Swaragini 18 July 2016 Written Update Episode

Swaragini 18 July 2016 Written episode Update. Swaragini today and Latest Written story.

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The Episode starts with Sujata telling that everything will be good. Laksh sees Ragini fainting and holds her on time. Sumi and others get worried for her. Annapurna asks Sanskar to call Doctor. Doctor checks Ragini, and says she fainted because of weakness. Sujata asks about baby. Laksh says let her take rest. Durga Prasad asks Doctor to say if she needs special medicine or precautions. Doctor says no. Laksh asks Sumi and Shekhar not to worry and says she will be fine. Shekhar says once Sumi’s report comes, then she can go to Banaras. Laksh says he will bring the report. He comes to room and sees Swara taking care of Ragini. He asks her to take rest. Swara says she will be with her, and tells that Ragini wanted to talk to her about something. She asks do you know what is it? Laksh looks on. He thinks

about Ragini’s words, and says he doesn’t know. Swara says okay. Ragini wakes up….Swara asks how is she feeling and keeps her head on hers.
Laksh asks Swara to go and sleep. Ragini tells Laksh that she tried to tell Swara, but she didn’t listen. Laksh says she was asking me, but I didn’t tell her as you wanted to tell her. He asks her to tell her tomorrow. He tells her that they have to give Sumi’s sonography reports. Ragini checks the report and smiles. She thinks about Parineeta’s threat and gets tensed. She gets Parineeta’s call reminding of her promise. Laksh takes the call, and tells her that once Ragini gets fine, we will make you meet Swara. Laksh asks Ragini to sleep. Swara tells Sanskar, why this is happening? Can’t we live a normal life? Sanskar says I am understanding what you are saying. He says even I want that…..and says we will manage bored life. He says I am not perfect like you, and will get of perfection. He says we will be together and will always be together. Swara hugs him. She thinks to plan surprise for Ragini in the morning. Sanskar says okay.

In the morning, Ragini wakes up and calls Laksh. She calls everyone and thinks they might have went to temple. She thinks to talk to Swara somehow. She comes to hall and sees the house decorated, and everyone busy in the arrangements. She sees Laksh and others surprisingly. Swara wishes her happy godh bharayi/baby shower. Ragini smiles hesitantly. She thinks what is happening? I came to talk to Swara. Sumi and Shekhar wonder about godh bharayi in 5th month of pregnancy. Shekhar says we will go to Banaras soon. Dadi asks what they were talking? Shekhar says nothing. Dadi says lets go.

Parineeta says she didn’t get time to do anything, and asks if she is looking good. Sumi asks where you are going? Dadi says she is coming with us. Sumi says don’t you think that you should go until everything is fine. Parineeta says what you are saying? Ragini is my devrani, I am sure Swara will make my relation fine with Adarsh. She asks her to give gifts for handling. Dadi asks Sumi and Shekhar to come, as she don’t want to reach late there. Swara is happy for Ragini. Annapurna shows the clothes and says it is specially for you. Ragini says only 5 months have passed. Annapurna says godh bharayi can happen during 5 months also and asks her to get ready. Sujata says we are very happy. Ragini looks at Laksh helplessly.

While everyone is dancing and celebrating Ragini’s godh bharayi…Parineeta tells Swara that Ragini is not pregnant and is feigning to be pregnant. She asks her to keep the doll. Swara is shocked.

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