Doli Armaanon Ki 25th March 2015 Written Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 25th March 2015 Written Update:

Scene 1:

Location: Ishaan’s residence

tani thanks anirudh for deicing to send them too on the honeymoon. samrat comments that they should have sent the four of them earlier only together to enjoy maldives. Anirudh says that wasnt possible, as he has booked them for switzerland. Tani is ecstatic, while samrat and damini are shocked and frustrated. tani howevere is in seventh heaven. Anirudh enjoys samrat’s plight. Sandhya taunts damini, who is enraged from the inside.

Doli Armaanon Ki 25th March 2015 Written Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 25th March 2015 Written Update

Tani is super excitedly preparing for Switzerland, while samrat wonders what to do now, as she is all set to go, while his plans are just to spoil urmi and ishaan’s honeymoon. he comes in while she reprimands him why is he so late. he says that they shall not go, and she asks why. She is tensed, while samrat continues to pester abut his self respect, that he doesnt want to go on her father’s money, and spend so much and be taunted later on. he says that he shall go on their own money. she is disappointed, but then resignedly agrees. samrat is happy.

Later, sandhya taunts as everyone sits together, about samrat’s intentions behind cancelling tyhe trip, while tani glorifies the heroic act of her husband, by praising him and his self respect galore. Just then, shaurya comes down dizzy. anirudh checkes and finds that he has fever, and is worried. samrat goes to him ad tries to see and check his temperature. he asks whats he saying, but shaurya asks him not to even dare touch him. Anirudh asks him to stay away, while he shall take care of shaurya. he asks alok to call the family doctor. samrat uses this to instigate tani against urmi. damini thinks that this is the right time to strike a blow. She says that she shall dial urmi, and once shaurya talks to her, he would feel better. he asks them to keep the phone down, as they shouldnt be bothered unnecessarily. Samrat is frustrated that damini has no say in front of anirudh.

Doli Armaanon Ki 25th March 2015 Written Update

Later, in the night, while damini puts shaurya to sleep, sandhya comes with milk pretending to be very tired. she tells damini that they got involved unnecessarily, and that she has been reduced to the status of a care taker, by urmi, for a persn who isnt even her own grandson, while she’s herself enjoying away. She applauds damini, while she is furious from inside.

Scene 2:

Location: Maldives beach and Ishaan’s residence

Doli Armaanon Ki 25th March 2015 Written Update

Urmi and ishaan take a romantic stroll, along the beaches. they promise to each other that they shall be in an integral relationship forever, unaffected by noone or nothing. They overwhelmingly eye each other. Later in their hotel room, as ishaan sets the room alight with romantic setup, he is mesemrised to see urmi coming out of the bathroom, shy and embarassed dressed in a nightie. he gets her to dance taking her hand in his, while she lovingly complies. He then lays her on the bed, while leaning in to kiss her, but just then, urmi gets a call from damini, who deliberately sounds upset and sad, and on urmi’s constant badgering she tells her about shaurys’ ill health, deliberating exaggerating along the way. urmi asks what happened to her, and she tells her about the fever, that is nowhere near remission. Urmi is extremely tensed, as she tells this to ishaan. she pleads damini to take care of him, as he has never been alone. damini says that she shall manage what she can. urmi says that she shall come home rightaway, and damini is very happy that she got what she wanted. meanwhile, urmi is super tensed. ishaan calms her down, while she speaks dishevelledly. He asks her not to cry as they would go home rightaway. She is tensed as she is in a dilemma. the screen freezes on her face.

Doli Armaanon Ki 25th March 2015 Written Update

Precap: Samrat and damini are super happy with the success of their new plan. he applauds damini for her wonderful plan. damini says that its due to Baba, that shaurya suddenly got sick. she says that baba has said that ishaan and urmi shall never unite, and so shall be. they eye each other evilly.

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Doli Armaanon Ki 25th March 2015 Written Update


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