Sadda Haq 10th December 2014 Written Updates Online
Sadda Haq 10th December 2014 Written Updates Online. Scene 1
Agarwal comes in the room and asks the servant to clean the family photo. sanyu and randhir are behind the door. He touches sanyyu’s face with love. sanyu is in tears. He leaves. Sanyu says he used to say to me why I don’t clean my room. He can’t burn my certificates. He cant go that harsh to me. randhir says so you know where can they be? sanyu says it must be in his locker. He loves me I know he must have kept them secure. randhir says lets go. she says he must have gone to sleep.
Sanyu and randhir go out. anju is working in the kitchen. He says at this time? Sanyu says she must be making tea for papa. They move upstairs. SAnyu goes to kitchen. randhir syas what are you doing? sanyu mixes the tea and says papa loves my tea. anju comes out they hide under the cabinet. They sneak out of this kitchen. anju feels like some is there. She takes the tea to the room He says the tea is so good that is why you are late. randhir says what will we do now? sanyu says we have wait for them to sleep. sanyu says we have to lock ankit’s room. he can come out. ankit is laughing at something on tge laptop. sanyu bolts his room. They come downstairs.
Agarwal drinks the tear. anju sits on the bed and sleeps. Sanyu sits outside. she syas I wish I could make him tea everyday. when will they sleep. Agarwal turns off the lights. sanyu and randhir sneak in the room. randhuir says where is his locker?anyu says I don’t know where is the key. they start looking for keys. randhir says its no where. Sanyu hits the lamp mistakenly. Agarwal wakes up and looks they hide under tha nbed. Sanyu checks the side table besides agawal. He places his hand on sanyyu’s head. Randhir says he is blessing you in slumber. sanyu says where could you hide the key? He syas somewhere I can remember maybe under the matress. Sanyu picks up the matress from a side and finds the key. She opens the locker and sheds a tear on her childhood photos. SHe finds all certificates. She says he has saved them all. Rnahdir takes her out and says he must have woken up. Sany says he saved them all in his locker. randhir syas your dad is complex. sanyu syas he loves me so much. randhir says of course he does. sanyu says he is strict but he love me randhir hugs her. Sanyu says I never like going against him. I hope he consents to me one day.
Everyone is in the class. Vidushi comes and sits. parth com es to her and leaves again. randhir syas sanyu lets go some where. sanyu says we have to bring your certificates. We have to do this we will date tomorrow. Yoyo says lets play a game I will play a trailer and you will tell me who is the hero. He farts everyone laughs. jiggy says once again I couldn’t get it. PKC comes in the class. Yoyo syas why are you all quite. he sees pkc and is shocked. PKC syas you think you are funny? go to your seat shameless. Yoyo says get ready for firing. PKC says we are auditing attendance you will be notified for low attendance tomorrow. he gets a call from maya and syas I am coming in 5 minutes.
yoyo syas what is this now? parth syas attendance auditing is done in last months. vidushi says we will all wont be able to sit in the exams. yoyo syas we should manipulate attendance sheets in pkc’s cabin. sanyu says he is right. 5 o’clock.
Parth and everyone are outside the cabon. jiggy syas I am really scared. Sahil says stay outside and warn us when someone comes. yoyo says yeha start barking. Everyone looks for registers. randhir says this cupboard is locked. Vidushi tries to break the lock. parth comes to help her she says I don’t need help. They open the cupboard and are manipulating the shets.
Precap-randhir says I don’t even wanna see her face. sanyu says we will get the certificates and come back. inside they see renuka with her bf. He says you are such a dancer. when you smile I feel like its the best decision of my life. randhir sets the room on ablaze.
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