Sadda Haq 8th December 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
PKC comes and says what party? Sanyu says no party sir Randhir says you must have misunderstood we were talking about syllabus. PKC says oh I heard wrong yeah carry on. SAnyu says we should gather in store room.
Scene 2
SAnyu comes to store room. All of the guys are there. sanyu says where we have to go? Sahil says disco. parth says go somewhere where we can sit and talk. Yoyo says lets party in our hostel. SAhil syas what if the warden sees us. He says we will place a message on his dinner table that will be from the girls hostel warden. He will faint to know that he is liked by female warden. jiggy says what about warden? vidushi says if we order in bulk guard will know. Randhir says we can order one pizze each. That will be delivered in each of us room. sanyu says music? Jiggy says yes obviously. parth says I will arrange. Yoyo says I will arrange the main factor. PKC walks in the store room they all hide. PKC syas they were talking about the party here. SAnyu stares in randhir’s eyes. yoyo says randhir he is gone lets start the party.
Parth and everyone gets ready. Yoyo has arranged the drinks. Randhir says where is sanyy? She should get ready on time I her own -party at least. Sanyu comes in wearing a green dress. Randhir smiles at her. He says you look beautiful. sanyu says sorry I am late I wanted to look best. He says mission accomplished. parth goes to close the door when vidushi comes in. She says I thought I should join the party. She is wearing a black dress. sanyu says I thought my effort to get you here was in vain. Thank God you are here. Sanyu says this party is to everyone all my friends who has helped me and supported me. I need you and love you all. She says randhir I love you. He says I love you too. yoyo says you made me emotional I miss my kaustiki. He is wearing a shirth that says miss you kaustuki. Sanyu pops the bottle and they all enjoy their drinks. SAnyu says to randhir drink it. He says will you? She says I wanna be in my senses so I can remember these moments forever. Randhir syas I wont drink either. Yoyo comes and says party host and her bf without drinks. this is wrong. You both have to drink. He makes them drink. Sanyu says yoyo is mad. They all enjoy the music. Parth and vidushi ae sitting on a side. rest of all are dancing on the beats.
Sadda Haq 8th December 2014 Written Update
They all are dancing. Randhir is teaching a girl. She say what are you saying? He says ou girls cant do engineering. sanyu says what were you doing? he says I was just talking to her. He says I don’t know her. sanyu says am I invisible? He says you are jealous. Randhir says she is junior but she is fun. SAnyu says just wat and watch. yoyo turns on the music. sanyu starts dancing. Randhir joins her. They both do salsa dance. The are dancing on ‘ishaqzaade’.
Vidushi goes out and talks on call to varun. parth comes and grasps her. He says vidushi. Vidushi says leave me parth what are you doing? he falls down and faints. Everyone comes out. Randhir holds parth. PKC comes there. Vidsuhi says I told you its a bad idea. sanyu says really sorry sir. Yoyo goes to pkc and says I am sory. PKC syas dean. yoyo says she will kill us please. pkc says I wanna be dean. yoyo says he is walking In sleep. They all go near him but he doesn’t move. Y^oyo takes him back to his room. randhir and jiggy take parth to his room.
All the guys have slept in the room. sanyu asys what are you roommates? They have all slept. sanyu says come I will clean this room. come vidushi and randhir help me. randhir is half asleep as well. randhir says it was your plan. Randhir, sanyu and vidushi clean the room. Sanyu says now you will clean this all. Vidushi goes near parth. He holds her hand and says vidushi please don’t leave me. Vidushi says my choice is nothing right? I am not a puppet. he pukes on vidushi. Randhir holds sanyu and says I had fun. we should have parties on and on. sanyu says I have to go now. Randhir says why did you drink? Sanyu says you gave me drinking challenge 4 years ago? He says you puked on my shoes. sanyu says I miss kaustuki. He says she is intelligent she left engineering. Randhir is about to trip sahnyu holds her. he syas I am fine. sanyu says yeah you are not drunk. walk on this bench straight? He walks on the bench and falls down. Sanyu laughs. She says I am absolutely fine. he says your turn now. SAnyu falls but randhir holds her in his arm. sanyu says I lose he says then I lose too.
PRecap-maya says companies will come to rcruit you for internships for that you need your certificates of 10th and 12th grade. sanyu says we need to go our home. randhir says I don’t wanna see renuka’s face. sanyu says we will break in our house.
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