Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 18 July 2016 Written Update Episode

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 18 July 2016 Written episode Update. Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi today and Latest Written story.

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Ishwari chats with Ranveer and Neha. Neha says she will go to her room and asks Ishwari to continue chatting with Ranveer. She goes to her room and sits on sofa sadly. Dev enters and tries to speak, but Neha says she wants to stay alone for sometime. Dev leaves. Sona asks him what happened. Dev says nothing.

Dev calls Ranveer to his room and says when Neha married Ranveer, he thought she is very happy, but when he came to Ranveer’s house, he was surprised how can she stay without any amenities, so he wants him to accept flat as gift. Ranveer says he cannot accept it as gifts given forcefully cannot be accepted. Dev says he wants to see his sister happy. Ranveer says he wants to work hard and get a flat for Neha himself and does not need anyone’s gift. Dev

says he will gift a flat to Neha at any cost. Ranveer says Neha can stay in that flat alone, but he will not, he is sure Neha will give same answer.
Dev meets Sona in a hotel and starts conversing. She says boyfriends give these kind of answers when they do mistakes, what did he do. He says he age full bowl of halwa. She shockingly asks what…Dev says mom would have felt bad. She is feeling guilty now. He says he does not after eating such a lovely halwa. He orders 2 coffee and says Ms. khargosh/rabbit, he likes sweets a lot and she may have to accept a fat husband. She asks if he is proposing him, then it is a bad proposal. He says his not….She asks when will he inform about them to his family. He says he is afraid that. She says they may reject her. He says his sisters and mom respect his decisions and will accept her for sure. He did a lot for others, but he is doing for himself for the first time. He discusses everything with his sisters and is only hiding about her with them. Sona asks if he spoke to Neha and tried to know what is in her mind. He says no, but he tried to gift flat to Ranveer and he rejected. She says he did wrong and did not even discuss with her. He says his family did a lot for her, especially Neha and he cannot see Neha struggling. Sona says he is doing this to hide his guilt and argues. Dev says he is getting late and leaves saying good night.

Sona comes to Ishwari’s room and sees hercleaning her room, says she will do it. Ishwari says she likes doing her chores herself. Sona tells about her childhood story and about her mom. Ishwari says moms are like that and says she does not want anyone’s interference, she is worried someone may hold her hand and restrict her. Sona asks what happened, if she is angry on her. Ishwari says she is her nutrionist and not her children’s, her children like eating her prepared food and she does not want Sona to impose dieting rules on them, she wants her children to be the way she bought them up. Sona asks if she is talking about Dev. Ishwari says let her keep woolen clothes in cupboard. Sona walks out sadly.

Dev comes and sits on dining table with laptop. Neha and Ria come and say they need phone. Dev says they can select anyone from his company. Ria says they need pink color phone and his company does not make pink color phones. He agrees to get them pink phones. The happily hug him and leave. Sona comes and Dev says he wants to speak. She says he first. He says he cannot keep himself in Ranveer’s place like she asked. She says even she cannot consider herself wrong or him right. He asks what to do then. She says what to do, she loves him. He looks into her eyes and says I love you too. She says understanding each other is important and smiles. They both stand looking into each other’s eyes. Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi……plays in the background.

Precap: Dev tells Ishwari that he wanted to gift flat to Neha and Ranveer, but they rejected it, nobody likes his gifts. Ishwari says he insulted Ranveer’s self-respect. He says you both think same. She asks who both. He says she and Sona.

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