Bandhan 10th December 2014 Written Updates Online
Bandhan 10th December 2014 Written Updates Online. Scene 1
There is a lot of gold jewelry. She chooses for her self. She says to payal’s parents you have given so much to her. payal’s mom says whatever is ours is for payal. shaku says to meethi what did you bring from your house? She says meethi brought too but not this much. sheetal says let me bring tea. Shanku says don’t bring them pakorya tey wont be able to handle the spices. payal’s dad says its all yours now. pinky an raghav throw all darpna’s books.
Dev says to darpan, come dance in my head. Sureya says dev whats wrong with that? she should go and learn at school. Dev says she came here to ruin our life. She should be buried. I wont let her live. Sureya says what are you doing? you will hit a girl. I wont let you touch her. Sureya says have you gone mad? dev says yes. bhao comes and says what? He asks who did this? sheetal says I thought darpan should go school as well. shaku says darpan and school. bhao syas she will go to school. He says you like going to school darpan? She syas yes. He says matter done. bhao says sheetal arrange her stuff for school. That’s final. darpan smiles. Bhao syas shaku what kind of teacher are you? you stop kids from going to school. Bhao packs darpan’s bag with her. Bhao says I will hit you on face dev. dev says to shaku since she is here there is a lot of tension in the house. bhao always scolds at me. Shaku says I will teach her.
Darpan is packing her bag for school. She says ganesh when you come here you will be happy to know that I am going back to school now I will study and make ai baba proud. Come back soon. darpan says I am your elder sister. Shaku is taking selfies she says whats wrong bhao sometimes ? he wants darpan to go to school. She says I will stop her for sure. Dev comes to shaku and says how is my suit?
Shaku says its good. he says do something of darpan. I feel bad when bhao supports her. I cant tolerate her. shaku syas piddi will have a gift in your wedding.
shaku and dev go to darpan. Shaku says darpan I have a good news fr you. your brother is found. darpan syas really? She says we found him so far away. I gave them alone of money but now you have to mop the whole house. yu have to pretend as servant of the house. Shaku says give me your book, darpan hides it. shaku says servants don’t study. darpan says bhao said I will study. she says go and complain bhao. She takes darpan’s book and says go and mop if you want her brother back don’t tell bhao anything.She syas please bring ganesh back. shaku says I will bring him don’t worry just be a good servant you will get ganesh. Darpan says I am ready to become servant. Shaku says now just start mopping, sheetal says what are you doin g? she should be studying right now? Shaku says what I did? she asked me to. darpan says she is right sheetal aunty don’t worry for me I will do it. I will get ganesh back this way. DArpan starts mopping.
Bandhan 10th December 2014 Written Updates Online
precap-shaku takes her selfies while darpan mops the house. meethi throws some food on her. bhao says meethi what is it ?
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