Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 19 July 2016 Written Update Episode

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 19 July 2016 Written episode Update. Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani today and Latest Written story.

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Raja slips a note from beneath the door. Rani says he has been waiting for him outside, Raja goes annoyed that he will see till when she keep on waiting. Juman was passing by the corridor, he asks if he should bring food for Rani as she sat on floor studying. She thanks him for the offer.
At night, Raja wakes up and walks outside. He was shocked to see Rani asleep there on the floor. He was about to hold her face, then turns away annoyed. He then turns around and covers Rani with his coat. Rani wakes up and turns to see Raja’s room door opened. She runs inside. Raja was sitting in his friend’s company playing guitar as they drank. Rani passes by, Raja comes to hold her hand. She withdraws her hand as everyone is watching. Raja holds it again and drags her out. Rani tells him she

came to take him with her, it’s time to study and not to sing. Bindu taunts at Rani being an assistant. Raja argues he would do what he wants to. Raja was stubborn and denies cooperating. Rani reminds him that vivas are starting from tomorrow. Rani insists on Raja to concentrate on his studies, passing the exams is important for them both. Bindu and Raja’s friends argue if Raja has to work hard like the poor, what’s good in being born in a royal family. She reminds Rani that Raja isn’t her slave. Rani replies that Raja wants to prove himself to his father, and she won’t let Raja come between his dreams; not even Raja. Bindu tells Raja to go with this assistant, they can’t bear her lectures anymore. She takes everyone inside.
Meenu asks Rani why she is insisting on Raja to study. Rani says that Raja and Rani’s dreams are connected to each other. Rani says she is as stubborn as raja is, if he considers himself to be a Raja she is also Rani. Raja comes to the room and finds notes stuck on different walls. Raja smiles reading them, and says she cares for him but doesn’t trust him.
Rani comes to study where Jeewan was studying. Raja comes to Gayatri’s room, Meenu was there and tells Raja that Gayatri called her here to study together. There, Rani tells Jeewan that Raja isn’t playing any games, he has his dreams. Jeewan reminds Rani that those who don’t work hard never have dreams fulfilled. Raja gets everyone served on plate, he never work hard and will never do. Raja was walking towards the study room. Jeewan tells Rani that Raja doesn’t need anyone. Rani tells Jeewan if he thinks he didn’t get his share, he must earn it not snatch Raja’s rights. Rani turns to leave, Jeewan clutches her arm and reminds Rani how Raja used to torture her in college. He wonders if she began trusted Raja if he once saved her. He tells Rani that Raja only wish to win her. Raja hears this. Rani says this is right Raja doesn’t want to pass. Raja turns away. Rani tells Jeewan late that this doesn’t mean he can’t pass
In the exam hall, Rani was tensed as Raja hadn’t arrived yet. She was wondering about her own promise with Kaal.
PRECAP: Raja brings Rani in a store room. He complains that Rani has forgotten everything. Rani assures Raja to demand anything, she was ready to give it. Raja bends to kiss her.

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