Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th December 2014 Written Updates Online

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th December 2014 Written Updates Online
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th December 2014 Written Updates Online. The Episode starts with Raman talking to Ishita. Raman asks Ishita to take care, step out and meet people, she can go for coffee, with Mani, as they both have power to bear each other. He looks at him. He asks her not to fast. She asks why is he giving farewell speech as if she should do this in his absence always. He says you are always troubled by me, and asks her to just chill with Mani. She says I m not diverted by all this, I m habituated to your taunts, what will I do without it. She says no one can replace it. Raman says no one can replace you in my life. She asks what. He taunts her on her dentist work and asks her to take Mani along when she goes to break people’s tooth at night. He asks her to manage finances and take care of parents. She asks for how long is he going? He will come back, why is he giving permanent type instructions. She says you always cry, I show your errors and you think I m giving instructions. He says I have to go for dinner meeting.
She says no, you have to be here, family wants to celebrate with you. He says tomorrow I won’t be here. He leaves. She cries and says why am I crying, he is not going forever. Shagun scolds someone for putting financial pressure on her and saying Adi’s fees. Raman comes to meet her and hears her saying about Adi’s fees and what will happen about his future. He says don’t worry, Adi’s future is secured. Shea sks him to leave. He says he came to meet Adi. She says he is sleeping. He says I m going Singapore tomorrow, I m shifting, I want to meet him, I will meet tomorrow. She says he goes to school early. He says I will come before he goes. He gives her cheque for her financial stability. She says its to cover up Ishita’s mistake. He defends Ishita and says for Adi and your security. She asks him to keep his lecture and leave. He leaves. Shagun says I m not a charity case, Ashok can’t do this to me, I gave him my six years, and calls him. He does not take the call and she says I will not leave him.
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Raman says Shagun won’t change and not take care of Adi, I will keep an eye on him wherever I stay. Ashok calls Mihika and she scolds him. He says he did a big thing for her sister and gave Ruhi to Raman and Ishita, and went against Shagun, think this is our wedding gift, you know I love you. She calls him spineless man, and reminds him he said the same to Shagun. He says you should be grateful to me. She says I hate you. He says every story starts with hatred, you have to marry me, tell me when. She says never and ends the call. Ashok says you have to marry me, I did not even start the game. He tells Suraj that he will benefit by his wounds and sacrifice.
Raman meets Mani. Mani says congrats and asks why did he call him here. Raman says I m sorry we did not got along well, you are Ishita’s friend, so I know you regard me friend too, its amazing Ishita stays happy with you, thanks for making her smile, you are her best friend and I have just given her troubles. He says she did not get any happiness, and all my past problems went to him. He says she deserves the best and she is a very nice girl, you believe this right, she is smart and kept everyone united and we are completely opposite, poles apart. Mani says yes, but opposites attract, you have one thing common. Raman says no, her heart is big, she accepted me with all my flaws, and what did I give her in return, a bad life, I just want her life to get better when I m no around, and it will as you are with her. I want you to be there with her. Mani says sure, I will take care and be the guardian of your trust.
Raman says take care as its yours…. I mean as she is your friend. Mani is shocked and sees Raman’s confused statements. Raman says I will leave, just be there for her. He leaves. Mani thinks. Raman walks on the road. Bhula dena mujhe…. Tujhe jeena hai mere bina………….plays……………..he thinks about Ishita and cries. Raman says in heart, Ishita I m going, you start a new life with Mani, he will take care of you and protect you from all creeps like Ashok. You, Mani and Ruhi will always stay happy, as I know Ruhi loves you a lot.
Ishita sees Raman’s clothes and thinks about him smiling. She hugs his tie and looks at his shirt. Mani calls her and says I was wrong, I m sorry. She asks why, about what. He says about Raman, he loves you a lot, I don’t have any doubt. She says I know, how do you know. He says he spoke only about you, he is going Singapore tomorrow and did not talk about business.s She asks did he meet you. He says he stopped me form telling you, but I could not stop myself. He asks her to tell him and Raman might be thinking does his wife love him or not. She says I should tell him, I m thinking I will not wait for him to return from Singapore, I will tell him tonight, you don’t tell anything to him.
He says you sound like a college going girl, you became a teenager in his love. She says yes, something good, I m interested to talk to him now and ends the call. She says how to tell him now, I told Mani, but saying Raman is not easy. She says Raavan Kumar and kisses his shirt. She wipes the lipstick mark and smiles. She says the mark is not going, what will I tell Raman, its important. She rehearses infront of mirror and says I will say, Raman I have to tell… no. Raman I was thinking… Ishita holds Raman’s shirt and talks to it. She says you came in my life as a stranger, and slowly became my life, I want to hold your hand and walk together, spend every moment with you, and want to tell you that I love you a lot. She says she wants to fight with him on small things and then make up to him, I love you a lot. She asks what is he seeing like this, I love you Raavan Kumar. She says set and smiles.
Mrs. Bhalla asks Raman why is he sitting here and looks worried. He says he is going far from them. She says send someone else, if you don’t want to go. He says I have to do this work, its my responsibility. She asks why is he senti, go after some days, everything will be fine.
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