Diya Aur Baati Hum 20 July 2016 Written Update Episode

Diya Aur Baati Hum 20 July 2016 Written episode Update. Diya Aur Baati Hum today and Latest Written story.

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The Episode starts with Bhabho pacifying Sandhya. She says Vansh will be proud of you and Sooraj, no one could do such, don’t worry. Kanak cries. Bhabho says I will sing lullaby for Kanak. Kanak cries a lot. She asks Kanak to take care of Kanak and sing lullaby for her. Sandhya says I don’t know singing lullabies. Bhabho says you can learn anything, take Kanak and sing for her. She asks Sandhya not to worry, everything will be fine.

Sooraj is at his shop and making sweets. He is lost and thinks of Vansh. He cries. Sooraj thinks of Vansh’s words and gets worried. Ved comes to his shop and stops him from getting his hand burnt while making sweets. Ved cares for his hand. Sooraj says I m fine, how did you come here. Ved says I know you are thinking about Vansh, he wants to know his real

parents, you can lie to him that Vansh is your son, everyone say Vansh has Sandhya’s habits, you can tell him that Sandhya is her mum, as Vansh and my birthday is same, Vansh will believe this lie and his problem will solve. Sooraj says no, this is not right. Ved says you say if lie gives happiness to someone, we can lie, you love Vansh and you can prove Vansh’s thinking wrong, he thinks his parents did not love him and gave him away, think what he went through. Sooraj gets thinking.
Chandni gives milk to Emily and asks her to finish it, as Maasa said. She asks will the new member not come now. Emily cries. Chandni goes. Om tears the baby’s pics angrily. Emily recalls his words and cries seeing him.

The officers talk about Sandhya, who is not fit to manage her duty now, she did big mistake in drug dealer case, 15 months time is big break. Commissioner says we all did some mistakes, Sandhya has earned her name by success of such dangerous mission, we will forget her mistake. Officers agree and say you are right, we are humans and our mind drops in our tough job, but if we have to make her Sandhya Rathi again, we should transfer her to district where she will have less duties. Commissioner says no, this is not help, but punishment for her, I want to give her one more chance, I m sure she will prove you wrong.

Officer says we also want that, but department gets ashamed by such mistakes, we will keep Sandhya on trial period of one month, if she proves herself, we have no objection, if she fails, we have to transfer Sandhya and give Pushkar’s charge to Arpita who proved herself in last 15 months, your trust on Sandhya has one month time now. Commissioner thinks this one month time will be tough for Sandhya, she has to prove herself. Arpita hears them and thinks this journey won’t be easy for Sandhya.

Emily meets Sandhya and tells her that Om’s behavior changed a lot. She says I m glad meeting you. Sandhya pacifies her and says past can’t be changed, but manage the present, you make a fresh start, everything will get fine. Emily says I will try. Sandhya says few things make man and woman fall weak same way, Om has broken by this incident, you have to handle him. Emily says yes, but person don’t understand things till he stumbles, I will leave now, take care. Sandhya asks her to take care too. Emily leaves. Sandhya calls the driver and waits near her car.

Some goons come to the bank and shoot at the guard. Sandhya hears the sound and runs to see. Goons get inside and lock the entrance. They shoot another guard, and ask everyone not to move, we don’t have any enmity with you, sit down. Sandhya checks the door and calls control room to inform about bank robbery. The goon goes to rob the bank locker. Sandhya asks them to send force soon.

The goons ask everyone to put their mobiles. Arpita leaves with the force. Bhabho, Ved and Vansh are in locker room. The goon comes there and asks her to sit down. He aims gun at them. Bhabho and kids get scared. Sandhya is outside. The goon asks Bhabho whats in her purse. He breaks her phone.

The goons bring out Ved and ask police no to shoot at them. Sandhya rolls down on the ground and gets under the van, to leave with the goons and save Ved.

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