Vishkanya 16 July 2016 Written episode Update. Vishkanya today and Latest Written story.

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Apu gets ready in yellow sari thinking of Malay. Malay comes calling Kumkum and asking if she gave medicine to Nandita. Apu hears him and seeing him passing by calls him and asks to tie her blouse lace. He nervously says he will send Kumkum. She insists. He hesitantly ties lace. She says she bought yellow sari today and asks how is it. He says it is nice. Vardaan enters and fumes in jealousy. Apu sasks even she wore yellow sari, what a coincidence. Vardaan angrily leaves. Malay walks behind her and tries to explain that he did not go there himself. She says he need not explain. He tries aAgain. She keeps hand on his mouth. He says he will change, but she does not move. Their nok jhok continues.

Apu’s skin turns blue and she panics. She sees her herbal paste and everything missing. She thinnks if there is something in sari, but then ignores it. Vardaan knocks door. Apu reminisces Vardaan warning her that she will know who she is and realizes Vardaan is the culprit. Vardaan reminisces stealing Apu’s herbal items and tells Apu that she found her herbal kit in dustbin, servant must have thrown it thinking it as garbage.

Apu opens door and stands turned. Vardaan asks her to turn. Apu turns and shows her blue skin. Vardaan stands shocked and asks who is she. Apu says she wanted to know who she is, she is vishkanya and poison runs in her body, now she wants to know what she did with her. Vardaan shows her sari border and says it is of silver and any evil spirits other than human cannot tolerate silver, she is vishkanya and got affected. She starts harrassing Apu that she will expose her in front of everyone. Apu holds her leg and pleads not to expose her identity and tells how Kalpana told she is vishkanya, she does not want to harm anyone. Vardaan reminisces Apu throwing Nandita outside home and asks Apu to leave her home right now.

Precap: Apu fumes that Vardaan does not know whom provoked, nobody can get rid of vishkanya. Vardaan asks Malay if he still loves Apu. He says yes. She says she wants to tell something about Apu.

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