Diya Aur Baati Hum 18 July 2016 Written Update Episode

Diya Aur Baati Hum 18 July 2016 Written episode Update. Diya Aur Baati Hum today and Latest Written story.

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The Episode starts with Commissioner saying Bhavani Singh is dangerous man, you did not see him, it means will you get any innocent man to get media praising you. She asks how can he be innocent, what about that fax, why did he run after signing him to stop. He says if any person gets scared and runs seeing police, it does not mean he is wrong, that man did not had valid driving license, thats why he did not stop. She says fine, I agree, but when we were given car number and details, we followed that. He says the car number was different. She asks how can this happen. I have seen that car number and told everyone, I did not do mistake.

Arpita says sorry, that check the fax, maybe you did mistake. She shows the fax. Sandhya gets shocked. Sandhya says no, I remember thatw ell, I did not

make mistake. Commissioner says enough Sandhya, we came to talk that you made an innocent man a culprit and put him in lockup, this cheap trick made police lose the real culprit, I did not expect this from you, everyone told me not to give this big responsibility to you as you came after long break, I did not agree and wanted to give you another chance, I was wrong, this is not your shop where customer comes and asks for laddoo, and you give him barfi, this is police station, you know police fell in people’s eyes, the drug dealer is free and doing his business. Sandhya says sorry. Commissioner leaves. Arpita thinks my name will be there in promotion list after 2 months, because of what all happened today.
Vansh and Ved reach hospital. Ved asks why did we come here. Vansh says I was born in this hospital, mumma wrote this hospital’s name in my diary. Ved says even I was born here. Vansh says we were born on same day too. They go inside hospital. Om shows book of baby names to Emily and suggest names. He says name should be special. She takes some tablets. Om checks tablets and asks are you taking this tablets. She says yes. He asks since when. She says since 10-15 days, I was feeling irritated, so I started this tablets to calm my mind, what is the matter. He says you did not ask me, how can you eat anything without asking me, this is antidepressants and will have serious side effects, baby can…. She asks what. He says we have to go to gynac now itself, come. They leave.

Vansh talks to receptionist and tells about his school project, he has to check under 10 kids population, so they want children details born in year 2015. He shows his school ID card. She asks did you come alone. He says no, and signs to some woman, saying my mumma has come with me. The lady waves to him and smiles. Vansh says my mumma wants me to do project alone, as kids become confident this way, will you give us register. The lady says yes. Vansh thanks him.

Maasa and Om wait outside. Om asks doctor how is the baby. Doctor says I m sorry, your wife had miscarriage because of that tablets. Om and Maasa get shocked. Doctor says I m surprised, how did Om not know about his wife taking such medicines. Maasa says he did not know this, can we meet Emily. Doctor says yes, you have to be with her. Maasa says come Om and turns. She sees Om gone and worries.s she calls Sooraj.

Sandhya tries to find last fax details and thinks of commissioner’s words. She thinks how could I do such big mistake, there is something which I m not able to understand. Sooraj, Meenakshi and Bhabho reach hospital. Sooraj tells Bhabho that Sandhya is not answering, maybe she is busy. Meenakshi says Emily would be shattered. Maasa meets them. They ask how is Emily. Maasa says Emily is silent and not talking, come and talk to her. Sooraj asks for Om. Maasa says since he heard this news, don’t know where he went. Sooraj asks them to go to Emily and he will find Om. He goes.

Sooraj worries for Om and sees Ved in the hospital. He asks Ved how did he come here and with whom. Ved gets tensed. Vansh checks the records. Ved says I came with Vansh, his parents were talking that they adopted Vansh, Vansh wants to find his real parents, he knows he is born in this hospital. Sooraj gets shocked and recalls Sandhya’s words. Ved says Vansh did not tell his parents as they would get hurt, so we both lied to you, Papa do you know Vansh is adopted, who are his real parents. Sooraj asks where is Vansh. Ved says he is in record room. Sooraj thinks Vansh will not know this truth, that Sandhya and I are his real parents, and rushes to stop Vansh.

Vansh looks for his details in register. Ved thinks why did Papa become so worried knowing about Vansh. Vansh gets his details and reads. Sooraj comes and keeps hand on the register. He stops Vansh and takes register. He asks Vansh what is he doing. Ved says sorry to Vansh.

Vansh asks Sooraj not to tell his parents that he came here to find his real parents, else they will feel bad. Sooraj thinks it means Vansh did not read my and Sandhya’s name. He says fine, come. He takes the kids and thinks if I got late, Vansh would have known truth, I have to tell this to Sandhya. He makes the kids sit.

Sandhya talks to commissioner and gives info about the car. She promises that she will catch the culprit. She asks officers to prepare, they have to leave. She hears media talking to Arpita. The media praises Arpita and says you caught Bhavani Singh, Sandhya has kept a common man in lockup yesterday. Commissioner comes and says I m very proud of you Arpita. He goes. Sandhya looks on and congratulates Arpita. Arpita thanks her and says this matters a lot to me. Media asks Arpita about Sandhya. Arpita says such mistakes happen, we are also human, Sandhya joined duty after a big break, so she will take time to set, and till SP Arpita Khanna is here, my city will not get in the clutches of drugs. Sandhya leaves.

Sandhya gets the fax and recalls Arpita. She understands everything. She goes to Arpita. Arpita acts sweet. Sandhya shows her both the faxes. Arpita gets tensed.

Sandhya asks Arpita what do you want. Arpita says I deserve the promotion. The officers decide to put Sandhya on one month trial and if she fails then she will be transferred, and Arpita will get Pushkar’s charge. Arpita smiles.

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