Itti Si Khushi 9th December 2014 Written Updates Online
Itti Si Khushi 9th December 2014 Written Updates Online. Epi begins with Neha getting happy over the fact that she has become Aman’s wife for real. He asks her if she is happy. She shakes her head but then gets up and twirls in the room. I am so happy that I feel like dancing as you are my Aman now. only mine! 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! She takes Aman’s hand and they both enjoy some light cute moments while Neha dances around him. Dil Kyun Ye Mera plays. She falls asleep in his arms and he very sweetly makes her lie down on the bed. He too lies down on the bed and looks at her adorably.
Next morning, Dida is talking to Neha. It’s a new beginning today and I am sure you will fulfil your responsibilities well. Neha talks about her yesterday’s mistake but Dida tells her to think about what’s ahead. All the members of that family are elder to you. Please learn it well whatever they teach you. Neha agrees and then asks for the recipe of moong dal ka halwa. Neha starts writing but the pen is not working. She shakes it but it lands up on Aman in the process. He wakes up with a start but then smiles seeing Neha already up. Neha ends the call after thanking Neha. She next wonders about the ingredients. Where should I get them from? She eyes Aman’s wallet but then decides against taking money from Aman’s wallet as it is his money. Where do I get money from? He corrects her that this is not his but their money. She greets him good morning. Aman tells her that all the ingredients are already in the house. She offers to make tea for everyone. He tells her that Dadi drinks tea made by fresh milk which wouldn’t have been delivered by now. She wants to bring it but he tells her against it as she is the new bride of the house. Even your muh dikhayi ritual has not been done now. Ma goes to bring milk every morning. She suggests covering her head with her dupatta as no one will be able to see her face then. I want to take this responsibility as after all I am the DIL fo this house now. He wants to bring it but she wants to learn things on her own. She runs outside with his wallet after telling him to freshen up.
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A young kid on crutches comes to take milk from the same shop but the shopkeeper continuously shoos him away. he even pushes the kid but Neha holds him in time. She argues with the shopkeeper and even scolds him. the guy tries to give the kid money but Neha points out that the kid has enough money to buy milk. He is not a beggar. Neha scolds the shopkeeper. You have eyes but you cannot see. You have ears but you cannot hear so who is handicapped for real? You have a heart but you don’t feel for others so who is handicapped for real? The shopkeeper apologizes, realising his mistake. He talks well to the kid this time. Neha tells the shopkeeper that the kid wants what others want which is respect. Don’t show him sympathy. The boy thanks Neha. She advises him to handle such people well as they lack humanity. The boy leaves. Shopkeeper apologizes to Neha too. She takes the milk and heads home.
Gayatri hears some noise coming from the kitchen and wonders who is in the kitchen this early. she is surprised to see Neha working already. Neha touches her feet to greet her. gayatri asks her what is she cooking today as per the ritual. Neha replies that she is cooking moong dal ka halwa. Gayatri tells her not to make something which is too complex but Neha assures her that she will make it.
Kamini ji and Jayanti are having tea. Aman joins them. kamini notices the smile on his face and asks him about it. jayanti taunts him about Neha. Is she still sleeping? He tells them that Neha woke up early and is already cooking something sweet in the kitchen. Jayanti thinks that she might be making kheer but they are taken aback to know that Neha is making moong dal ka halwa. Aman relates how Neha recalled it well that Dadi likes this halwa. Dadi talks nicely but then sends Jayanti inside to help Neha.
Gayatri goes out after telling Neha to let her know once the halwa is ready. Don’t taste it as we have to offer it to God first. Neha nods. Jayanti comes inside and offers to help Neha but Neha assures her that she will manage everything. She notices the recipe on the paper. She diverts Neha’s attention to grinded sugar as it mixes fast and then intentionally spills water on the paper and then excuses herself. Neha gets in panic mode and wonders what to do. She starts cooking by recalling bits of her conversation with Dida.
Jayanti comes out to tell Dadi and AMan that Neha is offering bhog to God with her MIL. Neha and Gayatri join them. dadi explains the meaning of this ritual. Neha serves halwa to Dadi but she tells Neha to serve it to Gayatri first, followed by Aman and then to her. Neha obliges. Gayatri tastes it but starts coughing immediately. She gulps water. Aman is about to taste it but his mother stops her. This contains salt. Neha explains that she added grinded sugar but Gayatri makes her taste it. neha spits it agreeing that it has salt. Gayatri scolds her for not taking her help. It isn’t easy to cook food. It isn’t bad to ask someone. I knew that you know nothing. Neha apologizes to her. I dint add salt but sugar. Right Jayanti Massi? Jayanti acts all innocent. I have no idea what she added. Aman too asks Neha as to how she made such a big mistake. Jayanti taunts that the beginning has been salty. This isn’t a good omen. Dadi stops Gayatri from scolding Neha. I dint expect this much from her. she has no idea about our kitchen. Neha continues to say that she dint add salt. Dadi tells her to end the matter. Take neg from your MIL. You are the elder DIL of this house. After all we only will help you in settling down in the house. Neha takes neg sadly from her MIL and Dadi. Dadi acts all sweet to her and even hugs her. I will use this sympathy against you. Neha apologizes to Gayatri once again and she forgives her. Aman and Neha head to their room. Dadi tells Jayanti to take her neg from her room. You are the one who did real work today. Flashback is shown where Jayanti had exchanged the containers of sugar and salt before going out of the kitchen.
Dadi gives one of her expensive necklace and sarees to Jayanti. Jayanti is thrilled. Dadi decides to kick Neha out of the house in next ten days straight. This mad girl will leave our house and will never return here. You should follow what I tell you to do! Jayanti is surprised. Dadi agrees. Neha’s days in this house are counted now.
Itti Si Khushi 9th December 2014 Written Updates Online
Precap: Neha dances on her muh dikhayi ritual which shocks people.
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Itti Si Khushi
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