Vishkanya 15 July 2016 Written Update Episode

Vishkanya 15 July 2016 Written episode Update. Vishkanya today and Latest Written story.

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Apu leaves Nandita outside house on wheelchair and goes back to Mittal mansion. Nandita falls down from chair. Vardaan returns home after meeting temple laady and Nandita breaks plant pot to alert her. Vardaan rushes to her shouting who brought her out and sees Apu’s bracelet there and yells she does not know who and what Apu is, she is sure not a common human though, she will expose Apu in front of everyone. She takes Nandita back home and doc checks her in the morning. Malay asks how is mom. Doc says she is out of danger now and thanks to Vardaan who applied cool compresses on Nandita’s forehead which lowered her feeling. Kumkum asks why did she go out on a walk alone, she would have taken her. Malay asks who took her out. Vardaan thinks she knows who it is, but will not expose

Apu until she gets proof. Apu comes and starts showing fake concern an silently murmurs in Nandita’s ears that she will kill her if she points her name. Nandita gets afraid. Malay asks repeatedly who took her out, but she does not reply anything.
Vardaan goes to Apu’s room and asks where was she last night. Apu says in her room. Vardaan asks then why is dirt on her sandals. Apu asks why is she interrogating like police. Vardaan shows bracelet and says she found it in garden where Nandita was found. Apu says she is interrogating her like a criminal. Vardaan this is her house and she will not let her harm her people, she wants to know what her intentions are, it is better if she says now, else she will know it somehow and that days she will be in big trouble. Apu stands in a shocking thinking Vardaan knows something about her.

Vardaan calls sari vendor to buy saris for Apu. Malay enters and Vardaan says since she could not take Apu for shopping due to Nandita’s health. Malay selects 2 saris and asks Vardaan to keep them. Kumkum says keep both. Vardaan selects yellow sari and says it is Malay’s favorie color. Apu says Vardaan that she will select her sari and selects yellow sari. While cooking Vardaan loudly tells Kumkum that she bought yellow sari as Malay likes yellow color. Apu looks at her sari and thinks she will wear it and come in front of Malay. Vardaan smirks thinking Apu chose yellow sari as she thought.

Malay and Apu promote Sare Gama Pa grand finale on 17th Jully.

Precap: Apu wears yellow sari and asks Malay to tie blouse lace. He ties. Vardaan gets jealous seeing this.

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