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Krishnadasi 15 July 2016 Written episode Update. Krishnadasi today and Latest Written story.

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Scene 1
Its morning, Aradhya says to Pavitra that i have to go to work, Pavitra says is it necessary to go there? dont know how Kumudini will act, you have destroyed her plan of me being her servant, Aradhya says that is my husband’s place and there is no shame to work there. Gayetri comes there and is ready to leave for office but David comes there, all are stunned. Shashwat and aaba comes there too, David looks at Gayetri then says to family that sorry to come here, i know you all are miffed with me, i have come to give back things which you gave me on wedding day, when there is no meaning to this wedding now so i cant keep these things, he shows jewelry and money which they gave him, Shashwat says forget past, we dont need anything, go from here, David says i have realized my mistake,

if you take things back then i will feel less guilty, Aradhya says when David has realized his mistake then cant we forget past? David says if aaba allows me then can i give these things to Gayetri myself? aaba allows him. David gives money and things to Gayetri, she thanks him, he nods and leaves, Aradhya tries to stop him but he leaves without looking back, Aradhya comes to Gayetri, Gayetri is emotional and leaves.
Aryan sits in car and calls Kumudini, he says i am coming home only, he ends call. He sees Shashwat working as wage rate employee and picking heavy bags to earn some wage, he is stunned and recalls how Shashwat used to love him, how Shashwat was always nice and friendly, even suggested him how to impress Aradhya, he is stunned and emotional. Shashwat’s boss scolds him for not picking heavy bags fast, Shashwat works fast, Aryan feels bad seeing all this. He comes to Shashwat’s boss and says what is going on here? you should hire people who have ability to do this work, boss says i am sorry, Aryan says you wont fire him like this, you have to give him wage and give wage for next days too. Boss gives Shashwat money, Shashwat is stunned to Aryan like this, Shashwat says i will keep only keep that money for which i have worked, i wont take extra money, i will die of hunger but wont take someone’s pity, he leaves. Aryan thinks that sorry i couldnt see you getting insulted baba, boss says sorry to Aryan, Aryan leaves.
Aradhya asks aaba to take rest. Door knocks, Damini comes inside, Aradhya asks if you got to know anything about killer? Damini says i have come here for that only, i want to talk to aaba. Damini comes in and says you told us that someone from behind you fired, did you see anyone there? he says no, Aradhya says even i didnt see anyone there, Damini says recall it , maybe you will remember something, Aaba says you think i have killed her? Damini says we will investigate with everyone who was there, aaba says i didnt kill her then why you are thinking about arresting me? Damini says i didnt come to arrest you, Aradhya says to aaba that relax, she isnt arresting you, Damini starts to leave, aaba says Kumudini have killed her, arrest her, Damini says we cant do anything without proofs, she leaves. Aradhya says to aaba that dotn stress yourself, we cant doubt anyone without proof and we know Damini, she will find truth, you take rest, your health is not good. She calls Pavitra and says come home, Aaba is not well, i have to go to work and its already late. she ends call.
Kumudini says to Nakku where is breakfast? my grand son is coming. Nakku says no, Aradhya comes there, Nakku says i gave her duty to make breakfast but she is late, Aradhya says i am sorry, i had some work, Kumudini says this is not aaba’s house that you will make food once and sleep whole day, this is Krishnadasi Kumudini’s house where food is cooked for 4times, go and cook now. Aryan comes there, Kumudini asks Aryan to get fresh for breakfast, Aryan eyes Aradhya, they look at each other, Kumudini asks Aradhya to go and cook, she leaves. Aryan leaves too. Kumudini asks Nakku to bring juice which Aryan likes, Nakku nods and goes to bring it.
Aradhya is working in kitchen. She is cooking and says dont know how well aaba is. Kumudini asks where did she die? Aradhya brings food to Aryan and places it infront of him, he tries to get spoon but Aradhya puts hand under his hand and takes spoon, she puts it in his plate, he starts eating while Aradhya glances at him by standing by his side, Kumudini says you cant stand here infront of your owner? my grand son will become ill with your stare, go and wash utensils, Aryan looks away from Aradhya, Aradhya looks at him with hope but sees nothing so leaves.
Aradhya calls Pavitra and asks if aaba is fine? she says yes, Aradhya asks if you ate breakfast? Pavitra says yes, why you didnt eat anything? ARadhya says i will eat something, Pavitra asks did Kumudini scold you for coming late? Aradhya says i know Kumudini for 21years, i made breakfast for Aryan and Kumudini, Pavitra asks what did you make? ARadhya says i made poha and added kaaju in it, Pavitra says what? you added kaaju in it? Aryan is alergic to it, stop him from eating, Aradhya sees Aryan coughing. Kumudini asks Aryan what happened? Aaradhya comes to Aryan and asks if he is fine? Aryan is coughing, Pavitra is still on call, she says dont know how Aryan must be. aaba comes and asks what happened to Aradhya? she doesnt answer him and leaves, Aaba says if Aradhya is fine?
Aryan is coughing, Kumudini and Aradhya are worried for him, Aradhya says lets call doctor, Kumudini asks Nakku to call doctor. Aradhya says to Aryan that i didnt know you have allergy from kaaju, Kumudini says you move away, you want my grand son to die, you did it on purpose, Aradhya says nothing will happen to you Aryan, dont worry. Pavitra and Aaba comes there, Kumudini shouts dont even try to come near Aryan, leave, Pavitra says i know what happened to him, let me come to him. Aradhya asks Pavitra what to do? Pavitra says apply neem herbs on his body, Chimaji comes there and takes Aryan from there.
Aryan is brought to bedroom, Aradhya brings neem herbs, Chimaji says we should all go out, Aradhya you apply herbal cream, Kumudini says i wont go, i dont trust her a bit, she is the reason behind Aryan’s condition, Chimaji says you act like only you are worrying for Aryan? he is my son and see Aradhya is dying because of worry, Aradhya is crying and applying herbal cream, all leave, Kumudini says to Aradhya that if anything happens to Aryan then i will kill you, aRadhya says nothing will happen to him, Kumudini leaves. ARadhya says to Aryan that i wont let you happen anything, i will apply this herbal medicine. She applies it on his hands, aryan is unconscious, Aradhya looks at him and applies it on his neck and blows air, she caresses his face and says i am sorry, i am really sorry Aryan.
Markand says to Banwari that Aaba is here too, lets see what drama is about to happen. Kumudini eyes aaba and turns away, she shouts Banwari, throw these beggars out, till they are here, my grand son wont become fine, Banwari asks them to leave, aaba and Pavitr sadly leaves, Kumudini says all is happening because of this girl Aradhya.
Aradhya says i cant bear your pain Aryan, i know you are miffed with me and you have reason to be but i will set everything fine, you become fine then we will fight with problems, our love is not that weak to break like this, you just become fine, she kisses his forehead and goes. She brings water bucket and starts wiping herbal medicine from his hands and neck, tum hi toh ho zindagi plays, Aradhya says Aryan are you listening to me? are you fine? open your eyes, she holds his hands, Aryan moves. Kumudini comes there and pulls Aradhya away from Aryan, Aradhya tries to hold Aryan’s hand but she pulls her away while Aryan is still unconscious. Kumudini says what? how much close will you get with my grand son? are you done? Aradhya says let me be with him for sometime, i will leave when he becomes conscious, Kumudini says enough, bring medicine from my room, doctor has said to give it to him, Aradhya leaves to bring it. Kumudini comes to Aryan and sits beside him.
Scene 2
Aradhya comes to Kumudini’s room and says Kumudini aaji said medicine is in drawer, she looks on drawers and finds gun in one drawer, she is stunned and says pistol? as far as i know Kumudini aaji, she doesnt keep gun then how did it come here? who gave it to her? she looks around and says i dont understand anything, whom should i tell about this? whom should i talk to? Aryan is not in good condition.
Damini says to policeman that you are saying no one has gun with which bullet was fired? he says no, she says Tulsi was like my aayi, till i dont find killer, i wont sit quiet. Aradhya calls her and says i found gun in Kumudini’s room, Damini says i am sending constable, give gun to him and do not touch the gun, pick it up with towel, dont tell about this to anyone. Kumudini comes there and shouts you girl.. Aradhya turns to see her.
Chimaji sees Aryan unconscious and says i saw hatred in Kumudini’s eyes for Aradhya but dont let it come to you, dont hate Aradhya, i saw how much Aradhya loves you, you were ill but she was worried.
aaba is outside Kumudini’s house and says to Pavitra that Aryan was ill but Aradhya was pained, why i didnt understand such beautiful relationship before? why i didnt understand their love, i forced their relation to become weak.
Chimaji says to Aryan if you lose Aradhya then you wont be happy.
Aaba says to Pavitra that Aryan is Aradhya’s life, they wont be able to live without each other, our hatred destroyed their love. Nakku comes there and shouts that why you are still here? Kumudini mai asked to leave, get lost, Pavitra says you know whom you are talking to? Nakku says dont show me eyes, i am not your servant anymore, aaba says dont forget that Pavitra’s mother helped you when you were starving, she gave you food and shelter, she sent you with Pavitra, Pavitra never treated you like servant, did you forget all favors? you are in this house because of us, you have no standard, its Pavitra’s fault that she spoiled you, Nakku says old lion is speaking? first see your standard? should i call Raghu and Damu to throw you out? Raghu come and throw this oldie out, Aaba shouts Nakku.. Pavitra stops aaba, aana says remember one thing, time changes, my grand daughters will change this time, Nakku says this is shocking, Pavitra gave birth to daughters thats why he wanted to throw Pavitra out and now he is living on their earning, oldie has gone mad, Pavitra says dont talk to her, she leaves with aaba. Nakku laughs and says i said so much to aaba? i am so happy, she dances like maniac.
Kumudini says to Aradhya that i sent you to bring medicine and you are talking on call? whom you were talking to? Aradhya i was calling doctor, Kumudini says dont do drama, i asked for medicine and you took so much time? Aradhya stealhily closes drawer, Kumudini says i will search it, she opens other drawer and finds medicine, she scolds Aradhya that you cant do one work nicely, she leaves. Aradhya sees gun in other drawer, she holds it with her saree, she says God forbid if Aaji is involved in this?

PRECAP- Damini comes to Kumudini’s house and says we have found killer of your daughter, Kumudini asks who is that person? Damini says we found gun from your room and according to forensic reports, it has matched with the bullet which was fired towards Tulsi, you are under arrest for murder, she shows her handcuffs, Kumudini and Aryan are shocked.

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