Thapki Pyaar Ki 20 July 2016 Written Update Episode

The Episode starts with Bihaan thinking does Thapki does not believe me as her friend. He asks her to sit, and they will try to understand each other, their likes and dislikes. She says we know each other well. He says I want to become your best friend. She asks is there anything, what happened to you. He asks her to play game, the chits have words, you have to tell me memories about the word, like this chit has rain written, so tell me anything related to rain. She agrees. They play the game. Na na na na……plays……………

He asks did she like the game. She says yes, I had fun, I realized we have to know many things about each other. He says we will know now, I want to become your best friend before becoming your husband, all your happiness, sorrows, fears… She promises him that

she will always tell him everything. Dhruv looks on and says Thapki you used to look at stars and share things with me, that time is going to come back, when you say every little thing to me.
Vasundara says don’t know which color to use for Thapki and Bihaan’s marriage. Bihaan checks phone and walks. Vasundara sees him and shouts Bihaan to stop him from colliding with the vase. He says I m fine. She asks him to take care of himself. He says yes, go and rest. He hugs Dhruv and says I was finding you, thanks, you explained me about friendship, Thapki and I spoke a lot, she will share things with me. Dhruv says you guys will become good friends, are you happy now.

Thapki asks about whom are you talking. Bihaan says you. She asks what. He asks why, can’t I talk, its secret between me and Dhruv. He goes. Dhruv asks Thapki not to feel bad of Bihaan’s words, we were talking about your and Bihaan’s relation. He goes. She says even if poison turns sweet, its still poison, I know Dhruv is planning something against me and Bihaan, but I won’t let this happen.

Diwakar and his parents argue over the expenses and bills. Mishra says electricity line got cut, as bill is not paid, Aditi and her family did not return till now, I won’t pay any bill. Diwakar says I will get Poonam back, I will go there.

Shraddha asks Thapki why is she checking CCTV recording of her room. Thapki says I got this camera repaired, I can’t trust Dhruv, now see him, we will know his every move and truth will be out. Shraddha says fine, I will go to kitchen. Shraddha says no, sit here and see his truth. They see Dhruv. Shraddha thinks if I sit here, Dhruv will send me to jail, I have to stop Dhruv. She messages Dhruv and Thapki stops her. Dhruv sees Thapki’s pic and smiles. Thapki asks Shraddha to see, this is his truth, I knew he won’t change, I m going to stop his new acting. Shraddha asks her to stop. She calls Dhruv and tells him that Thapki is coming to our room, she has put CCTV camera in our room, she has seen you with her pic. Dhruv gets shocked and till then Thapki comes there. Thapki scolds Dhruv and asks what is her pic doing in his wallet, if he really changed.

Dhruv lies to her that this photo is old, I was removing this to give to Bihaan, have this and give to Bihaan, you can clear doubt on me anytime by coming here, tell Bihaan to keep this pic in his wallet. She leaves. Shraddha comes to Dhruv and shuts the room’s door. She says it was not my mistake, trust me. Dhruv says its first time, you did not do anything wrong, infact you did everything right, good job, you give me info of Thapki’s every plan so that I get my Thapki. He says Thapki got this room’s CCTV camera fine, but I will do things outside this room, how will she get that info. He smiles.

Dhruv looks at Thapki and keeps some file. He makes the papers fly by standing near the fan. Thapki looks on and helps him. She gets shocked seeing Dhruv’s love letter for her. She reads it. Dhruv smiles and acts innocent. Dhruv says before you get mistaken, I will say this paper is old, you can check the date if you want. She throws papers and goes.

Bihaan comes there and helps Dhruv. He asks about the paper. Dhruv asks him to think once again, if he gets angry seeing this then… He gives another paper to him. Bihaan asks whats this. Dhruv says appointment letter, I got this for Thapki as she wanted to work in my office, but you told her that you will spend much time with her, so she killed her heart and thrown this. Bihaan says strange, I told her to share things with me, I will ask her. Dhruv says it will get awkward for me, she will never share things with me then, control your anger and give her some time. Bihaan feels bad and says our relation will spoil if I don’t ask her. Dhruv asks him to relax. Bihaan says I do much for her and she still hides things from me. Dhruv says now I will hit this relation and break it. He smiles.

Bihaan is angry and scolds someone. Thapki asks why is he angry. He acts rude to her. Dhruv burns their pic and says I will burn your relation too.

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