The Episode starts with Sakshi coming to her secret room, and tries to decode Dayal’s letter, whats the connection between Durga and Dayal, why is he requesting her to accept her property. She says its confusing, the day I find out the missing link, I will get Nitya, they have troubled me a lot, and will never rest in peace. Akash says its good you have erased everything, only we two know your truth, you trusted me and told everything, thanks, it means a lot. She reminds his words, that sometimes strangers matter to us more than us, this is her place where she came to find peace. She says she felt Dayal here, and cries. Akash says lets talk to servant to know what happened yesterday.
Sakshi comes to meet a doctor and asks him to match Dayal’s DNA. He says but… She says I don’t want any excuse, I did not come to ask, but to tell this to you, I want the results asap. She says he will get the other sample soon. He says he will give the results in 2 days. She says it should be done in 24 hours and leaves. The servant tells Akash and Durga that he has seen someone has cut the wires and hit him on his head. He says he could not see his face, else he would get that man punished. Durga says he will be punished. Shaurya talks to Sanjukta, as she stops him from drinking wine. Karan comes to meet him, and Shaurya greets him well. He asks Sanjukta to leave them alone. She says fine, do what you want.
Ek Hasina Thi 2nd December 2014 Written Update
Karan says they will make the drink. Shaurya says you are a rapist, if Kangana gets upset, I will be upset, then…. So you think and take every step. Karan asks did he kill Dayal. Shaurya says no, I wish I could, but I m on wheelchair, so I could not. He asks Karan did he kill Dayal. Karan says are you mad, why will I kill him. Shaurya says if we did not kill him, then who has killed him. Karan thinks Shaurya is not accepting, but he is sure Shaurya killed Dayal. Karan tells him that he has seen Divya’s ghost. Shaurya laughs and says there is nothing like ghosts, in our cases, whom we have personally sent to Lord. They drink.
Shaurya thinks he will kill even Karan, if Basu loses the elections. Dev tells Durga that they have to send Dayal’s body for post mortem, and asks her to come home. She says she won’t come. He says he will be in her heart, and he will help their getting the aim. He says he has promised Dayal that he will always support her. Durga thinks what was Dayal trying to say, to tell the truth that I m Nitya, no, he won’t be safe, I can’t risk his life. Akash comes and says Dev is right, you should go home. Dev is shocked and asks him what is he doing here. Akash gives juice to Durga. He says we went for some time and now he is back. He asks Durga to go home, he will manage everything here. Dev thinks what does he mean, what is it that I don’t know. He thinks what is the matter.
Rajnath and Basu argue because of Dev. Basu says even he wants to ruin Dev and explains him that he is doing this as Dev’s friend. Rajnath says he won’t leave him. Basu says trust me, I m with you. Rajnath says I hope so and leaves. Basu thinks he will win elections and show him. Suchitra talks to pandit about Dayal’s last rites. Dev brings Durga home. Durga cries and hugs Suchitra. Suchitra pacifies her. She says I m with you, you call me Maa, I will never leave you alone. She says she will get milk for her and goes. Durga gets Kangana’s call. Kangana cries and says she saw her coming home, and wanted to hug her, but could not come. She says she is with her, and promises she will find Karan’s mum soon. She says she will help her in reaching her destination. Durga thanks her. Suchitra brings the milk and asks her to have it. She says Dev went to hospital, he will come soon. Sakshi comes to them and says how painful…..
She says I can understand your pain, its very tough to accept death of family member. She says I know we did not had strong bonding, but at this time, even enemies become ours, we will also miss Dayal. I m sorry to hear this. She hugs Durga and takes her hair sample. Durga is puzzled. Sakshi says she will help them if needed, and leaves. Sakshi thinks Durga and Dayal’s secret will come out very soon, your time starts now.
Dev tells Durga that she will do the final rites. Akash comes there. Sakshi turns and Akash hides.
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