Thapki Pyaar Ki 17 July 2016 Written Update Episode

Thapki Pyaar Ki 17 July 2016 Written episode Update. Thapki Pyaar Ki today and Latest Written story.

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The Episode starts with Vasundara saying Thapki saved Bihaan’s life. They all take Bihaan inside house. Dhruv cries and says Bihaan, I did not wish to do all this with you, I m sorry. Thapki goes to Dhruv and scolds him. She says your humanity also ended today, you fell so low to kill your brother. He says that was an accident, I did not plan that, I just made him faint for our date. She says you blackmailed me, that was not date, I will show you whats real date, how to celebrate love, I will plan the date with Bihaan, you will see it, you can’t stop me, I m challenging you, stop me if you can. She says you made me helpless, but today you will be helpless, now I will do things, you just find ways to save yourself. She leaves.

Thapki thanks Shraddha for helping her in saving Bihaan. Shraddha

says I did not save Bihaan, I saved my life and my relation with Dhruv. Thapki says even then you helped me. Shraddha lights a matchstick and says our relation is like this fire and hatred, which will never end. She goes.
Thapki does aid to Bihaan’s hand and cries thinking of that moment. He holds her face and asks is she still thinking same, look here, till you are with me, can anything happen to me, shall we make this 7 births togetherness of 14 years, I will say how. He says everyone grinded haldi for me, we will grind this haldi for our love. They grind the haldi together and smile.

She says I also planned a surprise tomorrow for our love. He asks what is it. She says its surprise. He asks her to give clue. She says tomorrow will be memorable day for our love. They smile.

Its morning, Dhruv goes to get Thapki’s phone and finds out her date plan in orchid city plan. He says no sorry, this date won’t happen now, and checks more two hotels names in call log. He gets confused. Thapki comes and takes her phone. She says yes, I called many hotels, did you get confused, sorry, you go to all these hotels and find out, maybe you will get hotel where Bihaan and I will be present. Bihaan comes and says this is surprise. Dhruv tells Bihaan that the hotel is actually for us. Bihaan asks what. Thapki says we were making five star list for Dhruv’s work. Bihaan asks is this list for meeting, and takes Thapki with him.

Bau ji asks servants to decorate house with flowers. He finds Vasundara sad and asks are you thinking about Bihaan. She says I m getting bad dreams and this happened with Bihaan, I m worried. He says Lord will keep us fine, don’t worry, I will read Gita paath for you, come. Thapki and Bihaan come there. Vasundara asks Bihaan to take rest. Bihaan says I m fine. Bau ji says I have fed him desi ghee, he is fit and fine, but Bihaan take care. Thapki says I will take care of him. Vasundara says don’t make him get away from sight, give him haldi milk. Thapki goes to get it.

Dhruv apologizes to Bihaan and says when you came to room, we lied to you about hotel, its surprise for you, Thapki is planning a date for you in five star hotel. Bihaan says Ghazab. Dhruv says I would have not told you if it was not a bet, I said you can’t guess the hotel, Thapki feels she knows you better and you will find that hotel. Bihaan says I will find hotel name, I won’t let her trust break. Dhruv says just don’t say this to her. Bihaan gets fooled and agrees.

Thapki calls the hotel guy and asks him whether all preparations are done well, just send me hotel address. She notes down address and says thanks, I will come and see. She takes the paper and goes. Bihaan was hiding under the bed, and checks the notepad. He traces it with pencil and says I got hotel address, I won’t let Thapki’s trust break. Dhruv comes and asks Bihaan did he find out. Bihaan says I got hotel address. Dhruv thanks him and says I knew you won’t let me lose, I mean you won’t let Thapki lose. He follows Thapki to the hotel and lies to receptionist saying he is Thapki’s husband Bihaan, can I see arrangements. She says sure, and tells room number. He checks the room and gets angry seeing the romantic date arrangements done. He throws the wine and lights the place saying I will see how you celebrate date with Thapki.

Dhruv calls Thapki and asks are you getting ready, I m sending a pic, see it and then tell me how will be your date. She sees the pic of burning room,, and says I m also sending you a pic. She sends the pic of her room and says my and Bihaan’s date will be like this, I have sent you to that hotel as you have sent Bihaan after me to know address, now Bihaan and I will enjoy our date. She ends call. He gets angry.

Dhruv comes to Thapki and Bihaan, and gets angry. Bihaan gets a call and goes. Thapki tells Dhruv that you will be helpless now, its Bihaan and my love celebration’s cake, have it and go. Dhruv gets angry.

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