about children.

Veera 31st March 2015 Written Update

Chai ji asks her not to lose and Lord will make things fine. She massages her shoulders to relieve her stress and Ratan smiles. Chai ji says she will say ant and elephant story and they laugh. Ranvi comes home angry and Gunjan comes sad. Ratan asks what happened. Gunjan hugs her and cries, Baldev comes home and gives sweets to Bansuri and Manjeet for sealing the mall deal. Veera looks on. Balwant says mall will not get permission.

He says he told him half the matter about mall and did he say about the land? He says we got the land from panchayat and I said I will use it for pind, and gave the grains free to people and wanted to return it, I did not know you are making mall for them, panchayat wants to make school so they will decide. Baldev argues and Balwant explains him not to use the land. Baldev says don’t know what Veera explained you. Balwant says no, I have sense to understand this. Baldev says no, I will make mall on this land. Balwant says the panchayat will decide for the land. He gets angry and leaves. Baldev looks at Veera.

Veera 31st March 2015 Written Update

Ranvi throws everything and Gunjan cries seeing him. Veera argues with Baldev. He scolds her and calls her selfish. She asks what did I do. He says stop it, the panchayat will decide now, don’t try to force your opinion on me, leave me alone. Gunjan cleans the room and cares for Ranvi, while he sleeps. Veera gets sad and sees Baldev coming. Ankhiyon se hoti hai baatein………..plays……………… Baldev rests to sleep. Veera embraces him and he moves her away.

Dhingra tells Ranvi that he did not write any song, and he is his manager, he will get problem to earn if he gets angry and ruins his career. Ranvi says I m sorry, I did wrong to be angry. Gunjan thinks this is the right time, Ranvi is going to producer. She keeps a paper in his diary and bag. Ranvi takes his bag and leaves. Gunjan says I can just pray that my doings can help you.

Veera 31st March 2015 Written Update


The manager tells Veera that mall will be good. Baldev says my wife is responsible for this, she gave me courage to do this, all because of her.

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Veera 31st March 2015 Written Update


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