Meri Sasu Maa 19 July 2016 Written Update Episode

Meri Sasu Maa 19 July 2016 Written episode Update. Meri Sasu Maa today and Latest Written story.

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Scene 1:
Location: Isolated Barn
Pari requests for the purse, but he says that they shall talk first. he says that had he been in his place, he would have had taken revenge too. he slaps another guy and asks what his reaction would be. then he taunts that this teacher is very good. he takes the purse, and gives it to her, bowing in front of her. she takes it. he asks her to leave carefully though. she rushes out, but before she can leave, he asks her to check the purse first atleast. she checkes and finds it empty, and is shocked. he says that his maths has been weak, and then produces the money that he took from her purse, and as he counts it, she tries to snatch it from him. Brjnath lewdly suggests that she is thinking about a petty 7000, whereas she can make more money than this, by

merely spending some hours with him. she is aghast at the insinuation. he says that she slapped her in front of everyone, showing great guts and now she shall have to apologise in front of the school, with the same guts, as he took it to the heart. she is shocked. he continues taunting as to how he shall pay her for her mistake now. he says that if this doesnt happen, and as he gets ahead, his leg gets trapped in the rope lying underneath, and then he lunges at her, while the rope flies and entangles around them, as they try to separate it, but it continues to tangle more, while they both eye each other awkwardly, entwined in the woollen threads. she desperately tries to get free, while he stands stunned as he eyes her. In her attempt, she falls and soils herself and rushes out hastily, while he eyes her.
Scene 2:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Pari returns back in her disgruntled and distraught state, muttering curses for that guy, while maasa asks what happened and whats wrong. pari tells what happened. maasa is tensed. pari asks her not to worry, as she shall arrange for money by tomorrow. maasa asks her not to worry, as they shall manage. pari sits down, while maasa gets her a glass of water. the leech landlord steps in, and pari apologises profusely, with folded hands, that she wouldnt be able to pay rent today. he asks her not to, as he has come with request, to come to his house, so that they can talk. maasa intervenes angrily, and says that her daughter shall not go anywhere, and she shall give the money tomorrow. he starts reprimanding and bad mouthing maasa, while pari asks him to talk politely to her mother. he is enraged. pari continues to beg, while maasa asks her not to fold hands in front of this leech. he asks her not to talk like this, and asks pari to come home. pari says that she wont come, and asks him to get lost. he says that its his house, and they havent even paid the rent, and then forcibly takes her hand, while maasa asks him to leave, or else the police shall be called. he gets furious and decides to teach them a lesson.

While the entire crowd watches, as they gather around, he throws their stuff out on the floor, while pari and maasa watch aghast. he says that now he shall see how she protects her daughter from the world. they both pick up things resignedly. her father walks past, and is shocked to see pari like this. he asks her to come home right now. PAri asks him not to force her to go home, as she cant come home, since she doesnt want strain in his relationship. maasa eyes tensedly as she picks up stuff. he begs her to come home, as this wont happen. pari asks him not to embarass her, and not do this. he insists, but she denies and refuses. then she asks maasa is she called him. maasa gets up and asks for how long, she shall be able to protect her from this dangerous world. she stands tensedly.

Scene 3:
Location: Pari’s father’s residence
Pari’s father gets pari and maasa home, while shashi fumes, and the first thing she asks is how long they shall stay here. he says that its their house, and they can stay for as long as they want. she gets furious and gets up, accidentally dropping the vegetable plate. pari and maasa get down to picking them up. shashi smirks. she taunts and talks about how maasa’s tone and demeanour has changed, since she lost her name, fame and status, and points out how she is poverty stricken today. pari tries to speak, but maasa shuts her. he asks shashi to stop talking like this, as they are his guests, and this is his house, and they shall stay here as long as they wish. shashi gets angry and leaves, asking him to do whatever he wishes. maasa hurts herself and gags, and they rush to get water. pari says that she has one condition, if she stays here, he shall take rent, as she is already in problems, and begs him to agree. he complies. shashi taunts as to how shameless she is, that her son died, and she came here to beg. maasa is distraught.

Later, pari tries to console maasa, who is crying uncontrollably. she begs her to stop, even though she knows how much she is hurt. maasa talks about how fate landed her such a bad family who deserted her like this. pari asks her to be strong, and fight against destiny. maasa says that she is tired, and isnt able to fight anymore, since all hope is dwindling. pari is tensed. maasa curses the fate and the people, who landed them in this state. pari says that they shall pay for their sins.

Scene 4:
Location: Police Station
Pari says that she has come to file a complaint against Bunty chauhan, for theft of money. the hawaldar is shocked to hear this, and starts guffawing, while she asks him to take it seriously. he says that he cant file this complaint. she wishes to know the reason. Just then, bunty enters with his goons, saying that this police station is his only, and her work wont get done here. he comes and greets everyone, while she stands tensedly. he keeps animatedly bantering with the policemen, while indirectly hinting to pari, about the emphasis of sorry. he apologises with others to pari, who tells the inspector, for the money to be retrieved. the inspector turns to him, and bunty rushes to her, and says that he is in no hurry. she begs him to return the money and not take it further. he also says that she neednt take it further, and mend what mistake she made, as she knows what to do. she thinks that her situation isnt favourable, and she has no other way but to apologise. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Bunty warns pari that she needs to stay in her limits and stature as a woman, and under the men. she leaves from there, angry yet composed. He asks his goons to find out every detal about her background, as he eyes her tensedly.

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