Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19 July 2016 Written Update Episode

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19 July 2016 Written episode Update. Saath Nibhana Saathiya today and Latest Written story.

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Gopi returns Kokila’s jewelry and gets very happy seeing her wearing it. Belji meets someone sitting in car and says he did as planned, now nobody can save Gopi’s business, she will be in huge losses. Kokila praises Gopi in front of family and taunts Jigar that Gopi took family jewelry not to destroy it, but to spread their family name. Pari says Gopi is star of their family.

Meera takes adoption papers to Vidya’s room and lies that they are Priyal’s report and she ned to sign it immediately. Vidya says she will tomorrow. Meera insists that Priyal is afraid seeing teacher scolding other teacher for not getting report signed. Vidya is about to sign papers when school calls and asks to pick Priyal. Vidya says Naiya did not pick Priyal from school

and runs to pick her from school while Meera continues shouting to sign papers and go. Meera then goes to Shravan’s room, sees him busy working on business papers, and asks him to sign Priyal’s progress report. He signs them without reading while attending client’s call. Meera gets happy and thinks 50% work is done and after Vidya signs papers, she will legally adopt Priyal.
Kokila praises Gopi that god gave her Ahem as obedient son and Gopi as daughter, her life is complete.., etc…They continue their conversation. Sona is seen running behind Jai and Veeru. Molu looks outside window and smiles seeing Jai and Veeru playing.

Vidya brings Priyal back home. Meera asks Priyal if she is fine. Priyal says was very afraid alone at school. Vidya pampers her. Shravan angrily asks if Naiya came home, how can she be so careless. Naiya reaches home with her driver boyfriend. Boyfriend asks what will they tell family. She tears his and her clothes and applies grease on face and says she will tell they made with a minor accident. They both enter in and driver says they met with an accident. Vidya gets first aid for them and Shravan asks driver to take care of himself. Meera sees Naiya smirking and realizes she is lying.

Gopi and Kokila are still busy in conversation when Dr. Krishna enters with sad face. Kokila asks what happened. He says his mom is coming to meet his bahu. Kokila says it is good her samdhan is coming. He says his mom is very superstitious. Mom is seen traveling in car and stops when cat passes by. She does not get out till Rahu kalam/inauspicious time finishes and then enters Modi bhavan loudly calling Dr. Krishna.

Precap: Dr. Krishna’s mom asks him where is her bahu. He points at Gopi and Gopi tries to touch her feet, but she backs off and says she wants to meet Gopi Raheja and not Gopi Modi.

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