Swaragini 15 July 2016 Written Update Episode

Swaragini 15 July 2016 Written episode Update. Swaragini today and Latest Written story.

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The Episode starts with Sanskar coming to mall and asks Swara to come with him. He says Sahil can’t do anything now. Sahil tells Swara that he loves her. Laksh and Ragini tell each other that Sanskar might tell Sahil that Swara called him here. Laksh says he will not tell. Sanskar says Sahil has kidnapped you and brought you here. Sanskar asks Swara to come with him. Swara says I know Sahil has kidnapped me, to make me belief of his love. She says I called Sanskar here. She tells him that she wanted this love only from forever. Sahil is surprised. Sanskar asks Swara, what you are saying? Swara asks Sanskar to leave her, and asks Sahil to take her from there. She says what we will wear for our marriage. Sanskar says you are my wife. Swara says legally…but I know that Sahil feels for me. Ragini comes

there and says she has learnt one thing in life and that love is not to get, but to sacrifice. Swara tells Inspector that she is going with her wish. She tells Sahil that she wants to make the day memorable by marrying him. She says she has decided to become Mrs Sen Gupta from Mrs. Maheshwari. Inspector says Swara. Sanskar asks Swara to go and do whatever she wants. Swara holds his hand and walks from there. Laksh, Swara and Sanskar are shocked.
Maya comes to Swara and says I thought you got my not. Swara gets ready as a bride and tells Maya that she read her note. She says I told Sanskar and it was my life’s biggest mistake which I have rectify now. Maya asks what do you want to say? Sahil says she has chosen me and not Sanskar. He says she has realized my love. Swara smiles and says yes. She says it is inauspicious to meet before marriage. Sahil says nothing will happen. Swara gives her hand in Sahil’s hand and walks towards the mandap. Kids asks if there will be no performance. Swara says no and says it was just an excuse. She asks Sahil for a selfie. She clicks it. She sees Sanskar’s reflection. Something is thrown in the havan kund. Swara shouts. Suddenly there is a smoke. Sahil gets up and sees Police surrounding him.

Sahil says you came again. Swara said that she is marrying with her wish and asks her to tell. Swara slaps Sahil….Sanskar, Laksh and Ragini looks on. Jai Kali Maa plays. Swara warns Sahil not to try and harm Sanskar. She says I don’t love you. I can’t love an arrogant and cheap man. Sahil recalls her words and asks why did you say that in mall. Swara says it was a lie, as she saw someone keeping a gun on Sanskar. A fb is shown. Swara says a man was aiming gun on Sanskar and that’s why I acted. Sanskar says I know that your man is behind me. Laksh says she told about the venue also. Maya tells Sahil that she has done a mistake by believing him, and asks Inspector to arrest Sahil. Sahil is shattered and shocked. Inspector handcuffs Sahil. Sahil looks at Swara. Police arrests Sahil and Kalpana. Swara hugs Sanskar and cries. Ragini also hugs Swara. Maya blesses them and goes from there. Swara hugs Sanskar while Laksh hugs Ragini.

Swara returns home and hugs Sumi. Ragini feels drowsy. Sumi says I lost you twice. Swara asks her not to cry. Ragini hugs Swara……Swaragini plays………………Sujata says everything will be good now. Everyone smiles. Ragini faints suddenly. Laksh runs and catches her. Everyone is shocked.

While Ragini’s godh bharayi is going on, Swara shouts Ragini and slaps her hard. She says godh bharayi will not happen, but your secrets will be revealed. Ragini looks on with teary eyes.

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