Sadda Haq 12th December 2014 Written Updates Online

Sadda Haq 12th December 2014 Written Updates Online
Sadda Haq 12th December 2014 Written Updates Online. Scene 1
PKC is boasting inside about the attendance. PKC says randhir sanyu in my class? you must be in canteen as you have below 75% attendance. Yoyo says no one has lower than 75% attendance. PKC says I marked it myself. He checks the list and says none of you had more than 50%. Who has done this? randhir says why would we? PKC says I think maya has given grace attendance to you all. a student says just because they are members of dream team doesn’t mean they will get attendance in free fund. Pkc says you have a valid point I shall talk to maya. PKC goes to maya who is busy with investors. He says you gave extra attendance to sanyu and randhir? how can they have 80% attendance? See this once. yoyo has 90% attendance he never came to my class. Maya says we will talk later on this I am busy. Malhotra says he is the one whom you were talking about? he cant handle attendance and you were talking about his abilities. We need to think about it. They leave.
PKC stops sanyu and randhir and says you cant make me fool, you have manipulated the sheets. maya comes out to see off the guests and is trying to convince them. when they leave maya says you ruined everything pkc. He says I was just reminding you your responsibilities. maya says I know my responsibilities. If you cant handle all this, resign. I lost my investors because of your idiocy. I am cancelling your funds. He says what funds do I get? vardhan gets all the funds. maya says you have one week, leave fite. Clear your accounts and leave you are not contributing to FITE any way. Sanyu says in heart because of us pkc is fired
in canteen sanyu says we have made a mistake. parth says we were just making fun with them. Jiggy says the biggest automobile company is coming to recruit us. Sanyu says because of us pkc lost his job and respect. We have to get him back. Randhir says we have to be careful. vidushi gets a call from varun and leaves parth follows her and so does the gaze of sanyu and randhir. Jiggy says where is he going? Sahil says they have some matter. yoyo gets a call and leaves as well.
Vidushi says I cant meet you right now I am busy. parth grasps her hand and says you ant meet him. vidushi says who are you to stop me? Parth says I am protecting you. He will hurt you. Vidushi says and who will save me? the guy who has hurt me a million times. Parth says you have to listen to me. vidushi says why should I? Parth says I because I love you damit and I admit it. Vidushi looks at him in shock. Vidushi says no you don’t. ou are just possessive for your attention. don’t make a fuss of it anymore.
SAnyu and rest of the gang break in pkc’s cabin and place a board there that says we are sorry sir. PKC comes in his cabin and receives his termination letter. He finds the board there. he says yeah right? does it matter now?
Yoyo syas to his guys that I never thought pkc can invent anything. he gets a call from his tao ji. He picks it finally. Some women tells him that tao ji has passed away. he is shocked and bereaved to know. He hugs his pal and cries.
SAnyu, parth, randhir and jiggy are making another board for pkc. his pal comes and tell them that yoyo has left. His tao ji has died. Sayu says this is sad.
They see pkc’s incomplete project. Vidushi says what s the worth of th8is incomplete project? randhir says worth is of effort not completion. sanyu says now we will complete it. Parth says maya will know what pkc has done for FITE. sanyu says we have all the knowledge. I am here to motivate you for free. sanyu says this a quadcopter that can measure pollution and we can control. randhir starts working on the design. He says its not that easy. It needs to be stable to measure pollution. They see pkc has added the self orientation. randhir says we can’t modify it. san yu says we cant give up, randhir ays okay we will. sanyu says we have to do it anyhow. randhir says we need to study. randhir says we need ot find his research papers. SAnyu says lets focus now. If major concern is weight? we have to dismantle it and reduce the heavy weight parts. parth says it will be very risky. Sanyu says we need to code it and make it compact. Jiggy works on the codding. sanyu says lets use magnesium alloy. sanyu says we have to contribute. PArth says sorry guys but I don’t have money, sanyu says its okay.
sayu says lets make list of materials so they can bring it. jiggy says lets relax untiln raw materials are here. sanyu says randhir thinking, SAbyu says what are you thinking? He says he must have thought all this. SAnyu syas why don’t you think he did that alone? we are a team. randhir says we are complicating it.
Precap-they all work on the drone and rectify it. randhir says lets take it out and tell whole FITE what a genius pkc is. When they fly it pkc says is anything else left?
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