Suhani Si Ek Ladki 13th December 2014 Written Updates Online

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 13th December 2014 Written Updates Online
Suhani Si Ek Ladki 13th December 2014 Written Updates Online The Episode starts wuth Soumya saying sorry Yuvraaj, my mood spoiled because of Suhani and we got late too. He says its fine, call her. She sees Suhani coming and sits in the front seat with him. Suhani joins them and sees Soumya sitting in her seat. She smiles and sits in back seat. Pratima says Yuvraaj and Suhani went for shopping. Dadi says Soumya’s mood was not well, so I have sent them out. Lata says you take care of kids. Dadi says yes, I m head of family. She says I have a surprise, let them come, then I will say. They all come home. Suhani is glad seeing her parents. Dadi says she was thinking we should have a kabaddi match between Lata’s family and our family. Suhani says its good idea and agrees for it. Dadi taunts her. Sharad says idea is good but how to divide teams. Rags says yes, lets make teams. Suhani and Lata go to make tea. Soumya says I will go and freshen up, I m tired by shopping.
Rags says its good to play outdoor game. Pankaj says I like it, but I don’t like cheating in game. Yuvraaj says yes, it really feels bad if someone cheats you. Pratima says its family game, who will cheat in this. Sharad says I will keep an eye on everyone and no one can cheat. He looks at Rags. Saurabh asks why is he seeing Rags, you mean Rags cheats, I bet, if she cheats, no one can catch her. He laughs as Anuj also jokes on Rags.
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Suhani looks happy and Lata smiles. Suhani says everything is fine between ne and Yuvraaj, you came to know this right. Lata says what to do, I m your mum, I worry for you, I have seen everything is fine. Suhani asks her to trust her and smiles. Lata talks to Yuvraaj and apologizes. He says why is she saying this. She says I thought you are annoyed with Suhani. He says I can’t be annoyed with her, as she makes me eat pani puri. She says what, did she do this, I will ask her not to do so, she is mad, I want you both to be happy. Suhani looks on and smiles.
Dadi goes to her room and looks for a special coin to toss. She gets it and sees head on both sides on the coin. She says this coin has heads on both sides and it will decide who goes in which team. She laughs. Rags tells Menka on phone to think about her Maayka and stay there for more days. Dadi comes to everyone and says Sharad will be the referee as he is not part of both families. Yuvraaj says its fine. Dadi says Yuvraaj will be captain of Birla team, and Pankaj will be captain of Srivastav team.
Dadi divides the team. Saurabh says Suhani is not Birla so she will be in our team. Lata says Soumya will be in our team. Pratima says yes, she is not a part of Birla family. Rags says but she is our guest. Dadi says I have a way to end this argument, lets toss. She says if its head, Suhani will be in Pankaj’s team, if its tail, then she will be in Yuvraaj’s team. She tosses and the coin falls somewhere. Pratima says leave it, get another coin. Dadi scolds her. Suhani gets the coin and gives Dadi. Dadi tosses again and its head. Soumya smiles and Suhani gets upset as she is not in Yuvraaj’s team. Soumya comes in Birla team and Suhani goes to her parents side. Rags asks why did Dadi toss, it was good luck else plan would have flopped.
Soumya says lets practice for tomorrow. Saurabh says you will have fun. Yuvrraaj says we have to make Srivastavs lose. Pratima worries. Dadi shows the coin to Rags and she smiles. Dadi tells her plan to Rags to make Soumya hate Suhani. Rags says you can have kicked her out in one min. Dadi says yes, but I want to make her suffer, she blackmailed Yuvraaj to marry her, see what I do with her now.
Suhani tells Yuvraaj that Lord fulfilled her dream of marrying him. A jealous Soumya gets out her anger in the kabaddi game and twists Suhani’s hand tightly holding her.
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