Sadda Haq 1st December 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
SAnyu says how will I take 3 hous class. Rajveer comes in and says I asked vikram to give you this class you are the only replacement. Sanyu is about to leave. he says where are you going? Sanyu says you are not my boss. Rajveer syas I feel comfortable with you so I forget you are my teacher. You should stay it will feel good. sanyu shoves him.
sanyu says to anju I am coming. Anju says I am coming to pick you up. sanyu says its a safe way don’t worry I can come. Sanyu looks for an auto. Someone with a hoodie comes and grasps her. Sanyu is scared. its randhir sanyu syas what are you doing here? he says I have been waiting for you since 3 hours. You threw me out of house you don’t come to college so this was the best place. sanyu hugs him. He syas lets go. sanyu says whatif maa sees? He says I will handle it. Sanyu asks him to stop the bike a little far from the society. Sanyu hugs him and leaves.
Sanyu comes home. SHe hugs anju. Anju says what you thought I wont know what you are doing behind my back. Whenever I asked you said everything is fine here. did I teach you to lie? Sanyu is scared. Anju says you just rely on noodles and tea. Sanyu says oh yeah, she smiles. sanyu syas I love you. Anju says I love you too.
Sadda Haq 1st December 2014 Written Update
Randhir is looking at his and sanyu’s picture. He calls sanyu. She is sleeping . Sanyu disconnects the call. Randhir calls again. Sanyu says why Is he calling is there some problem? sanyu picks the call. randhir says why didn’t you pick up. sanyuu says maa was here. Is everything okay? He says no I have problem. I love you and I am missing you. SAnyu says yeah speak loud so maa can answer you yourself. SAnyu says this what you wanted to say? Randhir says you have a problem? till when will she stay with you? sanyu says I don’t know. Randhir says I will come to pick you tomorrow. sanyu says all right. Randhir says give me one kiss. Parth smiles. SAnyu kisses him on the phone. Parth laughs. Randhir says why are you laughing? Don’t disturb me focus o your studies.
Someone comes to randhir’s room. its sanyu. She wakes randhir up. he says what are you doing here? Sanyu says I was missing you. Randhir says have you gone mad? sanyu says lets go outside. sanyu hugs him. randhir says why you came here alone? sanyu syas should have I brought maa? Randhir says its not safe you had to sleep. I could have come. sanyu says I was missing you. you are my priority. I can adjust the sleep for you. Randhir smiles. ‘tum hi ho’ play in background. They talk and exchange smiles. Randir plays with sanyyu’s hair. Sanyu sits in his arms. Sanyu says I have to go now. I don’t want to but maa will wake up. randhir says I will drop you. sanyu says obviously you will. he goes to bring keys.
Randhir drops sanyu near PG. Sanyu says go from here. sanyu hugs him. Randhir says I will drop you there. sanyu says no maa will see you. Randhir picks her up sanyu says please someone will see you. Anju comes there and says sanyukta. Randhir says aunty.. sanyu and randhir are dazed. Anju says come in sanyyu. Sanyu holds randhir’s hand and says maa I know you are mad at me but what you are gonna ask me in I wan to answer it right now. Randhir is my bf and I love him so much. I went to meet him I am sory but I wasn’t wrong. rndhir says what are you saying? sanyu says let me speak. sanyu says I now I concealed this but I know my limits. sanyu syas trust me. randhir consoled me when you and baba were not with me. He gave me strength in all my problem. anju leaves. randhir says go home snyu.
sanyu comes home and says mom talk to me don’t ignore me like this. Don’t you trust me? Anju closes her eyes. sanyu is about to sleep. aju syas I would never have supported you if I didn’t trust you. But some mistakes are irreversible. Don’t take decisions that will hurt the people close to you. now sleep. sanyu says in heart thank you maa for trusting me. I don’t want anything but yur support.
Randhir texts sanyyu what did maa say? sanyu says she didn’t get mad. Randhir says now sleep please.
Precap-randhir says are you okay sanyu? rajveer comes and says ma’am je would you like taking lectures? Rajveer goes to priyali and says let me help you. he grasps her hand. she says I dnt want your help. Randhir grasps the pen. Rajveer says who are you? Randhir says where is sanyy? He sys oh you are body guard. randhir hits him on the face.
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