Shastri Sisters 1st December 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Hari telling they have come to talk about Rajat and Karishma’s relation. Anu is shocked. Rajat says yes, Karishma told me on phone, sorry I forgot to tell dad, they were supposed to come. Rajat looks at Anu. Minty smiles and is glad. Sareen says he is feeling fine now. Minty hugs Karishma and blesses her. She says its good my house has got happiness atleast. Rajat thinks he can’t see Anu in pain, he is doing this so that they don’t suffer all their lives. Shastri ji holds Anu’s hand and takes her. Anu freezes and leaves his hand. She looks at Rajat and goes to Karishma. She smiles and shakes hand saying congrats. Rajat is shocked.
Rajat thinks he can’t understand Anu’s behavior. Karishma thinks Anu is right to do this, Rajat wants to make Anu jealous by my presense, I will make you so insecure that you will believe its true, and you will go far from him, I promise. Karishma thanks Anu. The family decides about Rajat and Karishma. Everyone come home. Astha says Alka ia happy for Karishma. Bua ji taunts Astha. Bua ji says she is happy. Karishma hugs her. Astha brings the sweets. Bua ji smiles as Astha gets nervous and gives explanation. Astha asks Alka to have sweets and make her eat.
Shastri Sisters 1st December 2014 Written Update
Astha asks Alka to make Karishma have sweet so that we can be sure that you are happy with this relation. Bua ji says yes, I will glad. Alka makes Karishma have sweets and looks at Rohan. She leaves. Devyaani thinks about Rajat and his words that he loves Anu. Neil sees her upset. Devyaani acts rude to him again and says he does not understand her, else he would not do that mistake, she does not like weak people. He says sorry I forgot I m talking to you, and advises him to have any other fight to get over her emotional fight in her heart. She says I will see to it that I live my life my way, I don’t need any help. He says maybe this will make your life better, and you wanted to become my friend, so I gave you this advice.
He holds her face and smiles. He winks to her and leaves. Alka sits infront of the mirror to remove her jewelry and Rohan comes to help her. He removes her necklace. She thanks him. he holds her hand and removes her bangles. She says I will do it. He says he is always with her. He says he loves Karishma and he wants her to be happy, and she loves Anu and they have to make her tough decisions easy. Astha comes and sees them holding hands. Astha says she came to share Alka’s pain and Rohan is already doing this. She taunts Alka about Rajat and Karishma. Alka says no, if Rajat chose some other girl, I would have been sad. Rohan says yes and smiles. Alka asks Astha to come and sit, they will talk. Astha says no, I will leave. She thinks her taunts did not work, Alka and Rohan’s love is getting high.
Karishma comes to meet Rajat and taunts Anu. She makes her veg bags fall. Minty welcomes Karishma and praises her. Karishma says she got cup cakes for Rajat and she made it. Minty taunts Anu and says Karishma is best match for Rajat. Minty says I m going out, so take care of your house. Minty leaves. Rajat works on the secret file. Rajat talks to her boss and says he has locked the CD and no one can read it, he makes password love anu. Karishma hears the password. She hears the code of the safe too. Rajat does not see her.
Karishma makes Rajat have the cupcake and shows Anu’s shadow. Rajat flirts with Karishma. Anu knocks the door and angrily shows her reaction. She says she has to tell him something. Rajat asks what. Anu walks to him.
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