Tu Mera Hero 27th March 2015 Written Update

Tu Mera Hero 27th March 2015 Written Update:

The Episode starts with Panchi teaching Titu online by video chat and takes a short break to take care of Rachna. Titu praises her for multi tasking. Panchi talks to all family members on chat and Titu says she is my teacher, she taught me online. Govind says she found a good way, how did she think. She says no, this was Titu’s idea. Titu says no, Mukund has made me think this. Rekha gets angry on Mukund. Panchi says Titu studied well. Govind says lets see how much Titu studied, ask questions now. Panchi says good idea and asks Titu some questions. Titu answers right and they all clap for him. Surekha says I m sure Rekha has put badam in halwa. Rekha says yes. Pinky praises Titu.

Tu Mera Hero 27th March 2015 Written Update

Tu Mera Hero 27th March 2015 Written Update

Panchi asks questions on New Jersey. Surekha laughs and asks Panchi to ask Mukund too, as he is studying since morning. Mukund leaves. Surekha asks Rachna to take care. Rachna says she is fine. Manorama greets Rekha and says the new generation is ahead of our thinking, this is good way of education. Rekha goes to Mukund and prays to Lord for some way. Vaishali smiles and says she got an idea. Titu calls out Panchi and smiles. He says he is getting habitual to Panchi now and she also thinks about Titu.

Golu makes Titu and Panchi talk. He says he was talking to moon about her and likes the gift she has sent with his name. She asks what was he saying moon about her. He says ask the moon and tells about her. He asks when did she buy this. She says few days earlier, I thought to gift you myself. He says heart is seen, thanks. She says welcome. He says I will wear this, good night.

Tu Mera Hero 27th March 2015 Written Update

Rekha, Vaishaili and Mukund come home at 3am and see everyone sleeping. Keshav sees Bhagwati sleeping. His phone falls and she wakes up by the sound. She asks what happened. Sundar gets disturbed. Keshav says come out, I will say. Rekha says forgive me Lord. She says she can’t do this. Vaishaili says this is the way to make everyone forget about studies, we are doing the best. Rekha says no, I can’t. Vaishaili says then leave it, I was helping you, let Titu go America.

Rekha says fine I will come. Keshav brings Bhagwati outside. She asks whats the matter. He asks what does she see in the moon. She asks what. He says everyone see love and beauty in it and he can see the stain, and his polio is also stain, he feels helpless and failed by it. He says this time I don’t want to fail, I want my child. She is stunned. Vaishaili asks Rekha not to run, and decide whether they will steal Lord idol or not. Rekha is very much tensed. Mukund takes the idol. Rekha worries and says sorry Lord.

Tu Mera Hero 27th March 2015 Written Update

Bhagwati says we have Sundar, he is our son. Keshav says I want my blood, my son, try to understand, Mukund and I can make everything for Govind, but we can’t take Titu’s place, its that difference between own and other blood, I want my child Bhagwati, will you give me. Keshav asks Bhagwati for an answer. Surekha wakes up and says power is gone, my son will be worried and wakes up Govind. He says your son will never grow for you, he is going to NJ now, he has grown up, sleep. She says I will go and see him. He asks her to go. She gets hurt and he asks her to be careful. She says yes and takes torch.

Rekha says I can’t see anything. She says did not switch off lights, she went to switch on. She gets hurt. Mukund locks the temple and Rekha is inside. Vaishali says lets go Mukund. Surekha comes and Rekha says I m inside. Surekha asks who is there. Mukund asks where is mum and sees Rekha inside. He says mum is inside and gets worried.

Tu Mera Hero 27th March 2015 Written Update


Surekha and Govind have a talk. Mukund says Lord calls everyone for help.

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Tu Mera Hero 27th March 2015 Written Update


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