Kaala Teeka 18 July 2016 Written Update Episode

Kaala Teeka 18 July 2016 Written episode Update. Kaala Teeka today and Latest Written story.

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Scene 1
Gauri says to baba you are so hasty. She gives him money. gauri says your time has changed. Baba says thank you. Baba says you are great. You are seeking revenge from your sister with her own husband. Bijli says was a ghost with you when you came in? Gauri says he is just a local magician. What else happened was done by chubuli. Bijli says she was asleep. Gauri says she might have hired someone. She came to scare me.

Kali brings Yug in a room. It is all decorated with candle, roses and balloons. Kali says happy anniversary. He says I forgot we are married for a month. Kali says its okay. What else if your partner for? To remind you. She holds Yug’s hand and take him in. Yug smiles at her. Kali blows candles from the cake. They cut the cake together and eat it together too.

Yug says Kali I love you. Kali says I love you too. The song ‘tere sang’ plays in background. Yug and Kali dance together. Yug comes close to her. Kali hugs her. Kali looks at the clock. Its 3:40. Yug asks what happened? Kali says nothing. He says you look at the watch. Kali nods. Kali says after some hours you will leave. she is in tears. Yug says the clock will keep moving. After some time I will come back, you would be thinking Yug must be coming back. I should get ready. Kali says you must be wondering why I supported you in leaving the house? Yug says I didn’t ask because I knew. I can read your heart. Kali hugs him and says it is so difficult to live without you. Yug says this is a war. You have to fight it with me. We will fix everything together. Kali says I promise you I will bring you back in this house and whoever is doing this to us will be exposed.
Gauri is eating chocolate, Bijli says I saw in movie the culprit always makes a mistake. Gauri says I never make a mistake. Once Yug leaves after that I will rule. Bijli says in heart I will leave this house.

Scene 2
Next morning, Yug is leaving. Leela says I will call you back as soon as the phantom is caught. Yug meets Raghu and Chulbuli. Raghu says I have gotten the guest house cleaned in our other house for you. Gauri says don’t do this. They have just gotten married. We can’t separate them. Please stop Yug. Kali you should stop him. Kali says fate has decided this for us. I can’t stop fate. Yug says in heart distance will make us stronger. Kali says in heart I will never let your trust break, I will prove everything. He says in heart I love you Kali. Kali says in heart I love you Yug. He leaves. Kali goes crying her room. Gauri says in heart this is happening, I waited so long for this. Where is this bijli?

Bijli packs her bags and is sneaking out of house. Gauri sees her. She placed a snake in her way. Bijli runs back and collides with Gauri. Gauri says its fake, You are leaving me? Bijli says let me go please. Gauri says not now. Don’t be scared. How will I win it without you? Bijli says he has left. Gauri says this was just phase one. There is more to do. Now you decide if you wanna stay here and rule with me or go to jail. Go make tea now? Bijli says okay. Gauri says you can’t help kali now yug. Because you yourself will be staying away from house.

Precap-Yug sees a shadow behind curtain in the house he comes. Yug says who is there?

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