Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18 July 2016 Written Update Episode

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18 July 2016 Written episode Update. Saath Nibhana Saathiya today and Latest Written story.

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Gopi starts her presentation and says instead of showing slides, she will portray real women. Kokila comes wearing Patola sari. Gopi says even old woman look good in her saris. Sona comes next wearing Patola sari and holding Jai and Veeru. Gopi says a mother will also like her saris. Jigar angrily asks Pari what is all this. Urmila drags Mona with her and comes out with them both wearing Patola saris. Pari fumes seeing Mona. Mona makes weird faces. Gopi says her sairs are for complete womanhood and anybody can wear her saris.

Gopi then comes wears Patola saris and roams like a model. Her team claps for her. Dr. Krishna asks Belji bhai and Rama ben to raise hands now either to clap or slap him. They both clap and Rama praises Gopi. Urmila apologizes Rama.

Rama says her way was wrong, but intention was good, so she forgives her. She tells Gopi that models will wear her saris on Miss Gujrath competition’s final day. Urmila asks if she can get a pass to watch the event. Rama says she will get special pass and will be tied to a chair until shows finishes.
Kokila thanks Krishna bhagwan and says krishna bhagwan never dissappoints his disciples and hard work alway pays. Belji praises Gopi and says he is cancelling 100 sari order. Gopi’s team gets tensed. Bejli says he is giving her 1000 sari order as his client liked saris, it is marriage season and her saris will sell like a hot cake. He gives contract. Dr. Krishna checks and says it is fine.

Naiya comes to kitchen and sees Vidya ready to go somewhere, asks if she is going out. Vidya says to bring Priyal from school. Naiya says she will bring Priyal as she is going to market anyways. Vidya agrees. Naiya gives evil smile.

Gopi prays god in home temple and thaks him for making her work possible…She prays that only maaji was with her when she started her work, but now she has her half family, prays that her whole family unites.

At breakfast table, Pari scolds Mona for modeling. Mona says she knows modeling is her weakness. Gopi comes holding jewelry bag and calls Kokila loudly. Kokila comes down. Gopi says she helped her always and without her, she would not have succeeded in business. She returns jewelry bag and continues her speech. Jigar and team fumes.

Precap: Belji tells a person in car that he fooled Gopi with fake contract, now nobody can save Gopi’s business. Gopi is seeing happy with Kokila.

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