Tashan e ishq 20 July 2016 Written Update Episode

Tashan e ishq 20 July 2016 Written episode Update. Tashan e ishq today and Latest Written story.

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Scene 1
Yuvi asks Twinkle if there was no birth mark? she says no, he says lets have another plan, Twinkle says dont know how to say but when Rocky touched me,i could feel like Kunj touched me, I was Kunj’s wife so i cdan feelhis touch, when i lookeed in his eyes,i felt like Kunj’s was looking at me, it weas weird feeling,i know its difficult for you to listen but you are my best friend and i cantlieto you but there is ;only Kunj in my heart even today.
Kunj says to Pallavi that you did good acting of jealous girlfriend,Pallavi says yeah right, fake relation, fake fiance and we will have fake marriage too, Kunj says why you are acting like this? i cant handle your mood swings, Pallavi says yes because its all about you, your revenge,your family and your Twinkle, Kunj asks what

she is saying? she says you should go from here, he says fine whatever, he leaves.
Yuvi says to Twinkle that i know you wont lie to me and wont let me see fake dreams thats why i respect you so much, we will bring Rocky’s truth,dont worry Yuvi is really strong, Yuvi’s heart can bear all this, we will bring Rocky’s truth out and we will deal with this if he is Kunj.
Pallavi drinks wine, and says i wish Kunj you could see what i feel for you.
Yuvi is leaving Twinkle’s room when they listen someone coming there, Yuvi hides behind couch .Pallavi comes to Twinkle’s room and says what luck you have Twinkle, i never thought Twinkle Sarna will become important in life, everyone keep talking about you but no one cares about me,Twinkle says lets sit and talk, Pallavi says i dont wanna sit,you have destroyed my life, when he came to me, he was dead,i gave him life, i left everything for him but everything is about you, Twinkle asks whom you are talking about? Pallavi says he.. he.. Pallavi falls unconscious, Yuvi comes out, Twinkle says to Yuvi that am i right that Rocky is.. Twinkle recalls all incidents with Rocky and thinks that he is like Kunj, Yuvi says i think we should start search from Goa,i will go there.
Its morning, Yuvi comes to Goa. He asks a man about a man drowning in sea 5years back. Man says yes, i was the one who saw man drowning in water 5years back, i took him to hospital,his face was fully damaged, Yuvi asks if he remembers date? man says it was 20th may, Yuvi thinks that date is same too it means he is talking about Kunj only, he leaves.
Twinkle comes to Rocky’s room and says i will search here,he is not here, maybe i will find proof. she looks in his cupboard and luggage but doesnt find anything there, she says i should search internet. She searches it and says all information is about last 5years, there is nothing about childhood, or family or anything, nobody knows where he was before 5years back, strange.
Yuvi comes to hospital. Receptionist says yes we admitted patient 5years back, he was found from beach, Yuvi asks his name, receptionist says his identity couldnt be found, Yuvi asks which doctor treated him? she says Dr. Malhotra, Yuvi asks if he can meet that doctor,receptionist says doctor doesnt work here anymore, she resigned, Yuvi says can i get admission copy of patient, she says let me try, she gives to him.Yuvi reads it and gets shocked reading it, he leaves.
Scene 2
Yuvi shows file to Twinkle and says patient’s name is not registered but the doctor who treated him is Pallavi Malhotra, Twinkle is shocked and recalls Pallavi’s words, Twinkle says this patient was admitted the same day police told us that Kunj died, this means Rocky is kunj, my Kunj is alive, Yuvi says yes,Rocky has to tell truth now, he will tell truth to everyone,Twinkle says i couldnt recognize my Kunj, Pallavi has to tell truth, why Rocky is doing all this if he is kunj? he cant hurt me, he did so much against family too, he sent family to ice factory, he sent babee red light area, why he is doing this? Yuvi says dont stress yourself, everything will be fine, Twinkle says thank you, i dont know what i would do if you were not with me, Yuvi says our relation doesnt need formality,dont worry, she says you go and take care, dont come here, its dangerous here. Twinkle lies in bed, Yuvi puts comforter on her,switches off lights and comes out of room, he is shaken and sad.
Yuvi comes to his room and says i am dying, i am finding love for myself and dying for it, from the time i have learned what love is, i just loved Twinkle, we couldnt become one till now, will our story never complete? God answer me, i was bad boy but i changed and cant you see you it? you are cheating with me, he cries and says give my Twinkle to me, give her, he begs and cries for her.
Its morning, Pallavi wakes up, Twinkle comes to her, Pallavi says you here? i am sorry for last night, Twinkle says dont lie more, who is Rocky? Pallavi is stunned. Twinkle says dont be smart, why did you lie that you are doctor? what is truth? i know you did Rocky’s surgery 5years back, how strange i got to know Kunj died but his deadbody was never found, you found Rocky from Goa too, tell me what is connection between them, is Rocky my Kunj? he is Kunj? tell me, just answer me, Pallavi says yes Twinkle, i am doctor and i did Rocky’s surgery, he had accident but i dont know Kunj, Rocky and I are childhood friends, we have arguments but we love each other, Twinkle says why did you hide that you are doctor? Pallavi says i resigned from there to be with Rocky, Twinkle says you are hiding something, Pallavi shows her photo album and says these are pictures of me and Rocky when we used to go to college, Twinkle sees it and gets confused,Pallavi says Rocky is not your Kunj,

PRECAP- Twinkle says to Yuvi that i got more confused after talking to Pallavi, Yuvi says dont worry i will find out if Rocky is Kunj, Leela listens this and gets shocked, tea tray falls from her hands in shock.

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