Krishnadasi 18 July 2016 Written Update Episode

Krishnadasi 18 July 2016 Written episode Update. Krishnadasi today and Latest Written story.

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Scene 1
Chimaji calls Aryan, Kumudini comes there and asks Aryan to wake up, she gives him medicine, he is still dizzy, she says you will be fine, she says Aradhya was doing drama, what happened to her neem herbal medicine? it didnt work, i have to check on her, see what she is upto, i should snatch mobile from servants, she goes to check Aradhya.
Aradhya is waiting for Damini’s constable. Nakku comes there and says dont argue with me servant, Aradhya says i didnt even say anything, Nakku says dont be smart, go and make tea for me. Aradhya sees constable coming from behind and shouts no, hinting him to not come near her, he stops. Nakku sees Aradhya hiding something and says what are you hiding? Aradhya says nothing, Nakku sees packet in her hands and asks whats inside? Aradhya says

it has herbal medicine, Kumudini asked me to bring it, if you open it then it will stale due to sunlight, Kumudini will be so angry on you as she called it for Aryan, you want to check? Nakku says no, go and make tea, she leaves. Aradhya comes to constable and gives packet to him which has gun, she asks him to give it Damini.
Pavitra says to Aaba that dont take Nakku’s words seriously, you were right, our daughters are our pride, we will get our position back, Aaba says no, i dont want position back, i just want my daughters to be happy, i know you are missing Aryan, Aradhya was right, i cant wipe Aryan from my heart, dont worry Aradhya is with him, Pavitra says we had money, we had wealth, we had everything but we didnt have love between us and now after losing everything, our relations have become strong, we have become a family, someone said it right, relations are made from heart not by wealth.
Aradhya comes to Aryan’s room and sees him sleeping. Aryan mumbles in his sleep, Aradhya sits beside him and asks softly if he needs anything? Aryan pulls her towards him in sleep, she is close to him, Aradhya asks if he is feeling itchy? i will aaply herbal cream again, Pavitra said you become fine with it, she applies it on his hands, she asks if you wanna say something? Aryan is still dizzy and tries to say something, Aradhya says i am here, Aryan mumbles why you did it? Aradhya says what i did? Aryan says you left me alone, you broke my heart, why did you do it? why you broke my heart? why you left me? i have become so lonely, you dont know how much hurt i am, you left me, dont leave me again. Aradhya hugs him and says i will never leave you, even if you push me away, i wont leave you, just become fine and i will be with you, i knew you still love me and will always keep loving me, she holds him close to her, Tum hi to ho zindagi plays, Aradhya recalls their moments together, how they got married then how Aryan accepted her and married her again in mandir, she recalls all good memories.
Damini says to constable we were right, murder was done by this gun only, means Vidyadhar Rao was right, constable says Devdasi Kumudini killed her daughter only, Damini says take out jeep.
Scene 2
Aradhya is sitting by Aryan’s side on bed, he is sleeping, Aradhya says its so good to see him peaceful, i dont like it when he is angry, i hope he remains same after waking up. Aryan wakes up and asks what are you doing here? ARadhya says i was asking what i couldnt get, Aryan says dont have any hope, Aradhya says when you were unconscious, you said everything, Aryan asks what i said? Aradhya says you confessed love and you wanted me to stay with you, Aryan says stop dreaming, Aradhya says if these happen in dreams only then i will want to keep seeing dreams whole life, Aryan is speechless listening this.
Kumudini asks Banwari to give bill of paan, Markand says he must have cheated to get money, Banwari says dont forget you used to cheat, Markand says dont forget how you used to steal money from aaba, Kumudini shouts enough, you both go to that aaba only, my grand son is ill, dont argue. Damini comes there and says we have found killer of your daughter, Kumudini says i already knew Aaba is killer, you took so much time to find out, Damini says we have found gun with which Tulsi was killed, we found gun from your room.
Aryan says to ARadhya that dont know why my aaji has kept you here, you just want tag of being my wife, i dont want you here, they listen Kumudini shouting and goes in hall.
Kumudini says to Damini that Aaba must have done this, have you gone mad that you are saying i killed my daughter? Damini says i am not saying that you killed her but we have found gun from your room, Aryan says what are you saying? Damini says we found gun from Kumudini’s room and according to forensic reports, it has matched with the bullet which was fired towards Tulsi, you are under arrest for murder, she shows her handcuffs, Kumudini and Aryan are shocked, Damini says you are under arrest now.
Pavitra asks aaba where he is going? aaba says i am going to reunite kids which i separated, i am going to tell Aryan that i sent Tulsi to jail not Aradhya, i will tell him that Aradhya said bitter words to Tulsi because i blackmailed her, i will make him understand that i didnt kill his aayi. Pavitra says its good to see you talk like this but you think Aryan will believe you? Kumudini is also there to put salt on wounds and i cant see you get insulted more, Aaba says let her do what she wants, i am not able to see them apart now, he leaves.
Kumudini says i didnt kill my daughter, Aryan says how you can say that gun was in our house? you didnt even search our house, Damini says Aradhya found gun in Kumudini’s room, Aryan looks at Aradhya. Kumudini says i know this girl, she lied to save her aaba and now she is trapping me to save her aaba, i didnt kill my daughter, Aryan says now i understand why this girl(Aradhya) was working in our house, Damini says i have to arrest Kumudini, truth is that we have found gun from her room, Aryan says that doesnt prove that she killed Tulis, Damini says murderer is not confirmed but we have arrest her on doubt, Kumudini shouts on Aradhya that you are very clever, you didnt even think that my daughter raised you for 21years, you are so nasty, Aradhya thinks that aaji can do anything but i dont think she can kill her daughter, Damini arrests Kumudini, Aryan says i will bail you out dont worry, Kumudini says Aryan dont get in this fox Aradhya’s trap even if anything happens to me, she leaves with Damini. Aryan stares Aradhya angrily and says what you want, i wont let it happen, he leaves, Aaba sees all this and thinks that i came here to reunite them but things are more worse now.
Aryan calls lawyer and says i dont know if its friday, i want bail papers. ARadhya comes there and says listen to me, Aryan says you did to save your aaba and made aaji go to jail, Aradhya says i never saw aaji keeping weapon with her so when i found gun there and i had to call police, Aryan says dont do drama as i know this is all your plan, you put gun there and made me eat kaaju, you trapped aaji to save aaba. ARadhya says we knew about Kumudini, we knew how she destroyed everything, how she got us married, how did my auction everything but i know she cant kill her daughter, we have to find out who put gun in her room, we have to find killer, Aryan pushes her to wall and says dont tell me what i have to do, i dont let anyone work for me for free, he gives her money and says get lost from here, he starts leaving Aradhya holds his hand to stop him but Aryan jerks her away and leaves.
Shashwat says to family that Kumudini killed her own daughter to trap aaba? Pavitra says Aryan and Aradhya will grow apart more, Aaba says atleast Kumudini’s real face came to fore, now deceased soul(Tulsi) will get peace. Aradhya comes there, Aaba says you did great work today by sending real killer to jail, you wiped fake allegation from my head, Aradhya says i dont know anything but space is getting bigger, aaba says i went there to close the gap, dont worry everything will be fine, i want to do something good for Gayetri, i have called boy’s family for marriage proposal for Gayetri, call Saras and Micheal too, they are part of family, he asks Aradhya to all Gayetri and tell her to come home from work soon today, everyone is silent listening this and leaves, Aaba sits and calls
Markand and Banwari are happy that Kumudini are not in house, Markand says now we will get this throne, Banwari asks if we are celebrating Kumudini’s absence or happy for our freedom? Markand says we hided gun in her room so we are celebrating it, they are drunk, Nakku says you both just need chance to drink, Banwari asks her to bring food, she says i will beat you both with slipper, Markand says we want food not slipper, Nakku says nothing can happen with you both, she leaves, Markand says we are going to govern reign now.
Raj and Purva are in car, Raj says i saw Kumudini in cell so news is true, Purva says great, why you kept this car away from police station? Raj says i dont want them to doubt us, Purva says we have become clever, we put gun in Kumudini’s house and trapped her for murder and saved ourselves, nobody knows we killed her, Raj says Aaba is out of house, Kumudini is in jail, only Aryan is left, we will take care of him too then we will get that Haveli, Purva says i thought someone will have mind like us but i was wrong. David is standing outside their car and has listened everything, he thinks that my God, it means nor Aaba neither Kumudini killed Tulsi, she was killed by Raj and Purva. Raj sees from his side mirror that David standing outside their car and has listened everything, he is shocked.

PRECAP- Kumudini comes to Aaba’s house and says to aaba that you trapped me in my daughter’s murder case, she screams that today Kumudini takes vow to destroy your identity, i will finish your existence, she breaks coconut to claim her vow, all are shocked, Aryan is there too.

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