Day 70 (continued)
Puneet says to Pritham that make Praneet captain, you have immunity this week so make Praneet captain, Pritham says I have this in my mind, you become captain Praneet this week, Praneet says I will become, Puneet says ok so we will vote for Praneet, Sonali ask who want to be captain, Puneet says give vote to Praneet, dnt waster Pritham’s immunity, Sonali says ok, I will give vote to Praneet, Pritham says I will do captaincy task next week so can become next week.
Karishma says diandra is stupid to say that I am kitchen to get footage, I think that I don’t get footage because I am always in kitchen, Upen says so don’t work in kitchen, Upen says tell all that you will not make food, don’t build up things in your mind, open up, I am happy that you are speaking up.
Diandra and Gautam are in kitchen area, Diandra says I wanted to say something but I will not, Diandra says I don’t want to play game, if Sonali comes close to you then I will take 20 steps back from you, my family Is watching but I don’t give shit to that, but at the end of the day I am girl, I don’t want to be played on Tv, Gautam ask meaning? diandra ask do you like me? Gautam says yeah I like you, Gautam ask in which way you like me? Diandra feels awkward to talk infront of camera, Gautam says don’t get possessive, Diandra says its natural, Gautam says why you are thinking about Sonali so much, I don’t think about her, Gautam says she touched my bum and you felt bad about it? Diandra says these annoying things are happening and next time I will back off from everything, Gautam says you didn’t like when she touched my bum, next time I will not allow her, simple, Diandra says girls are very smart, Gautam says I have given her hint that we are just friends, Diandra says you are coward, Gautam says if I am in pool and Sonali comes there, so I talk to her then? Diandra says talk to her, what will I say, she starts to leave, Gautam ask why you are getting so much possessive, he tries to stop her and falls off from stool, diandra says I am not getting possessive, do whatever you want, Gautam says you are coming so close, its not aashiqui 2, he then himself leans in closer to her, diandra moves back and says do whatever you want, go in bathroom too with her, Gautam says I am not doing anything.
Gautam and Diandra are on bed, Gautam says don’t tell me that you love me, yesterday Sonali was saying that she loves me, he laughs, Diandra says I listened it, Gautam ask how do you know? Diandra says don’t worry, my ears are everywhere in house, Gautam laughs.
in washroom area, Upen ask Sonali what game Gautam and diandra playing, Sonali says they are just doing time pass, Upen says I don’t think diandra is fake in it, Sonali says she is not fake but Gautam is, Upen says diandra likes Gautam from day 1, Sonali says she likes him but I know about Gautam very well.
Gautam tells Diandra to not call him coward from now on.
Bigg Boss 8 2nd December 2014 Written Update
Day 71
Nomination Special
song desi girl starts playing. Gautam and Diandra hug, all dances on song.
Gautam is hiding milk boxes in his jacket, he hides two boxes of milk in corner.
Puneet says all should do work like earlier, there is no captain but all should do their work, Sonali says I will wash utensils but not utensils used for making tea, Puneet says to Praneet that you leave tea bags in sauce pan after making tea, atleast rinse it, Praneet says I do it usually but didn’t do it today as all were reheating tea in pan, Puneet says no I am saying truth that you never rinse it, Pritham says agree Praneet do this, he politely tells Praneet to accept it, Puneet shouts that Pritham say he do this, Pritham says I cant shout in everything, I am telling him politely.
Praneet comes to Gautam and says that Sonali said that the one who make tea should wash sauce pan too.
Karishma reads announcement that now its time for new captain, Pritham and Praneet are contender, all inmates will put chit of their favorite among the two in box to make him captain. now Praneet and Pritham can promote themselves before voting starts.
Upen says to Pritham that you are brother to me, you should not break your fans hearts, they want to see you as captain so now its your platform, I think you should be captain.
Dimpy says I will vote for Praneet, Puneet says me too.
Pritham says to Praneet that I was clear to make you captain before announcement but as Upen said that we should not say that we don’t want to be captain, it will hurt our fans, Pritham says so now I will play fair, I don’t want to show that I am not interested in captaincy, I will fight for captaincy, Praneet says yes play fair, I just wanna tell that my slogan for captaincy is democracy, peace and justice, Pritham says my slogan is entertainment only.
Dimpy says to Puneet that Praneet saved me in nominations so I will vote for him only. Praneet says to Sonali that I will be democrat in captaincy, Sonali says I don’t wanna listen, Praneet says I will try to bring peace and justice.
Pritham says to Puneet that I want to play fairly, I want to fight in this task, Puneet says you already have immunity, Pritham says don’t bring this, just be fair, vote for the one whom you want, lets forget immunity, I don’t want immunity, maybe I will be evicted but I want to play fairly.
Praneet says to Sonali vote for one you want, Sonali says yeah do whatever you want, I am always with you.
Pritham says to Gautam that I want to play fairly, I am up for this captaincy, Gautam says I was thinking to give vote to Praneet but if you are in game then I will vote for you, I wanted to save your immunity but now I will vote for you, Pritham says forget immunity, I want to play for my fans.
captaincy voting starts.
Puneet: he votes for Pritham to be captain as he is sensible person.
Gautam: he votes for Pritham as I liked his point that he doesn’t cae about immunity.
Sonali: she votes for Praneet as I support him as friend.
Dimpy: she votes for Praneet as he showed faith in me when I came in house.
Diandra: she votes for Praitham as he is fair.
Upen: he votes for Pritham as he is fair.
Karishma: she votes for Pritham as he is fair, he is my favorite contestant too.
Ali: he votes for Pritham as he is very responsible.
bigg boss tells inmates that Pritham got 6 votes and Praneet got 2 votes so Pritham is new captain, Upen, Sonali, Karishma, Ali comes and hugs him.
Dimpy says to Praneet that the politics behind this is that to destroy Pritham’s immunity.
Karishma and Diandra are in kitchen, Karishma says to Pritham that give any work to me, I am seen on Tv whenever I am kitchen (taunting Diandra), Diandra says that comment was made long back and if you are upset then you can talk to me, Karishma says I don’t wanna talk about this stupid comment, Diandra says it was minissha wth whom I was talking, Karishma says even I can say that you are possessive about kitchen too, let me tell the one who is in kitchen doesn’t get much footage, the one who talks more gets more footage, this is cheap thinking, you are equally possessive, this is cheap mentality that I am kitchen to show to camera, Diandra says you yourself say that you are self-centered, diandra says you are selfish too, I don’t care about this comment, Diandra says then why you are talking about this comment when you are so mature, Karisham says yes I don’t wanna talk about it, diandra looks at Karishma and leaves.
Pritham is doing meeting, he gives Karishma work to wash utensils of breakfast, he ask Diandra to wash utensils of lunch, Diandra says I cant wash utensils, Pritham says you have to do it, all are doing work which they didn’t know, Diandra says I denied washing utensils in Gautam’s captaincy too, Pritham says not all captains are same, you all have chose me, Diandra says I don’t want to wash utensils, my hand get dried, I don’t like to wash it, Karishma says my back was aching but I cleaned garden, we have to respect the captain, Pritham says ok Gautam you clean washroom with Diandra and make food one time, Pritham says lunch utensils are still remaining, Diandra says fine I will wash utensils. Pritham says good.
bigg boss tells inmates that its time for nominations, he calls Pritham in confession room.
Pritham: he goes in confession room, he is shown to inmates on tv, bigg boss says that as captain we are giving you authority to nominate 5 inmates for eviction, the one whose name you will take will be nominated directly for this week, Sonali is already nominated so you cant take her name. Pritham says first is ALI, as he has hurt people below the belt, second is DIANDRA, she is very rigid in cleaning utensils, 3rd is DIMPY, she didn’t vote for me in captaincy, 4th is KARISHMA, she doesn’t accept others point of view, 5th is PUNEET JI, reason is that Puneet have influence on P3G, he influenced me in things, i just wanna tell that he is close to me but he has done things so I nominate him. Gautam and Puneet are stunned.
Pritham comes in lounge, Upen tells him that he was shown on Tv, Pritham says yes its ok.
bigg boss says that nominations are done for this week, nominated people are SONALI, ALI, DIANDRA, DIMPY, KARISHMA and PUNEET.
Gautam says to dimpy that Diandra is nominated for not agreeing to wash utensils, Dimpy says he nominated me because I didn’t vote for him.
Diandra says to Praneet that I was about to apologize to Pritham but bigg boss called him in, and then if I apologize afte that then it would look like tat ehe nominated to so I am saying sorry.
Puneet says to Pritham that you nominated me that’s ok but why you didn’t nominate Upen? Upen planned to make Karishma captain, but Gautam took Karishma’s bottle out so his planned failed then he planned and took Praneet out of race too, Pritham says I think it was Diandra’s plan, Gautam says then why you didn’t give that reason for nominating Diandra, Pritham says whatever I thought I gave name, dimpy says you gave silly reason to nominate me, Pritham says no it was not for me, dimpy says I voted for Praneet as he saved me.
Puneet says to Praneet that Pritham didn’t nominate Upen as he has vbecome his friend, will he allow Pritham to stay in his house in London.
Pritham says to Upen that they are bickering that I didn’t nominate you.
Puneet says to Praneet that I am not influencing him but he should remember that Upen was planning with Diandra to make Karishma captain.
Pritham says to Diandra that I didn’t find anything wrong in your reason, it was your choice, and your decision.
Puneet says to Gautam that Pritham’s wife told Pritham that people are saying that Pritham is influenced by Puneet, Gautam says so people must be saying that I am influenced by you too as I am always with you, but I listen to you but take my decisions on me. Puneet says if you are captain then give some solid reason to nominate anyone.
Pritham says to Praneet that the most influenced by Puneet is Gautam Gulati, I didn’t nominate him but he is not talking to me why? I would have taken Gautam’s name too saying he is strong contender.
Dimpy says to Pritham that you have started it, Pritham says you also nominate me next week, I am not afraid of nominations, Dimpy says me too, I am the one who will keep giving you pain, Praneet says and Puneet ji is constipation, they laugh, Pritham says the one who talk high of giving pain to others are going out, dimpy says you are talking much today, its going out of limit, I was just joking, if you don’t understand then don’t say anything, Pritham you poke everyone, dimpy says I will not nominate anyone without any solid reason, Dimpy says that your reason was so stupid in nominating me, don’t say things like that people who talk much gets out of show.
Praneet ask Dimpy to drink water, Dimpy says when he can do jokes then why cant I? Pritham says you provoke others, its your specialty, dimpy says I voted for your so called best friend then you hurt, Pritham says that I want you to be evicted, I will be in peace when you will be evicted, Dimpy says why are passing comments, RPitham says you came to me not I, Dimpy says Praneet called me, Praneet says to Dimpy that I am sorry on Pritham’s behalf.
dimpy is crying, Ali brings tissue, Dimpy says to Karishma that Pritham was taunting me, he talk about girls respect and now was shouting on me, he do jokes on others, take on others but when we jokes about him then he gets angry.
Pritham says to Praneet that dimpy was provoking me.
Gautam says to Sonali that I have no grudge against Karishma, Upen but my point is that why Puneet was nominated. was ready that my name can come too.
Pritham says to Praneet that all are influenced by Puneet, he emotionally blackmails others, Gautam is just follows Puneet in everything, Praneet says Ali said that ruler has mind while nation is blind, he said this for so called P3G, which in actual is not there, Pritham says we are friends but on cost of right and justice.
Pritham says to Puneet that why you are not talking to me, Puneet says what you did was right, I am not angry on nomination but reason were pathetic, Diandra’s reason was foolish, Pritham says Diandra didn’t say anything to me, infact she said that she gave me reason to nominate her, Puneet says if you were influenced by me then its your problem then you should nominate yourself, Pritham says yes I was influenced by you on two things, Puneet says that Upen planned things to make Karishma, Pritham says I didn’t know about it, Puneet says don’t act like a kid, Puneet says lets leave it, they hug each other.
Gautam says to Puneet that Praneet and Pritham have played politics, now there is no P3G, Puneet says yes its not P3G anymore, Gautam says PG alone strong.
Bigg boss says this week twist has come in house, the voting lines are not open this week as part of twist.
PRECAP- luxury budget task is museum. Karishma, Ali and Praneet are thieves, Pritham and Dimpy have scuffle again. Puneet hits Karishma when she tries to steal a thing, she makes issues of it.
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