Scene 1
Priya calls sid and says come with money. prem says whose call is it? sid says it was from office. prem says you don’t wanna share it me right? Prem leaves. All the ladies are working in spices factory. Simar and roli come there with daksha. Daksha maa introduces simar and roli to them. ROli and simar say hello to them. Ladies gather around them. One says pardon us. simar says what for? She you have cursed us our whole village will be ruined. roli says it wont come become of us. It will com e because of fear. They way you are living here is no less than any destruction. You can change all this. When anything wrong happens with you why you stay quite. WHy don’t you talk to your husbands. The day you raise your voice against injustice this village will prosper. Leela says they are so cruel when they say anything. daksha says its our village not Dehli. Men are the God here. simar says I cant believe. a woman can do as much as a man. why are you facing all this. A man comes and say whats happening here. He is followed by some more men.
Sasural simar ka 1st December 2014 Written Update
one says you are provoking them simar syas not we are telling them that men and women are equal. The man says give this lecture in your city not here. A man asks his wife to come to him. he says you will talk to them even after I asked you to refrain from them. she says no. The man says good. Do your work now. The man says this time if you do a mistake leela a bullet will be welcoming you. The man says daksha maa you are supporting them. You should stop them or we have to talk to sarpanj ji. They leave. Simar syas I thought only we two are detained but you are all detained here. Simar says we are here for sometime then we will leave to our family but you have to live here like prisoners forever. You have to change all this. Wife and husband are like wheels of a car. tHey both have to move together. Daksha sys none of the men work here. They go to city for sometime to work then come back. These women ear for their family but they have no right over the money they earn. roli says time has changed and so should the thinking. roli says you have to be strong to raise your voice against them. Tell me who will help us in all this? Simar says we wont give up. You have to show them whats worth are you. All of the ladies are quite. Daksha says why are you staring at them? Do your work now. we have to deliver it to the city next week. Daksha says in heart helping you directly will mean risking these women’s life. Simar and rolio are shocked over daksha’s reaction.
Sid comes to a warehouse with money. Priya come form a door. She says is it all 5 lac? We don’t have time. sid gives her the money.Sid says tell me where can I find him? SHe says why are you so hasty? we have time now. Sid says what you mean ? She blows a whistle. Two thugs come in. Priya says the vikrant whose address you are asking me, he gave me your address to waste your time. You gave me my money to work rather than him. I kept you both confused. I had to receive my 5 lac from you and had to kill you. Lets complete the task now. She takes a gun from her men. She points the gun at sid. Priya says we will send prem to you as well. prem comes and says why not today? Priya and everyone is dazed. Sid points a gun at priya. Prem says this was all our plan. Sid says when me and prem were talking in the hotel, I saw the recorder. And then I called prem. A thug tries to attack sid but someone fires at him. Its inspector. He says no one will move. He orders cops to arrest priya. Prem says why would you tell us about vikrant?
Inspector says where is vikrant? Tell us or we know some other ways to get our answer as well. Priay syas pardon me. All I know is that he is in some village? Prem syas whats its name? She says dharampura.
Precap-Simar his the guard on head. She enters a room. There is a detector there. vikrant says there is a bomb in the corridor stay there or it will blast.
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Sasural Simar Ka

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