Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 11th December 2014 Written Updates Online

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 11th December 2014 Written Updates Online
Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 11th December 2014 Written Updates Online. Nandini asks Manik of what he wants and he asks her that why she isn’t accepting my apology. Nandini says that do you have brains or not as you are making another mistake so that I may forgive one. She adds saying that do you realize that I have a family and a friend who is waiting for me in college. She says that do you know what happened to her but did you think about her. Manik says that I didn’t and where do I stand in your priority list. Nandini says to him that you are impossible and pushes him but falls with him on the sofa.
She says that how could you do this me and as much I have been insulted by you I have never been before. Manik says that when you hit me neither than when Manik pulls her and says that I can see that. Nandini starts to cry and says that I hate you, I hate you so much. Manik puts his arms around her and says that atlest you feel something. Nandini stands up and says that you brought me here so that I may talk but I will not. She goes and locks herself in the room when Manik says that you will talk It’s only a matter of time.
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Navya wants to find Nandini and talk to her and so sends a voice message. Muktii comes and says that aren’t I the right one to talk when it comes to Harshad. Navya leaves on saying that you hate Harshad when Muktii stops her and says that you and I are alike as your secret is still safe with me so now you can trust me.
Dhruv and ALiya are going when Aliya asks where Muktii is, Dhruv says that I wanted to talk about what happened at Manik’s house. Aliya says that I understand and says that I want to be your rebound. Dhruv says that you are not Nandini’s substitute. Manik is waiting on the couch for Nandini and realizes that he has slept for an hour. He knocks on the door and asks her to come out while she cries inside. He hears no voice so goes to check through the window and comes in the room.
He sits with her and asks her to stop crying, he tries to say something when Nandini puts her hands on her ears. Manik puts his finger on her lips and says that just to complete the picture. Nandini smiles and says that the only monkey I know is you. Manik says that at least you smiled when Nandini starts to cry again and tells him to go away. Nandini says that if you don’t like my tears than why make me cry.
Navya has explained the plan to Muktii and she concludes if finding about you doesn’t bother Harshad. Navya says that Harshad has no choice when Muktii says that you were not Harshad with the whole night and he is using you. Navya says that he loves me and why would he do that, Muktii says that Cabir calls you by the right name as you have to grow up.
Cabir calls Manik and tells him that the Fab5 has to submit two songs to the Q labels. Cabir says that what is he supposed to say when Manik says that they have never performed badly and he is worried about Nandini. Cabir says that for the first a girl has shook your confidence and Manik asks him of what he is supposed to do. Cabir instructs him on how to do so and in the end says that you have to do the yourself. He cancels the call while Manik keeps on talking for a few minutes before realizing.
Navya and Harshad are with the inspector and he asks her if she was with Harshad the whole night. Navya says that she was till the morning when the lawyer asks the officer to bail Harshad. Navya says that she was with Harshad after 12 and doesn’t know about earlier. Harshad says that what are you talking about when the officer tells him to shut up. The inspector says that Cabir was admitted in the hospital around 10 and tells the policeman to lock Harshad up.
Manik comes to the kitchen and starts to make coffee, Nandini says that she can’t sit like this and must do something. She goes to Manik and he asks her if she is Okay, he offers her coffee, and after taking Nandini goes to through it. Manik says that I have learned through a lot of sites on how to make coffee and asks her not to through it. In their tug of war between coffee it falls on Manik and Nandini asks him to take his shirt off.
She sees that his hand is swelling and starts to clean it up. Manik says that it is not hurting here but here pointing to his chest. He then points to his eyes when Nandini throws the ice pack on his head and Manik asks if she is done and they could talk. Nandini on the other hand leaves the kitchen.
Precap: Manik is dancing with Nandini while she gets free and walks away and Manik falls on the ground as if hurt.
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