Diya Aur Baati Hum 10th December 2014 Written Updates Online

Diya Aur Baati Hum 10th December 2014 Written Updates Online
Diya Aur Baati Hum 10th December 2014 Written Updates Online. The Episode starts with Sandhya and Zakir seeing Maya’s asthma pump. Sandhya signs Zakir. Maya puts the candles on the cake and lights them. Bhabho asks Sooraj to stay away. RK blows the candles and Maya claps. RK cuts the cake. He asks for birthday gift. Bhabho asks them not to take Sooraj and asks Sandhya to save her. They take Sooraj and aim gun at him. RK says he will count till 5, and then his story will end. He starts counting 5,4,3….. 2…. Sandhya shouts RK and cries. Emily packs Mohit’s bag. Meenakshi comes to her. Emily gets tensed and hides the bag. She opens the door. Meenakshi says a big thing is going to happen, Vikram and Babasa, and everyone are getting united to protest for the passengers. She says our family is there and we should be standing first, get ready.
Emily says they have taken a good step, I will come in evening, but Mohit has to go for imp delivery, so he won’t be able to come. Meenakshi says fine, you will be there and wherever Mohit stays, he will be thinking about home, and asks Mohit to come home soon. Mohit says yes. Meenakshi thinks Mohit and Emily looked worried I will see why they fought. She hears Mohit and Emily talking. Mohit asks Emily why did she lie. Emily says then what would I say, that you are going for job to Udaipur. He says he is going away from family in this hard time. Emily says she will tell them her way and his job is imp this time. Meenakshi says Emily is so selfish, she is sending Mohit for job in this time.
Sandhya holds RK’s leg and asks him to leave Sooraj. She says she has sent him to jail its not Sooraj;s mistake. She says please leave him. Bhabho says don’t kill my son. RK smiles. Sandhya picks the asthma pump and hides. RK says see Sooraj, Sandhya is a dutiful officer and is begging for your life. He says the world has saluted her to get me arrested and today she is in my feet and begging me for your life. Emily asks Mohit to take his bag from parlor when he goes. Mohit sees everyone upset. He says he is going for some work. Meenakshi asks won’t he take Babasa’s blessings, as he got a big job in Udaipur. Emily is shocked.
Meenakshi says Babasa bless him to get success in his job. Mohit feels guilty. He says he did not wish to go. Emily says Mohit would have not gone in this time and he was leaving this job offer, but I have forced him to go, if he got a job after so much difficulty, how can we leave this offer, so I lied to you. Vikram says no Emily, its not about job, its about missing link, what Mohit is leaving us in this time. Is there any thing less in your lives? Emily says no, its about making future, I thought when Sandhya can keep her duty infront of everyone, then how is Mohit wrong.
She says Mohit has to make his future and he can come anytime we need him. Meenakshi says great, will you copy Sandhya now, then do it for everything. She says we know Sandhya and Sooraj have sacrificed for this family, you got selfish, will you leave us when we need you. Babasa asks Meenakshi to be calm.
Babasa cries and says your Bhabho and Sooraj always prayed for your success, that you should do a job, we will not stop you from fulfilling their wish. He asks him to go and fulfill his dreams. Emily smiles and asks Mohit to go as Babasa has agreed. He cries and makes Mohit eat curd for good luck. Sandhya asks RK to kill her. She makes the fire ignition in dry glass. It makes Maya cough. Sandhya asks RK to leave Sooraj. Maay asks for her asthma pump. Disha and Prema try to find it. Sandhya takes the gun from Maya’s hand and aims at her. RK asks what is Sandhya doing. Sandhya says if he shoots, then she will shoot the pump. He asks her not to be foolish. Sandhya says think about your sister, her life is in my hand, I will shoot the pump, and Maya will die. Zakir takes the gun from the goon and aims at them. RK looks on angrily.
Diya Aur Baati Hum 10th December 2014 Written Updates Online
Sandhya and Zakir shoot at terrorists. Sooraj and Bhabho come out in open. Sooraj comes to Bhabho and hugs her. RK aims at Sooraj and Bhabho is shocked.
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