Kaala Teeka 19 July 2016 Written Update Episode

Kaala Teeka 19 July 2016 Written episode Update. Kaala Teeka today and Latest Written story.

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Scene 1
Kali is in market she feels like someone is following her. Gauri and Bijli hide. They sneak behind her. Yug has disguised as a vegetable seller. He takes Kali to a side. Kali hugs him. Kali says yug.. He says don’t call me with your name. We cant be careless. How is dadi? Kali nothing happened after you left. I am keeping an eye on you. Kali says are you okay? Yug says I feel like someone is keeping an eye on me. I saw a shadow when I ran after it, it ran away. What new drama is that baba doing now?
Baba is doing pooja in the house. Yug says I think we should inform police. Kali says that won’t solve anything. The person would be alert and we won’t be able to catch him. We have to be careful. Kali says I can understand how painful it is for you. Without you every

moment is painful but we have to bear this for our family. Yug says we are each others power. We will get through this together. Gauri and Bijli are looking for Kali. Kali says I think I should go. Yug says yes take care of yourself and dadi. Kali says you take care too. Yug kisses her forehead. He says love you. Kali says love you too.
Gauri and Bijli collide with a bull car and fall in the mud. Gauri says this has all happened because of that Kali. She says eww.
Scene 2
Manjiri says to Neel you know sometimes being strict with wives impresses wives too. Manjiri says you want you sisters to give right in property. If you talk about this in front of Sharmila he might listen and sharmila would be impressed too. Neel says I will.
Manjiri says now you see what happens. I did what I had to.

Scene 3
Gauri and Bijli come in and fall again. Kali comes in and looks for Gauri in kitchen. Kali comes towards their room. Gauri says thereis not water in the room. Chulbuli shouts. Kali and Raghu come there. There is smoke near baba. Kali says where is this smoke coming from dolls. It is coming from clothes. Baba says this suggests that someone has done black magic on you. Leela starts crying. She says even my shadow is dangerous for me. Baba says take out all the mirrors from her room. You won’t see your face again. Leela says to Kali throw out all the mirrors from my room. Kali says yes but please calm down.
Gauri and Bijli come. Kali says what is wrong with you? Gauri says the tap wasn’t working we were fixing it so we got wet. Leela says take out all the mirrors.
Kali and Chulbuli are taking out mirrors.
Kali takes Leela to her room. Leela says can I check the whole house? Kali says yes you can. Leela says my handkerchief is in hall. Kali says I am bringing it. Leela says why is God testing me. Suddenly she sees a mirror in her room. Leela is dazed. The mirror sparks. Leela starts crying. Kali asks what happened? Leela says I looked in the window and it sparked. What is happening. Baba says you must have seen your face in the window. Leela says please save me baba ji. Baba says soon we will find out everything. Kali says I have to inform Yug.

Kali calls Yug. He says I knew it didn’t matter. Kali says we were right there is someone who is doing this, Yug says we have to find out before its too late. Kali says chachi came. she could see me. Kali sees an idol like thing in the room. Kali says I will talk to you later.
Kali sees Leela’s dummy in a closet. Chulbuli comes in. She is shocked. Kali says what are they doing here? Chulbuli says you are blaming me? Lets go I will show you who is doing this.
Chulbulu grasps gauri by hair and shoves her. Leela says what is all this? Gauri says you can’t insult me like this. Chulbuli thorws those dolls on her. Gauri says what is this? Leela says Gauri did all this? Kali says I found them in chulbuli’s closet. Leela and Raghy are dazed. Chulbuli places her bangle in Kali’s hand and says now can I accuse you of stealing my bangle? If you people have to doubt someone then it’s Gauri. Gauri says I didn’t do anything. I forgot that everyone considers me punching bag here. I didn’t come here to do more sins. i came to repent. kali says chachi ji.. Chulbuli says shut up. Chulbuli twists Gauri’s arm and says get out of this house.

Precap-Baba says to Leela says this water is tester. When someone touches the water and it turns red that means that person has been doing this. Leela says to Kali wash hands in the bowl and then come make the vegetable. Leela notices that the water turns red.

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