Kasam 19 July 2016 Written Update Episode

Kasam 19 July 2016 Written episode Update. Kasam today and Latest Written story.

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Manpreet comes to save Raaj, push Pavan down the stairs and beat him with the burnt rod, while his clothes catch fire.
There, Rishi and Tannu walk across the forest, Rishi asks Tannu why she wasn’t ready to run with him if she loves him so much. Tannu says she is now with Rishi that is enough. They come to the road, there a boy was standing beside a fence peeing. Rishi steals his bike with flee. The goons come following them.
Raaj comes up and says they need to meet police once. He scolds Manpreet for going to kill Pavan, Manpreet says his brother would have burnt him alive if he came to know that he let Pavan beat Raaj. Raaj goes to hug Manpreet, then questions what Tannu’s mistake was. He feels bad for Tannu. The temple lady says she made Rishi marry the girl he came with. Raaj accepts the

marriage, as they were helpless and he likes Tanvi. Bani comes to demand Raaj ask Rishi divorce Tanvi and marry Tannu. The lady says Rishi and Tannu’s birth charts are connected, that is why she married Rishi with the real Tannu. They were all shocked. She demands Bani if she will tell the truth or she should? She informs them all that the girl with Rishi is the real Tannu, not Tanvi. Bani hurries them all to come outside, this lady has gone crazy. The lady assures Raaj that Rishi is safe now, that girl will now protect Rishi and from a death curse. Raaj asks how she knows about it, the lady points towards the Goddess idol saying Maa Kaali told her. She knows all the truth, and the truth is Tanvi is the real Tannu, the daughter of Virender Khurana. Raaj and Rano were shocked. The lady introduces herself as the lady in the temple when Rishi and Tannu were tied in childhood in the temple. All the incidences when Bani had prevented Ahna and Tannu tell them their recognition flash in front of Raaj’s eyes. He comes to Ahna, who was crying, and asks if Veeru was his father? He tells Ahna he came to marry her sister with Rishi, Ahna accuses Bani that she told them Raaj and Rano hate them, and forbid them reveal their true identity to them. Ahna tells Bani that it was she who wanted Neha to marry Rishi that is why she named Neha as Tannu. Bee ji comes to accuse Neha being greedy as Bani. Ahna says alright, she now recognize her aunt lied to them all and introduced Neha as Tannu. She showed them a fake letter of their father. Rano comes to slap Neha and Bani, and accuses Bani of having put her son’s life in danger. Raja also accuses Neha that she put his daughters in pain, and curses her to never live happy. She tried to snatch someone else’s luck and fate.
Rishi and Tannu stops the bike near a temple. Tannu demands to go inside the temple. Rishi follows her. Tannu says it’s their first day of marriage, they must take blessings from the Goddess. Tannu’s dupatta flows at Rishi’s face, Tannu prays for him. Rishi think about all the romantic moments with each other. Tannu turns around to see Rishi lost in his own thoughts beneath her dupatta, she removes it over his face and smiles. Rishi asks her promise not to smile if he tells her, he says he can smell her from her dupatta. Rishi recalls the first times he had an encounter with her, he expresses his love with the fragrance of her dupatta.
PRECAP: Rishi prays to Goddess for being happy always. Tannu prays to be together in each life.

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