Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd December 2014 Written Update

Kokila says it is a matter of her grand daughters. Paridhi throws the divorce papers while the family folds hands to sign. She refuses to sign and apologizes to Gopi. Radha threatens to kill Meera and Vidya. Ahem says you can’t do anything to my daughters. Radha gives them 1 hour time to make Paridhi sign on the papers.
Paridhi cries and tells her Papa that Jigar was compelled to sign on the divorce papers and she didn’t sign. Her Papa gets shocked. She sees Gopi and disconnects the call. Gopi requests her to sign on the papers. Ahem says you can only save Meera and Vidya. Paridhi says if I signs on the paper then my relation will end with Jigar ji. Jigar asks her to understand the situation and asks her to sign for the girls. Paridhi says I feel bad for them, but I can’t sign. She asks them to leave her alone. Gopi requests her to save her daughters. Paridhi closes the door asking them to leave her alone.
Urmila feels absence of Rashi and says Paridhi tried to take my Rashi’s place. Dhawal worries for the girls. Urmila taunts Madhuben for Radha’s doings. Kinjal blames Urmila for not going to Kashmir and responsible for Radha’s deeds.
Saath nibhana saathiya 2nd December 2014 Written Update
Kokila tells I will talk to Paridhi now. Ahem asks her to understand and says she is very angry now. Baa says we have to make her understand with love. Madhuben comes to Radha and says she is ashamed of her for kidnapping her own sister’s daughters. Radha says I am not Gopi and won’t have any sympathy towards her. Madhuben says I wants to kill you. Radha says you don’t care about my child. Madhuben says yes, I don’t care. Radha pushes her and threatens to slap her. Madhuben gets shocked.
Gopi knocks on Pari’s door and requests her to understand her. Jigar also asks her to understand. Gopi asks Ahem to come as she will talk to Radha. She says I will touch her feet and will beg her. Ahem says you know that Radha will not agree. Paridhi hears them. Gopi says my daughters is in Radha’s captivity and gets worried for them. Jigar requests Paridhi to open the door. Ahem goes to talk to mad Radha.
Radha asks did Paridhi sign on the papers or not. Jigar tries to reason with her and says I signed on the papers. Radha says I understands everything and says I can’t be able to save Meera and Vidya. Gopi and Kokila ask Radha to have sympathy on the girls. Radha says you didn’t sympathize with me when I requested you. She shows the video of Meera and Vidya crying in her captivity. Gopi cries. Ahem gets angry on Radha and presses her neck. Gopi reminds him that their daughters is with her. Radha threatens to call her men to kill the girls. Gopi pleads to Radha and falls on her feet. She is about to touch her feet when Paridhi comes and asks her to stop. She asks Gopi not to touch her feet and agrees to sign on the divorce papers.
Radha gives the papers to Paridhi and smiles. Paridhi feels helpless and recalls her marriage with Jigar. Jigar tells her that he is with her. Paridhi smiles and signs on the papers. Jigar asks Radha to get their daughters back. Hetal asks her to fulfill the promise. Radha says you have to know Paridhi’s truth. She tells that Paridhi tried to spend a night with him as she thought he won’t marry her. Her plan backfired as I played her part. Everyone get shocked. Paridhi tells Jigar not to believe on Radha. Radha smiles. Jigar says I can’t believe that you can stoop so low. He asks her to leave his house right now. Paridhi asks him to listen to her once. Jigar refuses. Paridhi agrees to leave the house and is leaving.
Radha stops her and asks her to go after one day. She says I need a servant to make me ready for marriage. Paridhi refuses. Radha tells that today is her marriage with Jigar in the evening. Everyone get shocked.
Radha tells them that she will marry with all the rituals so that her marriage is accepted by society. Jigar refuses. Radha blackmails him.
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