Hum Ko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar Kya Karein 20 July 2016 Written Update Episode

Hum Ko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar Kya Karein 20 July 2016 Written episode Update. Hum Ko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar Kya Karein today and Latest Written story.

You Can Watch Drama Hum Ko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar Kya Karein 20 July 2016 Today HD Video

Anokhi abt to touch the rope, n lights go off n she doesn’t get any shock, Pulkit gets angry n removes his safety gloves, Anokhi does her Job n leaves to get luv from school,lights come back n Pulkit gets a light shock, Jassi says Pulkit says ur plans are flop like u, I have to do something now, Anokhi calls papa n says I’m fine u don’t worry, papa says u sound in pain hats wrong, Anokhi says no no I was just singing, u don’t worry, papa says ok but u take care ok.anokhi says papa I’m here to pick luv I will call u later bye.
Jassi says Anokhi how irresponsible of u, why did u leave luv alone, Anokhi says I was waiting for luv on bus stop, Pulkit says u had to pick him from school, Jassi starts crying n says my poor baby left all alone from school,

careless Anokhi look what u did, nikita says Anokhi this is very disappointing n careless ness, Anokhi says I’m sorry, I will go school,u try calling in school,Dadu panics n says oh no my luv where he must be, Jassi n Pulkit wink at each other.
( Pulkit had got luv from school n locked him in room with food)
Tushar n Kunal come n ask what happened,parikshit tells Tushar n asks him to file a missing complaint abt luv, nikita says Dadu u relax,Dadu blames Anokhi n says I will not leave u alone if something goes wrong, nikita says relax, Anokhi says try understand we need to check in school ones,Jassi says I don’t need this girls help,selfish girl, Anokhi removes her rope,Tushar tires convincing Jassi, Anokhi starts running n shouts for luv,Jassi says what’s wrong with her.
Anokhi stumbling runs shouting for luv, Anokhi sees luv hanging to lamp post, all gather there, Pulkit says oh no how did he reach there, luv shouts for help,Anokhi rushes to terraces Tushar sees Anokhi run,anokhis leg in pain but she still rushes to save luv, Anokhi says luv give me ur hand,Anokhi says don’t worry ur masi is here, Tushar n Kunal rush to Anokhi, Pulkit says luv u jump I will catch u.
Anokhi abt to use Malik n sons clothes, remembers Dadu scolding her n asking not to touch it, Dadu says Anokhi throw it fast, Anokhi says Tushar sir u go down n try diverting his attention, Tushar goes down n catches cloth givens by Anokhi, Anokhi makes swing of the cloth, Tushar says Anokhi safely, Anokhi slides down n catches luv n slides down along with Him.
Anokhi gets luv down safely, all take a breath of relief,Jassi hugs luv, Anokhi asks how was ur ride luv, nikita says how did u reach the lamp post n where was he,Pulkit says ma Anokhi lost the challenge see she is on her both legs, Dadu what now,Anokhi says luv was more imp than my challenge, Jassi says Pulkit take luv inside,Pulkit leaves with luv.
Dadu says Jassi will give the verdict abt the challenge, Anokhi says ok I shall leave, Jassi says wait where are u going I didn’t announce the result. Sashi says ,a I think we shd talk to owner, Gautam says I’m trying to reach him, Priyanka says don’t we have option, Vrinda says yes let’s ask ur ma to give us new home, Gautam says ma plz let papa decide, Vrinda says no ways let us keep going with all this till anokhis wedding n then decide what to do.
Anokhi says we all know I didn’t complete the challenge, Jassi says lehenga u wanna wear on sangeet or wedding, Anokhi hugs Jassi,nikita says so Anokhi congratulations lets see u tomorrow on sangeet,dadi says so I won the bet, Anokhi says ok I shall see u all tomorrow.
Tushar walks to Anokhi, Anokhi sees his upset face n says cheer up mr nashpati, all will be fine n see ur so lucky I’m ready to marry u on one foot n smiles n leaves, Tushar says me to ready to marry u on one foot.
Precap : Tushar says Dadu money, Dadu says the clothes u dyed are all dirty so no money for u.Mehras cheering for anokhis win, Anokhi stumbles due to pain in her leg.

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