Maharana Pratap 26th March 2015 Written Update

Maharana Pratap 26th March 2015 Written Update:

Pratap thanks the citizens of Kashi for their love and support. He particularly requests Vaid ji and Massi to come to Chittor with them. They agree as Ajabde too insists. Acharya comes there. Pratap seeks his blessings. Acharya blesses him to fight with the Mughals and free their motherland. Pratap finally takes their leave.

At night, Bairam Khan is removing his coat but Salima does it for him. He feels so lucky to have her. She in turn says I am lucky that you accepted me as your wife. She makes a request him. I want to go to a beautiful place before the ritual of Walime, like near a lake. He agrees to make the necessary arrangements. We will leave tomorrow itself. She points out that he will have to ask Shehanshah too but he denies. He thinks of the poison incident. Salima nods. I know you don’t need anyone’s permission for these small matters but I feel you should tell Shehanshah about it as you are shouldering the responsibility of Mughal Empire. He agrees for her sake.

Maharana Pratap 26th March 2015 Written Update

Maharana Pratap 26th March 2015 Written Update

Jagmal is having a very hard time in coping up with the normal life. The crows eat all the food that is there. He cries thinking about his past life. Plus his stomach is grumbling and he is in pain. He shoos the crows away and eats the food in the bowl. DB comes there just then and is in tears to see his condition. She tells him not to eat the food that the crows have already eaten. I cannot see your situation anymore. He cries. I have to go through it. See what I have become. These crows are troubling me since so long. I have been shooing them away since long but in vain. DB hugs her son. Crows indicate the arrival of someone. Who can come? They both get thinking.

CK and Maan run to share the good news with US. US is giving a letter to Rawat ji to deliver it to a nearby state’s king on the occasion of his son’s wedding. Maan and CK fight to tell it to him. Dada bhai and bhabhi are on their way to Chittor. They will be reaching very soon. US and Rawat ji are pleasantly surprised. Maan, CK and Rawat ji turn to go to make welcome preps for their Dada bhai but US refuses to accompany them. Did you forget how much I had tried to stop Pratap when he was leaving the palace? They hear people welcoming Pratap and cheering for him just then.

Maharana Pratap 26th March 2015 Written Update

Pratap and Ajabde enter the palace premises with their friends. US looks at them from upstairs. Soldiers present a sword to Pratap. CK, Maan and VB are aiting for them at the gate. Maan tells VB that father is not going to join them, but VB knows that deep down US too is anxious to see his son. DB comes there. Maan and CK go forward to the aarti of the couple. Pratap says I missed CK the most in all these days. He gifts a shivling to CK. They greet Choti Ma next. VB makes Ajabde wear bangles (which have been offered to the Goddess). It will keep all the evil eyes at bay. Pratap greets DB very curtly. VB sends the couple to do their Kuldevi’s temple.

Bairam Khan and Salima come to take permission from Akbar. Akbar imagines them getting close. Khan Baba, I want you to go to Bengal. Bairam Khan is taken aback. Peer Mohammad and Mahamanga are eavesdropping too. Mahamanga tells Peer Mohammad that they should not let go of this opportunity at any cost. She gives a knife to Peer Mohammad. His hands are shaking so Mahamanga scolds him. You just have to make an attempt to kill, just an attempt. I am risking my life but I am not scared. The knife should pass from across my shoulder or it might hurt me in my heart otherwise. Attack very carefully. Peer Mohammad nods.

Bairam Khan has already promised Salima for taking her out tomorrow only. Akbar says it is very important for you to go to Bengal. I promise I will make all the preps for your Walime as soon as you are back. Bairam Khan is left with no choice. He leaves from there. Akbar walks closer to Salima. He holds her hand a little tightly. She frees her hand and walks off.

Maharana Pratap 26th March 2015 Written Update

Pratap and Ajabde offer prayers in their Kuldeiv temple. He asks his sisters if father is still upset with him. CK is in tears. He tells her not to cry. I will set everything right. He goes to meet his father.

Pratap comes to his father’s room. US asks him if he finally thought of his father, his family now. Answer me, have you come here for me? Pratap folds his hands so as to greet him first. He bends down to touch his father’s feet but US steps back. Pratap says it will be a lie if I say that I have started loving you once again. You also know the truth. I always loved and respected you and that is never going to change. It will also be a lie if I say that I have come back for you. My motherland, my duties towards my motherland has brought me here. US is taken aback. Chittor’s safety, Mewar’s pride, and to sacrifice myself for the future is what has brought me back here. My love for my motherland has pulled me back to Chittor. US is confused. VB comes there to give US the good news that he is going to become a grandfather. US is thrilled. I have got one good news after so long. He hugs his son finally.

Maharana Pratap 26th March 2015 Written Update

Jagmal is walking in the corridor of the palace. Everyone takes care of Ajabde. Jagmal overhears this. Dada bhai has come but now his son is going to be born soon. It will be a problem for me if they both join hands. I cannot bear this all quietly. I will have to do something. He looks at a lit diya.

Precap: US has called Ajabde to bless her for giving such a wonderful news to them. Jagmal plans to kill Dada bhai’s baby. He spills oil on the floor / steps. He hides when Ajabde comes there with all the other ladies.

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Maharana Pratap 26th March 2015 Written Update


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