Swim Team 24th March 2015 Written Update

Swim Team 24th March 2015 Written Update:

Rewa cries..Jai tells that someone wanted to talk to rewa,,,Umang tells Hi to Rewa..Umang tells she dont what happened to her how she injured??Rewa gets shocked,,Umang laughs tells she is alrigh and have her memory as it is not a film story..Rewa tells that she is very happy and tells that will be coming in a minute… Rewa tells Priyanka that Umang is consious and she is going,,Priyanka gets happy,,Kanika tells Before Rewa her call will go…Rewa tells Umang hi….

Kanika calls and tells Umang that Rewa  has  taken the RBUS deal..Rewa goes to meet Umang,,Umang tells she is very disappointed with Rewa As she cannot even wait till she is recovered???Umang tells Rewa to go away… Rewa cries tells Jai that when she was 12year old she suffered from asthama attack,,Rewa tells at that time If Umang wouldnt be there she was not alive…Rewa tells that Umang is her best friend and she cannot do that. to her..Rewa call and refuses…DR Sana tells that Umang Reports came and they are shifting them from ICU to normal ward..Rewa gets happy….Rewa decorates the room…Bhagat tells If Rewa dont known wearing miniskirt and climbing ladder,,Or else he is too hot Rewa forgot what she is wearing…Rewa falls Bhagat catches Rewa…

Swim Team 24th March 2015 Written Update

Rewa tells Bhagat to place the Ballon As he is full of gas..Bhagat tells that finally rewa learned totalk in english,,Rewa tells whatever???Bhagat is on ladder and puts  ballon,,Bhagat suddenly slips..Rewa catches and tells thats he knew Bhagat is a chic,,Rewa tells Bhagat to learn to balance himself..Rewa leaves Bhagat..Bhagat falls Down and shouts…Rewa laughs…Rewa again decorates..Bhagat tells Why Rewa is doing all this ???To impress Umang,,,As she have snatched her boyfriend??Bhagat tells Rewa to concentrate on swimming and sacrifice for others,,,Rewa tellls that she have not snatched anyone’s boyfriend,,,And jai is Umang’s brother her boyfriend..  Rewa tells that If all listen to Bhagat the world will be ugly….Bhagat gets upset and tells that He have to go and he is  junior artist in RBUS,,,Bhagat goes… Umang sees the Video of Coach TK and gets happy,,Dr Sana and Umang’s mother comes…Umang mother asks Dr sana what happened to Umang why was she inbalance??Umang thinks about TK’s enagaement,,,Umang thanks Dr sana for taking care of her…Sana tells its okey,,,Umang’s mother tells atleast Umang remebered the basic manner’s…Umang tells Sana to take away her mom as she wanted to rest,,,Dr Sana and MOther goes….Umang gets happy and shouts tells that TK is not engaged As there was no ring in Sana’s hand,,Umang tells that still TK is her…..

Swim Team 24th March 2015 Written Update

Sana call TK,,Sana tells that Umang is shifting from ICU…TK tells thats awesome,,TK tell when Umang will start swimmming??Sana tells that it will take sometime,,Sana asks Coach why he sounds soo hectic??TK tells that they have to register team for olympics and Umang is unwell,,Sana tells dont worry everthing will be fine…Rewa comes and shows Documents to TK,,TK tells Why Tewa was in such hurry That she agreed for the Deal,,,Rewa tells that TK dont known,,TK tells that Rewa can understand between right and wrong…Later,,,Kanika all girls practise,,,Coach TK comes tells the girls to be in correct position and swim well..TK asks the girls If they are ready for the race(practise)??Girls jumps in the pool,,,,,As all finish the Race and comes out water.. TK tells kanika took four minute 27 seconds but can be more good and Rewa Four minute 34…and Priyanka Four minute thirty five,,,COach tells that Priyanka need to work hard..And deepsi took a long jump which she have to change..Rewa asks COach TK that he said fault about all girl’s but why not about her??TK tells that Rewa need to change her swimming style,,That Rewa herself have to recognize.. TK tells that he dont want to waste time on Temporary things,,,REwa tells Why Coach is dong all this things??Thats why because She took the RBUS deal,,Rewa tells that the director came and approached her She didnt gone to him…Coach tells that Rewa is a below average girl and he is not anymore intrested in her..Coach goes…Rewa get upset..

Swim Team 24th March 2015 Written Update

Kanika tells Deepsi that she took a wrong jump,but can be better Deepsi tells that she take took long jump in short races and she win all the time,,Kanika tells that soon she is gooing to take Umang’s place in the team,,Rewa listens and gets shocked..As Umang comes in wheel chair in the room,,,Umang sees the room is decorated asks who did it???Jai tells he didnt did that.as he dont have this much time.Jai tells Rewa did all…Rewa gives Umang flower’s and tells that it is from all team…Umang read’s the letter of Kanika and tells that RBUS deal gone to kanika???Rewa tells yes…Umang tells thankyou to Rewa…As she will forgive Rewa if she did that deal,,,Rewa tells that it was Umang’s and she only deserved it…Umang and Rewa hugs,,,Jai gets happy…

Swim Team 24th March 2015 Written Update

Precap:Umang says I Love You to Coach TK…TK gets shocked

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Swim Team 24th March 2015 Written Update


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